Friday, January 17, 2014

Witch Gift Was My Favorite Surprise

As acting Mrs. Claus, I have to say I am
not surprised very often, but when I
opened this gift, I was screaming in delight.

Hubby had really surprised me with these
wonderful witch boots.  I haven't been
in town so I am a little late in posting
a Christmas gift, but these are too good
not to share!  

He found them at
Just search for witch boots.  They are
inexpensive (under $50) and comfortable and will
be perfect for years of Halloween fun to come.

You can't see it in the picture, but the buckles
have spider webs on them. 

He knew I fell in love with these
witch boots at
Witches' Night Out
this last October,

So for him to remember and search
some out for me was so wonderful
Thanks honey, 
you are so fun and thoughtful.


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  1. Gotta love a guy who pays attention and then makes the effort to find the perfect gift. The shoes are fantastic, Jacqueline. You definitely need these in your closet. ;-)

  2. You crack me up. I know you love Halloween, but your other posts are always so elegant. Then you throw in these boots. hehehe Just too funny. (Good for your hubby for such a thoughtful gift.)

  3. Husbands who pay attention and then do such thoughtful things are wonderful!

  4. Cool! I know you'll have a lot of fun with them-enjoy:@)

  5. What a wonderful gift! Kudos to hubby for remembering - and daring to make the purchase :)

  6. Love them. Glad you showed them to us. What a fun surprise! Halloween will be here before you know it. Maybe this will be the year I get together a witch costume and go to Witches Night Out (don't count on it ;).

  7. What a guy! You'll be a well dressed witch this year!

  8. How fun and what a sweet husband you have. Very thoughtful! Love the witchie shows...Can't wait to see you in them around Halloween.

  9. Oh, these boots are absolutely adorable! I know they will be the perfect touch for another one of your fabulous witch outfits. I think your hubby did a great job selecting these boots.
    Hugs, Katherine S.


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