Monday, January 14, 2013

All White Cookie Pops - Christmas Circus Animal Pops or Truffles

My daughter called with a request for all white
desserts for her oldest daughter's baptism and our
first granddaughter to be baptized.  

Kylie is our oldest grandchild and she just
turned eight and is being baptized so I
decided to create a new cookie pop
as all of the kids (and the adults too) love
cookie pops for a party. 

How about Christmas Circus Animal Cookies?
They Christmas package have all white cookies,
no pinks allowed.  

We love Circus Animal Cookies and had made Circus Animal
ice cream with them this summer.  I had no idea they
would be so tasty in cookie pops.  I like them a lot better than
Of course you could pick out the white ones from the regular bag
of circus animal cookies if you care about them being all white.
Usually I won't care if they are all white.

Christmas Circus Animal Cookie Pops Recipe

1 pkg Christmas Circus Animal Cookies
(all white cookies)
3/4 container Betty Crocker's Vanilla Frosting
3 C. melted white chocolate coating discs
sucker sticks

Crush the cookies in a food processor until they are
fine crumbs.  Stir in 3/4 of a contain of Betty Crocker's Vanilla
frosting.  The frosting should be well blended in.  Form into about 30
balls, placing them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Place in fridge about 20 minutes or until the dough is stiff.

Melt the white chocolate coating in a microwave safe bowl at
30 second intervals, stirring in between whether it looks like it
has melted or not.  It will take about 3 times to melt completely.
Dip each sucker stick into a little of the chocolate and stick
into the balls.  Let that harden, then dip the balls into the
melted chocolate.  These were nice and firm and I didn't have
any problems with any of them falling off the sticks.  Decorate with
dusting sugar or other candy decor while wet.  Place in a block of
foam until the chocolate hardens or in a deep bowl of sugar.  The
sugar will hold the sticks in place until they harden.

They were really, really yummy.  I liked them better than Oreo
Cookie Pops.  They disappeared really quickly.

You could also omit the sticks and make them into truffles.
We will definitely make these again.  They received lots of oohs and aahs.

I also dipped White Chocolate Strawberries
and made

My daughter made 
Eggnog Cupcakes and Almond Cookies.

All white desserts had a very pretty effect.
This would be fun for a shower or a wedding 
or any wintery event too.

She displayed a picture of Kylie outside of the
Mount Timpanogos Temple which she had taken
on a snowy day.

This is our newly baptized Kylie, the newest member
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
(Members are baptized when they turn eight in our church -
the age of accountability or when they begin to understand right from

It was a beautiful day.  My daughter's husband is the
youngest of 10 and with our 5 children and all of
the family, they had 72 over to lunch afterwards.  That
was a houseful but there was plenty of food and fun.

I will be sharing this with


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  1. That picture is INCREDIBLE....Love it.

  2. this is a wonderful idea, i love the all white!! anne

  3. White is so beautiful, elegant, serene. Kylie looks beautiful!

  4. Kylie, is darling. The all white dessert tray is lovely. I know it was a special celebration.

  5. Kylie:)A litle angel:)
    I love all white....

  6. The desserts are very pretty! I'm sure this was a very special day:@)

  7. What a special day for you all. What a little angel. Your treats look absolutely divine! I hope you are keeping warm. Isn't it cold here! xo

  8. Beautiful desserts for a very special day. Kylie is precious. The all white dessert tray must have made her eyes light up!

  9. those are gorgeous! I must try, maybe a valentine pretty!

  10. I must say that the framed photo of Kylie at the Temple is breathtaking. You always have a way of making everything so beautiful and special. I know that you must be so proud of Kylie

  11. You have a BIG, beautiful family, Jacqueline. Lovely, white baptismal treats! We have attended a Mormon baptism for one our of daughter's friends when they were your GD's age :)

  12. what gorgeous pictures, those treats look amazing!

  13. I just bought some frosted animal cookies to make pops with:) I really like the all white idea for a baptism! We are flying to TX next month for our oldest grandchild's (Karaline) baptism too:) Too bad we may be the only extended family there because they are far from everyone else, but I will be so happy to be there!!! Your treats (and granddaughter)are beautiful!


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