Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Engagement Table

My youngest daughter is
She is the one that you met earlier on my blog
that graduated from Culinary Arts School, Amanda.

(Actually she has been for a while now, but I 
just wasn't able to get around to creating a table.)

I wanted to create a table to celebrate her engagement 
to a wonderful young man.

I think doing a wedding is one of the funnest,
most creative opportunities, especially when it is
a wonderful bonding time with mother and daughter.

Amanda is also the one that had the opportunity
to travel to Paris and Italy with us and take
some cooking classes there.

So we have decided to use a Paris theme for her
wedding reception.

I saw these fabulous Paris inspired plates 
the other day at Home Goods/ TJ Maxx and I knew
that she would love them.

I had to search all over for them to get enough 
for her to start her new home and I knew
that these plates were the ones that would be
used to create a tablescape to celebrate her engagement.

They couldn't be more beautiful.  I love the soft 
flowers that add a touch of femininity and the scalloped

I placed the stack on one of my favorite wooden
chargers.  Everything is cream but it looks more
white in the pictures.

Of course for the celebration we had to
break out the good silver plate.

and the silverplate goblets.

I had purchased these crystal napkin rings
some time ago and hadn't used them yet.
They look just like an engagement ring.

The pearl edged napkins are perfect for the elegance
of the table.

For a mother and daughter, planning a wedding, finding
the right wedding dress, picking the colors and all
of the details is like a fairy tale.  

And truly, they become king and queen of their own
little kingdom as they set up a home and begin
their new life together.

A touch of pale pink blossoms is the 
finishing touch for our table.

This gorgeous pinch pleated tablecloth is 
stunning and is one of my internet finds
If you want to see all of the fun we have been
having on Pinterest, check out my board 
for weddings - Your Special Day.
I had started the board long before she
was engaged, because wedding ideas are like
the ultimate party ideas.

You might have noticed my new blog design!
Linda at Life and Linda
designed it for me.  I just love it.  She has a business
doing this and is so creative.  Send her a message
if you are interested in having a header design or 
a whole blog makeover like mine.
Let me just point out a few things I love -
I can put horizontal pictures on without
them being cut off, I don't have to edit each picture
to get a border on it, I now have a search, she created
a button for me,  I love the crown and
the little purple crown that appears up on the tab,
and of course I love that it features my kitchen and
looks like chocolate ganache decorating the  top of the
page.  I haven't had enough time to learn everything
or to organize everything yet in the subcategories,
but I definitely love my new design.  Thanks Linda!!!

I have had so many inquiries about the tablecloth
it was only $24 for one 120inch round!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. First ~ congratulations to the newly engaged couple!
    The table is a beautiful tribute for celebrating this happy time. Love the dishes, and I know your daughter is going to have fun using these in her new home. How lucky she is to have you as the Mother of the Bride. '-)

  2. How wonderful, congrats to your daughter and her fiancee! Your table for the angagement is stunning! I love all the pretty things in white you used and specially the tablecloth, which is fabulous! The dishes are gorgeous and I agree with Sarah..your daughter is soo lucky to have you as her mama and specially in this most special occation for her, how many memories you will create for her! I love your blog, Linda did an amazing job, as she always does!! Big hugs,

  3. Oh, Jacqueline, congratulations to your beautiful daughter! What a happy time for all of you! Your table is absolutely gorgeous!!! You have really outdone yourself...if that's even possible. Love the new blog look, as well. Linda did a wonderful job!

  4. congratulations!! and the table is fabulous...I love the tablecloth!

  5. Congratulations on your daughter's engagement and best wishes to her.
    I love those dishes, too.

  6. Jacqueline, you have set a gorgeous table for your lovely daughter. Your daughter is a lucky gal to have such a fabulous Mom. I love the dishes. I saw them at Home Goods. I also put them in my cart...LOL
    I can now admire them on your blog. The tablecloth is awesome. I need to check out that place. So many pretty details,I am sure you must have had a blast.
    It was my pleasure to design your blog. Your lovely words have touched my heart. Thank you again for the shout out! Linda

  7. Congratulations to your daughter, Jacqueline. I agree: planning our daughters wedding with her was THE happiest time of my life. We had so much fun! I was THRILLED that she wanted my help as she was 39 when she was planning it.I KNOW your daughters wedding will be gorgeous. I am going to run over to your Pinterest board now. XO, Pinky

  8. First, love the new look, Linda does such a great job for everyone who contacts her! And congratulations to Amanda. Your tablescape is beautiful, those plates are a wonderful find. Cannot wait to see all the beautiful things you will be making for the wedding. xo

  9. A big congratulations to the happy couple!
    That table is beautiful! So elegant! I really love the Paris plates.

  10. Your table is stunning! I fell in love with the tablecloth immediately. And then those plates...ooh la la! My daughter's wedding is in three weeks. Above all, enjoy the planning, it strengthens the bond between mother and daughter. And I know she is already so proud of how you made her engagement party so special! :)

    Your new blog design is fabulous. I just had mine done, too. Changes are fun!


  11. Congratulations to your daughter and future husband! How very exciting. Your table scape is stunning, every single detail is done to perfection, you really outdid yourself this time ;)

  12. Jacqueline, you will have such fun!!
    Félicitations to the newly engaged pair!
    The table is lovely, and surely a sign of things to come!

  13. Jacqueline, what a fabulous new look! Linda is great to work with and I was so pleased with the new design she gave my blog. Congratulations to Amanda! The plates are gorgeous! xo

  14. Congrats to the happy couple. You have created a beautiful table and I look forward to your recap and stylings of all the festivities.

  15. So stunning, gasp, the tablecloth...I don't think I could let anyone touch eat much less eat on it! The dishes are adorable and the pale pink tulips are so light and pretty. Love the bling napkin rings too! Congrats!

  16. Congratulations. It's nice that you love her fiance. A big bonus! What a stunning tablescape.

  17. Ooooooohhhhhweeeeeeee!!!!! You are going to have FUN!!! SUPER FUN!!! Congratulations to the couple and to both families! This is wonderful! (That's one whale of a ring in that photo, too!) The theme is perfect, and you will be able to just knock it out of the ballpark!!! I am going to have to visit that chair cover place because that tablecloth is THE BOMB!!! It is one of the most elegant and romantic I've ever seen! I, of course, would have to stand off in the corner with a shotgun, daring anyone to spill something!!! :-) The dishes are fantastic!!! I haven't seen those in my infrequent (these days) shopping trips to HG. They are just perfect!!! What a lovely keepsake of her trip with you guys, her cooking classes there, and perhaps her honeymoon? ;-)

    All of the elements you used are just perfection! I really love how it looks so regal!

    Congratulations on your beautiful new blog look, too! It's perfect for you!

  18. Congratulations!

    Your table looks beautiful. This is such an exciting time.

  19. Congratulations to your daughter and your family! Such an exciting time. What a beautiful table you created to honor the couple.

  20. This is one of the most beautiful table I have ever seen, Jacqueline.
    Best wishes to Amanda and her soon-to-be husband.
    Have a great week...

  21. Jacqueline.. What a fairy princess start! I think this is one of the most exquisite tables ever. The tablecloth is so textural and elegant. I love the dishes too. They will be so much fun in your daughter's home. The silver is the crowning touch, and the pale pink flowers are absolutely the most perfect flower you could have found. Congrats to the bride and groom to be!! xo marlis

  22. Oh Jacqueline, congratulations first off to your darling daughter on her engagement. What fun to plan her special day. You've created such a beautiful table with the lovely dishes to share in the joy of the such a blessed event. Happy planning!!
    Yes, Linda is a wonderful fairy Blogmother, isn't she?? Your design is perfect for you.

  23. Love this table. That spectacular tablecloth is an amazing base and you have enhanced it so beautifully with your lovely tablescape.

    Congratulations to the new couple and you! Her ring is gorgeous too, great setting.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. I love weddings...especially the planning. Congratulations; I know that you are going to have a marvelous experience. The engagement table is beautiful...enchanting. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. CHerry Kay

  25. So fun! I'm glad you and Amanda are loving this special time together. I can't imagine another mom who would make this more of a celebration of family love and joy! Cherish it!

  26. Congrats firstly! Your table is magnificent and I am loving your new design.
    Take care and enjoy all the wedding planning.

  27. Congratulations to the bride to be! Love your daughter's dishes and the tablecloth is wonderful with its wedding dress detail! I know you're having lots of fun with wedding plans, I'm heading over to see your Pinterest board now :)

  28. This is all perfect, especially the texture of the piece you've used as a tablecloth. I hope this planning time with your daughter is most special.

  29. Such an exciting time for Amanda and the entire family! You have "done her proud" with this lovely table. Oh, the details - that fabulous tablecloth and napkins with pearls! The Paris plates and engagement ring napkin rings. If you did all of this for the engagement celebration, I cannot imagine what this wedding will be like - wow!! Beautiful job!

  30. So perfect! Like everything you do with your family. Because it comes out of love and that liking you do have for each other.

    It is so lovely to witness.

    Congratulation on the engagement and wishing the Happy Ever After and Beyond reserved to truly beautiful Souls to Amanda and her Love.

    Soon-to-be Son in Love is entering a very special Family.


    I Love the tablecloth... already dreaming of sewing one similar for some Holidays (as I imagine my 14 years-old daughter will take some time before finding her rock star and allowing me the MOB Role ahahahah)

    I can't understand why I miss your blog updates :(. With your permission I'm adding the thumb to my first page so I can see when you update...

  31. This is adorable and so sweet, Jacqeilne. I love everything about it. Perfect theme! Congrats to your daughter and her fiancé....Christine

  32. Jacqueline,
    The new blog design is lovely! and It DOES look like you! Beautiful organized and fun! I hope you two gals have a great time working together on the wedding reception. You are right, when it is Mother/Daughter bonding time, it is so much fun! I'll be in your neck of the woods next week!

  33. You have the most amazing style.

  34. Congratulations to you daughter! I know this is such an exciting time. I loved planning a wedding with my daughter and it was such an amazing time. I love those dishes! I saw them at a HomeGoods in TX when I was there and only bought a mug hoping when I got home to Georgia I could fin them here in HG....no such luck. I've looked in 3 HG's so far :( I may find some yet, but until then I will just sigh and enjoy this gorgeous table!
    hugs, Linda

  35. Oh my goodness this table is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!
    From the tablecloth to those amazing dishes...it just takes my breath away.
    Congratulations for all of you, this is such an exciting time.
    Happy pink Saturday. Tami

  36. I can't wait to see what you do for all the celebrations leading up to the wedding! It will be amazing. Enjoy every second of it!
    Beautiful table setting and the dishes are so cute! When I go to HomeGoods, I never find anything and if I do, there isn't ever a complete set.
    You are inspiring!

  37. Wow, what a beautiful table, and the ring is gorgeous!!! swoon!!!!

    Congrats to everyone!! Love the tablecloth too!!


  38. This has to be the prettiest table for an engagement I've EVER seen!! Those plates against the tablecloth with the pink -- oh my. Totally gorgeous.

  39. Congrats to your daughter and her husband to be! That is exciting news! The tablescape is just beautiful! I noticed your new blog design right away. It is fabulous!!!

  40. Your tablescape is fabulous! Love the tablecloth and the Paris-themed dishes! Congratulations to Amanda and her beloved. Your blog remodel looks fantastic!

  41. What a beautiful table you created for them! Congratulations!
    I love the dishes, I am sure she will cherish them too.
    Have fun planning but be sure to include his mom. As a mom of a son,I know it was just as an important day for me as it was for her mom. We love them as much!
    God bless them!


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