Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Show Your Shoes Tablescape

Time to dust off all of your shoes
and wipe off the cobwebs because
It is a shoe party!!

There are witchy shoes everywhere 
in the kitchen right now

They are piled high for lots of fun.

I just love that purples, and greens
and oranges are all part of the
Halloween mix now.

We are going to layer them all for
this shoe party.

Of all of my Halloween dishes,
I have to say that these little
bowls and the cake plates with
witch shoes are my favorites.

I love how darling they are
and childlike.

They came in orange,
green and purple and the colors
of the shoes alternate.  
Absolutely adorable!

The cake stands have some 
of these fun colors but also
more traditional orange and black.

Pumpkins, a candle, a bottle and a fun floral I made
a few years ago fill out the center of the table.

I made this centerpiece three years ago.

I love the darling polka dots on the outside
and the inside.

And polka dotted salt and pepper shakers
are so fun too.

I saw these several years ago at
Home Goods and couldn't find 
enough so I texted everyone I
knew and asked them to look
in their states.  My niece Laurel
in Texas boxed me up a huge
box of them along with the
great big salad bowl.  What fun to
open that box!

Our plate stack today is anchored with
a shiny orange place mat that was
new this year from Home Goods.  I also
picked up some black ones.

My favorite square purple plates are topped
by some textured white plates.  I tried
cream ones and they just didn't make the stack
pop!  The final plate is this wonderful ruffled
orange one.  The purple and orange are from
Home Goods and the white ones are from Tai Pan
(a local store).

Green flatware from Tuesday Morning added just
the color addition I needed.

The purple bubble glasses are always fun
and remind me of a party with the bubbles
inside the glass.  These were from Tai Pan
a few years ago too.

I found some fun polka dot fabric
at Hancock Fabric that I ran through
the serger to make matching napkins.
Just cut 17 inch squares and serge
with the rolled edge setting.  It is so
easy to make your own napkins.

Don't you just love the wonderful
mercury glass they are making
for holidays now.  This one came
from Home Goods too.

I hope you enjoyed our shoe party so
go get your witchy shoes on and let's
have some fun!!

Even Beaulah and Zoulah love to switch
out their shoes and have some fun.

Alas, Zoulah is officially moving to
Spokane on Saturday so they won't have
their get togethers as often.  Go visit Joni
at Red Couch Recipes and wish her good
luck in her move.  We will miss her so but
it will be wonderful for her family to be
living in the same state again!!!

(Remember these fun witchy boots
hubby gave me for Christmas?  I am
wearing them this week at Mickey's Halloween
Party in Disneyland!  Can't wait!!)

These shoes are going to party over at


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  1. I noticed the polka dot napkins right away Jacqueline and love the curvy orange plates! Your colorful table is a lot of fun and speaking of fun, have a blast in Disney:@)

  2. So cute. You have the most fun tables! I am so happy for Joni.

  3. Oh, a trip to Disney! Have a terrific time, Jacqueline.
    Funny, every time I see anything ceramics with shoes, I immediately think of you. I remember the cute cake plates. So glad you rounded up those cute bowl too.
    Darling table in every detail!

  4. Every time I see one of your posts I say OMG that is her best one yet. this one blows my mind. where do you come up not only with the ideas but all the stuff you use?Like Halloween cake plates? I am an avds collector of cake plates and diligently search on line all the time and I have never seen Halloween ones like these.want to sell them to me? seriously. fabulouspostSusie

  5. Love it! Very family friendly and fun.

  6. I always look forward to your Halloween posts and I'm never disappointed!

  7. So very fun, especially for women who adore shoes. Love the polka dots theme. Your bowls, plates and napkins are darling. I hope you have a terrific time at Mickeys' Halloween party. Take lots of pictures.

  8. So many wonderful witch shoes. That's a bewitching table and so much fun. I love that little salt and pepper set. You'll be the prettiest witch at Mickey's party. Have fun! laurie

  9. Oh my! You are going to have so much fun when you wear those shoes! Love your fun decorations, too! Lots of color! Hugs, Diane

  10. You're Shrek, Jacqueline!

    A person of layers (have you seen Shrek? There's a scene Shrek explains Donkey that people are like Onions. To which the donkey asks "they smell?" (or something like that ahahah) and Shrek says "no, they have layers").
    How can a person - YOU! - create the amazing Black and White Party and then this and not look a contradiction?

    The fact is that it doesn't and this setting is as elegant and funny inspiring as the first one.

    You are a person of layers; and they're all unique and wonderful.

    I love your image in your banner. Girl, you do enjoy and have fun in this holiday ahahaah

    Thank you for sharing,

  11. Oh, wow...Joni's on the move, huh? I'm sorry. I know that wasn't a lightly made decision, and I hope you guys are able to adjust. Thank goodness for airplanes and Skype!

    This is a really fun table, and I admire the way you stuck with it until you were able to scrounge up enough of those cute bowls. It's a shame how HG makes us work so hard to get all we need!!! But you showed 'em!

    I DO love the mercury glass items that are available now for more select times of the year! It ain't just a Christmas thang anymore! :-)

    Really, really cute and colorful and fun, Jacqueline! Have a great weekend, and strut those sexy witch boots!!!

  12. Me too! I just love fun and cute witch shoes and boots! Your collection is adorable!! I made a similar door decoration too, great minds think alike and all that! Your wreaths are adorable! Love the orange mercury glass bottle too~ You will have a blast at Disney in those flashy witchy boots!

  13. I can't even describe in how many adjectives your table is ,amazing whimsical, bright ,wonderful, awesome wantful wish I could find those bowls too but it's the cake plates that leave me drooling.And you look spectacular in your header have fun at Disneyland.Susie

  14. Love your purple and orange, and I do believe we have some of the same fun things from HomeGoods. Isn't that a wonderful place to find treasures? It would be great fun to shop with you for tablescape pieces!

  15. This is so fun! Love all of it- especially the little bowls! I love all these colors too and they Halloween to me the most! Those boots your hubby gave you are awesome! How fun to go to Disneyland for Halloween! Have a great time :-)

  16. Oh my, I laughed out loud when I saw all the shoes on your table. They are FABULOUS!! I can see why you hunted them down. I can't say enough about this table, Jacqueline. Every detail is true to the theme and the final colorful, fun outcome of dishes, accents, linens and glassware is a feast for the eyes. Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  17. Adorable, fun, whimsical...can't think of enough adjectives. Love it!


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