Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aqua Bunnies Easter Table

My cutest bunny dishes,
these bunnies sitting atop
a woven basket,
are the star of this
Easter Table.

I bought these a few years
ago in aqua and pink and
they are just so adorable.

They are the perfect for
this aqua Easter Table
set on a pretty aqua 
rosette table topper.

Aqua and white dishes create the
stack and I brought out
the sterling silver to go 
with this elegant table.

The sterling is 
Old Maryland Engraved,
which I received from my parents
when we married,
although I chose to not have it
engraved.  I love the mirror like
surface where the engraving would
have gone.

These fun aqua polka dot chargers
begin the plate stack.

I followed those up with these
beautiful textured white plates
with a spring flower on their border.

These fun aqua and white napkins
will be placed next on the stack.
It is fun to use variety in your
napkin placement.

Finally, another textured white plate
and our aqua bunny finishes off the
stack.  The bunny looks a little
bluer in this photo because he is
filled with Dove Chocolates - Yum.

Textured white or cream plates are my
most versatile plates and can be paired
with almost anything.

A stemmed aqua glass bowl
forms the basis of the centerpiece
and it is filled with mercury glass eggs.

A few more Dove eggs spill out
onto the table topper.

I have plain mercury glass eggs 
and diamond studded ones.  These
were new this year from 
Home Goods.

Two Easter baskets are also
featured in the center of the
table.  One is headed off to our
missionary son in Seoul, Korea
and the other is going to my wonderful
neighbors who are 90 and 95!

I asked our dear neighbor who is 95
the secret to his long life and good 
health and he told me it was
1.  Chocolate Covered Almonds
2.  Chocolate Covered Raisins
3.  M&M's
so their basket is filled with chocolate.

He is a man after my own heart!!

Mercury glass is another one of my
go-to basics!  I just love the sparkle,
shine and elegance it adds to a table.

Here is a shot from the back side of
the centerpiece.  I elevated one on a
small glass cake pedestal.

I brought out another set of
aqua goblets, different from the
ones I used last week.

They were paired with my
favorite clear bubble goblets.

I think these bunnies are sooooo sweet!
They get to stay out all month.

I am so glad you stopped by to see
my Aqua Bunnies Easter Table.

I am glad that Easter is a little
later in the month this year so 
I can play with more Easter dishes.

I will be posting this with

Aqua bunnies dishes - Home Goods
Polka dot dishes - Tai Pan
White Textured plates - Tai Pan
Sterling silver - Kirk-Steiff
Bubble goblets - Tai Pan
Aqua goblets - Tai Pan
Napkins - Home Goods
Aqua bowl - Home Goods
Mercury glass eggs - Home Goods
Aqua plastic buckets - Target


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Really pretty with all the aqua details. I think I bought some of those same bunnies in pink. Need to pull them out and see what I have. Gorgeous flatware, Jacqueline. Old Maryland is one of my favorite patterns.

  2. Very pretty colors Jacqueline! And I think I'll go buy some chocolate:@)

  3. Swoon Jacqueline! I love those silver eggs with the turquoise [my favorite color]! The polka dot plates are a great to keep everything from getting too serious! The aqua glass bunny compotes, wow! It is all gorgeous!!

  4. So you:) If anyone should have that roseete tablc cover it's you..i think you were the first one I saw that made the rosette fave icing technique now:)

  5. Lovely table. I love the bunny dishes and the table topper. I think aqua is a perfect color for Eater. Just love the mercury glass eggs too. Joni

  6. You set such a gorgeous and welcoming Easter table, I love the aqua table topper just beautiful ;-)


  7. The aqua bunnies dishes are so pretty. They look lovely with your white plate and the polka dot charger. Great find on these wonderful items. Home Goods is so fun to shop. The topper is gorgeous and brings so much elegance to your table. I know your son and neighbors will adore the chocolate baskets.

  8. Love the bunnies and that gorgeous table topper. Sadly, the HomeGoods in my city didn't have much of an Easter collection this year. Love those glass eggs!

  9. your tablescape is delightful! so pretty and elegant too! i especially love the tablecloth. all the best, donna

  10. Your tablescape is so pretty. I love your bunnies.

  11. What an unique and gorgeous table setting! I just wanted to give you a heads up, however, that I couldn't read the text. My old eyes? My computer? But maybe the color of the test. Popped over here from BNOTP.

  12. Your aqua rose-laden covered tablecloth is giving everything a nice hint of the colour.
    I purchased one pink rabbit covered dish similar to yours which has Easter coloured jelly beans in it for the grands.

  13. This is my favorite color love that table setting wonderful !!! from me...x !

  14. very pretty, i too do an aqua table with matching bunnies for the beach, your stacking is lovely~

  15. Old Maryland is such a classically beautiful pattern. I've always read that non monogrammed silver ends up being more valuable than monogrammed silver. I think that you made a good choice. The table is absolutely wonderful...delightful! It's hard to go wrong with aqua...such a magical ethereal color. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  16. I love everything about this table. It's elegant yet playful. I want those bunny dishes and I really really really want those polka dot chargers. I want to come "Play" at your house. You have such fun toys.

  17. Jacqueline you set the most enchanting tables and this one is no exception! All the aqua details and gorgeous bunny dishes and those polka dot chargers are swoon! Easter lovely all the way! I love the rose table topper too, adorable! Have a great spring weekend ahead.

  18. Love, love, love! I can't say enough about this gorgeous table...Score!

  19. Very pretty colors Jacqueline! I am a big fan of aqua, and we painted our side door Blue Spa (aqua). The rose table topper and those sweet bunny dishes are fantastic! Great job on the Easter baskets too.

  20. No one would ever be able to guess that you like aqua!!! :-) What a beautiful color for Spring! You were so smart for getting those bunny dishes in both aqua and pink. They can be mixed or used as a single color...just fabulous!!!

    Mercury glass eggs...who would have thought? They're beautiful!

    You are a DOLL for creating that special Easter basket for your neighbors!!! The fact that you took the time to pay attention and really listen...that's an admirable quality. So many people just dismiss older people. When someone takes the time to really listen and respond, that puts that person at the top of my Love You List!!!!

    I know your son will enjoy his basket, too. They're never too old for an Easter proven by your neighbors! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I think the star of the show is that beautiful rosette table cover!! Don't get me wrong!! I love the whole table, including your bunny dishes!! The color is beautiful and just sings Easter to me. Gorgeous!

  22. What a Beautiful Tablescape you have created,could you possibly share where you found that beautiful aqua table cover,I am so in love with it.Pretty Please???


  23. I love your designs. Great color choice and that rosette topper is to die for.

  24. Another gorgeous table! Love the topper and the bunnies! What is the pattern of the dinner plate? Now I have to grab a few pieces of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!


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