Sunday, September 16, 2012

My First Tile Job - A Backsplash

I know most of you think I have just been playing all of August
and into September, but I have been working on the 
summer building project (that I had mentioned.)
 As soon as we finished the
we turned to a remodel of our condo in St. George.

My husband had promised me granite countertops there for
my birthday five years ago.  He should have come through
then because five years later it became a complete remodel!
(Actually, I am glad he didn't as it needed the remodel.)

He started his bathroom business
and his newest international imaging productsbusiness
(which I featured on the houseboat post)
as a tile setter.  It was to get him through college.  That
first summer we were married a cultured marble 
manufacturer contacted him and they went into business
together and the businesses grew from there.  While we
were newlyweds I would go on tile jobs with him but
never learned to set tile.  I changed that with my oldest
daughter and she learned and then taught her husband
(a very handy skill to have!)

So as we began this backsplash job I took over and laid almost
every tile (while hubby did the cutting on the tile saw).  Setting tile
is a very satisfying creative project.

My husband had tested out this wonderful product we
found at 
Home Depot.
It is called
The Tile Setting Mat
"The quickest, easiest, cleanest way to install tile."

You apply it kind of like contact paper, peeling the backing off
and then applying it to the wall, pressing it on firmly and then 
peeling the front plastic off.  You can easily cut it with a blade
or a scissors.  I agree, it was quick, easy, and clean!)

He had tried it on the houseboat backsplash 

and figured if
it could stand the heat of Lake Powell it could take just
about anything.

I wanted a classic look using tumbled travertine,
 with a touch of modern,
 so I included a stripe of glass tile and put glass tiles in the
medallion. Once you
press the tile on, it really sticks.  If you have made a mistake
you can get it off, but you really have to pull.

Here is a completed section, missing a few cuts.  We finished
everything except the medallion behind the stove and grouting
but we had to hurry home.

the instructions do say to grout 

we had to go home!!!!

A few weeks later when we were able to get back down there -
it is four hours from our home-
some of the tiles had buckled and popped off.

Hubby's first reaction was that we would have to start again.
Just press it back on.  A few pieces, especially the small pieces
needed a little premixed mastic and then we were ready to grout.

Grouting is messy and takes time to apply and then clean off
but it is all easy and very doable.  
We taped off the edges with painters tape first and put paper
 down on the counters to help with cleanup.

Here is just a sneak peek at my completed tile backsplash,
 new countertop, new cabinets and my new aqua Kitchenaid.

We are almost done with the remodel and I will show you the
rest then.

Now you know why I haven't had time for tablescaping and much
visiting, but I have tried to have at least two posts a week so you
don't forget me completely!

We have guests coming soon so I am furiously
sewing pillows and curtains, etc., etc., etc.!!!

Need a vacation after that!
I will be posting with


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  1. Jacqueline, you are a woman of many talents! Can't wait to see it all! The backsplash looks great!

  2. The backsplash looks wonderful! I admire you for taking on this project.

  3. A lady of many, many talents! This is a great skill to know. The backsplash looks terrific.

  4. Looks beautiful, Jacqueline. Love the aqua Kitchenaid. I guess the accent color will be blue? xo

  5. Your backsplash turned out great! Lovin' the great pop of color the new KA brings too-enjoy:@)

  6. This is good info to store, I just may be brave enough to try this later! I do wish my backsplash was a lighter color since I chose a dark granite and cherry cabinets. If we didn't have a wall of windows across the kitchen it would feel dark. Love the glass tiles! Thanks for sharing all these projects, almost as interesting as a great recipe!

  7. What a beautiful backsplash. And need I even mention that I love the pop of color your aqua KitchenAid lends. Can't wait to see the whole kitchen remodel. No you go take a nap. You've erned it.

  8. I have never heard of that product bt than for sharing the info. joe did ALL the tile in this house...28 years ago:):) In the new house it is all being done FOR us. Yo did a vERY good job, good for you. XO, Pinky PS, I have no time to blog either and nothing to blog abot. But soon I sure WILL!!!!!!

  9. Hi Jacqueline, I am so impressed! Tiling is such a difficult job and I've seen many very poor amateur attempts. I wonder if I could use this in my son's bathroom, where the old tile (from 1987!) is falling off the shower wall. I think the wall behind may be damaged now from water, so I guess I will leave it to the pros. LOVE that aqua mixer. Such a great color for a beach condo. Linda

  10. Way to go! It looks great. Can't wait to see it! I did my entryway once...I didn't do a great job. I could have used some help :). Joni

  11. What a wonderful skill to know. You did a great job, Jacqueline! It looks beautiful.

  12. HI!!
    YOU Have convinced me I CAN DO A BACK SPLASH on my kitchen!!!MY Granite is similar to this.....I call it a design--kind of busy...but I love is a gold base color with garnets in it...garnets tend to look brown instead of burgundy...but I like to say they are gold and burgundy....I have also added AQAu in my kitchen and family room!!!!Just to change it up a bit....
    I will be checking that out!!! You have inspired me!!!I can do it!!!
    Thanks so much...and we visited Salt lake this summer...our first time in the beehive state....we stayed in Park City and then drove up to Grand Tetons....
    you are lucky to have fall leaves...we have NONE....would have to make a trip up north to see the,,,I am hoping they will be there when we return from our cruise!!!

  13. Good for you! Want to start on my kitchen? :) I am in love with your KA mixer!

  14. Oh, I love your family’s tile setting history. This goes to show how you guys are experts when it comes to tiling. You didn’t even panic when some of the tiles came off! But anyway, I would love to see the complete look of your remodel. This sneak peek seems promising!

    Robbie Marinero


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