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Cookies for a Little Girl's Baptism and Homemade Fondant Recipe

One of my favorite things I learn 
to do at Cookie Con was to decorate
the cookies with rolled fondant.

Talk about an easy way to create elegant
cookies (and the fondant keeps
the cookies moist!)

My daughter's niece was getting baptized
and we decided to make her some special
cookies for her party.

I love these darling dresses.  You could use
them for a shower, a christening, any girly
party.  They could be done in colors with
all kinds of decor for the belt.

This CTR shield which stands for
Choose The Right was covered in rolled
fondant and then the letters were piped on.

We had to include an elegant birthday
cake too.  

Fondant Covered Cookies

(Recipe for homemade follows)
Baked and cooled cookies
Piping gel or royal icing

Dust the textured sheets with a little

Roll out the fondant on the textured sheet.

Cut the fondant with a matching cookie
cutter, or if your cookies were like mine
and they grew a little in the oven, turn
the cookie over and lightly cut the
fondant to match the shape of the cookie.

Carefully peel the fondant off of the sheet.
You don't want the fondant to stretch.

Paint the front of the cookie with clear
piping gel or royal icing.  Place the textured
fondant onto the top of the cookie and gently
press into place.

To get the elegant sheen, spray with
(Be sure and check prices if you buy on
Amazon because some are triple.  I linked
you to a reasonably priced one.)

This one was frosted with royal icing
and then sprinkled immediately with
decorative sugar.

I did the same on the dress for the belt.

Color a little of the fondant pink
and pinch it into a long snake, then roll up
to form a rose or desired size.  Then I cut
the top off as I wanted a short rose.  Attach
with royal icing or piping gel.

Fondant Recipe
(This is so easy and tastes so much better than commercial
fondant.  You can flavor it any way you like.)
16 oz. marshmallows
2 T. water
2 lb. powdered sugar, sifted
to remove any lumps
2 tsp. almond extract or emulsion

Place the marshmallows and 2 T water
in a greased microwave safe bowl.  
Heat on high
for 30 seconds.  Remove and stir.  Repeat
until the marshmallows are all melted
and the water is blended in. 

Add the flavoring.
Add any coloring now if you want
to color the whole batch. 

Place in your greased Kitchenaid mixer
bowl or other heavy duty mixer bowl.
You will need a powerful mixer to make
this (or you can knead it by hand).

Use the bread kneading hook.   Add
in the 2 lb. of powdered sugar.  Mix on low
until completely blended.  
Knead it into a ball.
The fondant will be warm.  Let it cool
before you use it or it will stretch.

Once cool, cover or place
in a Ziploc bag to keep fresh.

It will store for weeks in a bag.
It will be hard so warm it for 
about 10 seconds in the microwave
and knead it until soft.

These textured sheets were like
the ones we got to try out at 
Cookie Con.
I got mine at Orson Gygi's in Salt
Lake, but they are the same
price on Amazon.  They come
with six different designs.  
Wilton also has great
molds for creating fondant flowers,
borders and designs.  They are
very reasonable. Search Amazon
under Wilton fondant molds.

These butterflies were made with


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  1. Oh my those are amazing. So beautiful!!

  2. I love all these baptism cookies. They are so elegant for a little girl's baptism. I am attending a baptism this week -- maybe I will surprise her! I ordered the fondant mats from Amazon -- also some more cookie cutters. It's contagious! I love the look of the cake one -- it looks like a rose cake. Great job and thanks for a great time at Cookie Con. Joni

  3. Jackie, these are so elegant and fun. With three baptisms coming up this year, I can't wait to get started learning a new hobby. Thanks for sharing your delicious talents! Edy Pehrson

  4. Woweeee almost to pretty to eat, love the sweet dress cookies, soooo pretty...


  5. These are the most elegant cookies I've ever seen. I embossed fondant looks like a fun touch for decorating cookies. Makes me want to try this.

  6. These are so pretty, would be almost a shame to eat them. I'm going to check out the butterfly cutters for my baking. Thanks for sharing the links.

  7. They are LOVELY!
    I had never heard of those sheets..
    I have a rolling pin that does designs in Fondant..but not your Rosettes!
    You and your sister:)
    So so lucky to have each other!

  8. I agree that homemade fondant is SO MUCH better than store-bought. I only made it once, but need to do it again! Your cookies are gorgeous! Like Joni, I love the "rose" cake:)

  9. I'm glad you are sharing these cookies because I thought I could never eat fondant. I will try the marshmallow fondant recipe! Your cookies are gorgeous, and I appreciate all the tips you give. I have the flower cutter mold in my collection! Yep, that's all I have. LOL

  10. Beautiful Jackie!!! Almost too pretty to eat. When I was the Stke PrimPres we made buttercream 8's every year for the Stake Baptism orientation but they weren't nearly as pretty as yours!

  11. GORGEOUS! Those are really incredible!!!! xo Diana

  12. You graduated at the top of your class from Cookie Con, Jacqueline! Wow, your cookies are simply stunning!

  13. As always, you amaze me. These cookies are little works of art.♥

  14. OMG, how perfectly elegant and beautiful. You have created such priceless cookies,
    Perfect for all kinds of events. Thanks for sharing the recipe and tutorial. Hugs

  15. I wouldn't be able to eat these incredible works of art. I love the rose imprint on the fondant.


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