Thursday, August 29, 2013

Frosty Lemon Ice

If you are planning a Labor Day celebration 
or an end of the summer party
I have the frosty cool drink for you!

This Lemon Ice is the easiest, most
refreshing drink you could whip up.

We enjoyed something like this 
this summer
and you know I had to come home and
try to recreate it.

Then we made it at Lake Powell a couple
of times and everyone loved it.

Soooo easy!

Frosty Lemon Ice Recipe

1 container (1.75 quarts) vanilla ice cream
(I like to use Dreyer's Slow Churned - half the fat!)
12 oz. lemonade concentrate (thawed)
raspberry syrup for a garnish

Pour the thawed lemonade concentrate into 
your blender container.
Soften the ice cream by placing the container in
the microwave for 45 seconds.  Scoop the whole
container of ice cream into the blender.  Use your
ice or liquefy setting and blend.  If it is a little thick
you can thin it with 1/2 C. Sprite or 7 Up.

Pour into glasses.  Garnish with raspberry sauce
if desired.  You can also pour a little raspberry sauce
in the bottom of the glass if desired.
Serve with a straw and a spoon. 

I got these cute flat spoons at the grocery store in
bright colors.  They are Diamond Brand
Slider Ice Cream Spoons 
and come 24 to a pack in aqua, pink and green.

The raspberry sauce is from Costco, it is
Red Raspberry Kodiak Syrup.  My sister
in Texas said she couldn't find it at her Costco,
but if you can find it, it is fabulous, quick
raspberry sauce.

Give this one a try.  I can't get enough of it
and using low-fat ice cream, I don't feel
nearly as guilty eating it!!

I will be posting this with


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  1. This sounds real good and quick and easy makes it even better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That sounds fantastic, Jacqueline! I will be printing this off to try soon.
    Have a blessed day, Beth

  3. I could SO go for one of these right now! I'm hungry....and sweaty!

  4. Do we have to mention Labor Day..
    I cringe thinking our lovely summer is almost dust in the wind.
    Fall will be glorious and I will have so many moments thinking.."this is the prettiest season"~
    Until Feb rolls around.

    However we can come back and look at your frosty ice and think lake Powell too.. :)
    And dream.

  5. Sounds like a great drink-pretty glasses too! Happy Labor Day Weekend Jacqueline:@)

  6. Jacqueline, this looks so delicious and refreshing. I will pick up the ingredients and make it this weekend. It is still roasting here ~ 104 as I type. ;-(
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my Dog Days post.

  7. If someone made me one, I would love it! LOL Happy Labor Day Weekend to you!

  8. This sounds delicious, Jacqueline. And so refreshing too. I hope you and your family enjoy a very happy Labor Day weekend.

  9. I've got to try this Jaqueline! We love anything lemon in the summer and I know this will be a big hit. AND it's easy!! My kind of recipe!

    Have a great holiday!
    Blessings, Edie Marie

  10. Sounds delicious and looks cute with the raspberry swirl!

  11. Did you know that Lemon and Raspberry are my favorites???
    They are! individually as well as together!:)
    going to make this as well!

  12. I loved this on the houseboat!! It was so cool and refreshing. I love the addition of raspberry syrup. Yum! Joni


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