Monday, October 6, 2014

Witchy Petticoat Wreath Tutorial

Beaulah wants to welcome
you to our home with
two new of her witchy friends.

These adorable witches with
their legs peeking out of
their fluffy petticoats
are here to greet you as you
enter our Halloween fun home.

These girls are just some of
the fanciest friends
that Beaulah has.

All fluffy and pretty and
ready to party.

Start with a small metal wreath form.
I got mine at Wal Mart for $1.77.

Then I chose three colors of 21 inch
Deco Mesh.  These were $4.77 a roll at
Wal Mart and there was enough to
make two petticoat wreaths.

I laid all three colors out on top
of each other so I could cut three
at once.  Cut into 12 inch wide

Cut 12 sets of 3 so that you have a
total of 36 lengths.

Roll each strip up and stack them
then twist them together with half
of a pipe cleaner.

Wire them onto the back of the
wire wreath.  I did two on each
of the six crossbars.  

When all of the tubes of mesh
are wired on, tie a ribbon across
the back of the wreath form.  This
will be where you tie your legs on.

Cut three to five sets of three ribons,
21 inches long, then wire them
together with half of a pipe cleaner.

Tuck the ribbons down through the
mesh rolls and wire each bunch
onto the wreath form.  I did one
on top, one on each side and after
putting on the girls' legs, I added
one set behind their legs.

We already had two sets of witchy
legs that I had from years past
which I had purchased from 
Tuesday Morning.  I searched
everywhere and found more 
at Gardner Village in SLC
but you could sew your own or
borrow a set from one of your
witch decorations.

Beaulah says that was the fastest and
easiest Halloween decor ever!!
It took 45 minutes to make a wreath.

She is loving their fluffy skirts and wants 
to have a wardrobe change with
petticoats like theirs!!

Hope you enjoy our fun, flirty
door wreaths that welcome
you into our Halloween Home.

These girls want to party with


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  1. So cute Jackie. I love the legs. I am always a few days late (or years) though. I must go and find some legs!

  2. They are so YOU.
    How kind to share the tutorial too!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Adorable!! :) you are so talented! Also, my kids are loving Beaulah! What a happy tradition each year!

  5. Very cute! I love the great colors too-have fun:@)

  6. What charming wreaths, Jacqueline! You are such a creative gal :) Thanks so much for sharing the 'how-to'.

  7. Those are amazing. I love the colors.

  8. Darling idea! Looking forward to what Beaulah has to share this Halloween.

  9. So funny ahahahah
    And the colors perfect, as usual.
    Thank you for sharing,

  10. These are so clever and cute! Love the legs 😀. I think. I may be ending up with a lot of witch themed treats this year. So happy to see Beaulah again!

  11. These are cute and the kids must love coming to your house at Halloween.

  12. Jacquline as usual you have outdone yourself with these fabulous wreaths Love the legs but really Beulah must be so jealous of her new friends she is on the rather plump side where you can tell her friends are of the shall we say slender side?These were absolutely so adorable and just FUN.Susie

  13. I love this more than you will ever know!!! FINALLY something to do with all that mesh ribbon I bought on clearance!!! I'm not very good at craft-type projects, but this is one I might actually be able to do if I have a couple of glasses of wine! Your instructions are really simple and easy to follow. Your wreaths look fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!! You just HAVE to know I'm pinning this!!!!

  14. Cutest Fall decorations I have seen! Just love how they look on your doors!


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