Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty In Purple - My Love For Lilacs Table

Purple has been my favorite color since I was little
and when we got married, the reception at the 
church was filled with purple lilacs

Last week we celebrated 
32 years
of marriage so
a post filled with lilacs is a perfect way to celebrate
our wedding anniversary.

When I was growing up my parents property had
a huge row of lilacs in different shades.  I
would cut a huge bouquet of lilacs and bring
them into my bedroom.  The heady smell of 
the lilacs would fill my bedroom.

Cutting this large bouquet reminded me of those times.

I found these beautiful plates at Home Goods and 
just had to grab them.  I love the dark purple flowers
mixed with the delicate sketched flowers.

Here's a closeup of these rich beautiful flowers.
It is almost a shame to layer these under a cream
colored textured plate and a deep purple leaf shaped
Everything is set on top of a damask purple
table cloth that was custom made.

A black textured and scalloped charger anchors
the setting and is set off with black flatware.
I love the details on this flatware from Horchow.

The beautiful deep purple flared vase was
a gift from a friend years ago.
This shot shows all of the pretty textures involved.

Purple beaded napkin holders top a dark purple
cotton napkin.

A wooden Fresh Flowers sign adds more interest 
to the table.

I had to add my last purple tulip and
a few violets to the table.

I love all of the different spring purples
on this table.

This overhead shot shows the leaf shape
of the deep amethyst plate on top.

These are my favorite goblets, their deep
amethyst color with the twisted stems are

I paired the amethyst goblets with a black
goblet for added drama.

The black goblets go so nicely with the 
chargers and flatware.

If you still have lilacs blooming, 
gather a large bouquet and bring
them in. 

They will fill the house with their
heady aroma.

I will be posting this with

Purple goblets and leaf plates - Spiegel Catalog - years ago
Black Goblets - Pier 1 - years ago
Cream textured plates - Tai Pan
Wooden sign - Tai Pan
Cream and purple dinner plates - Home Goods
Black chargers - Tuesday Morning
Black flatware - Horchow
Purple napkins - Bed Bath & Beyond - years ago
Purple damask tablecloth - custom made


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Beautiful table! The lilacs are just stunning -- I can almost smell them through my computer screen! Putting purple and black together -- WOW! Love it!!

  2. I love lilacs too:) they were in bloom on our wedding day~
    Your photos and tablescape..are just so pretty.

  3. I love lilacs. Just reading this brought the smell in here. Spiegel! I love that store! They used to have one in Birch Run, but it closed down long ago. I miss it. I am off now to see what they have online! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. A lovely homage to one of my favorite flowers! xo,

  5. This is just a stunning table, Jacqueline! The lilacs are beautiful and all the different shades of purple work so well together. I love it!


  6. Gorgeous! I love this color of purple in the spring time..your table is just lovely and I always love a big bouquet of lilacs in the house..a must have! :D

  7. Gorgeous lilacs and beautiful table. I am so glad to see a picture of you on your sidebar too.

    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  8. Purple is my favorite color! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures from the last two posts!

  9. My goodness not only is the color stunning but your PHOTOS!!!! Dearest, I am looking forward to your post on Saturday on PARIS!!!! Anita

  10. ILOVE lilacs and purple--my bedroom as a child had lilac wallpaper, you would have loved it! anne

  11. looks fabulous and rich, and smells good too :)

  12. I love this tables cape. It is breathtaking and just screams you! Thanks for sharing this and all you've doom for Rachel

  13. Gorgeous! Love those plates, Jacqueline. I can see why they followed you home. That vase is stunning. ~ Sarah

  14. Hi...I love purple also and really, really enjoy the way you set this table with purples and blacks. You are always such an inspiration and a total pleasure to visit.

  15. You must have been thrilled to find those plates!
    Your table is beautiful. I love lilacs too - we have a large bush outside the dining room window, and when it finally blooms I love to open the window wide so that the room fills with their perfume.

  16. No wonder purple is your favorite color! All the details come together so beautifully, but the lilacs are my favorite:)
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  17. I am in love with Lilacs!!
    Mimi's blog is mimicuteblog.blogspot.com
    Come on the 1st to link this link or anything you would like for a chance to be featured for 1 month on my side bar and win a gift!
    Grab a button!

  18. I've died and gone to lilac heaven and inhaling their delicious fragrance now! What a perfectly, purpley gorgeous table! I so love the refection of your table cloth in your goblet and your plates are ideal...

    We can't grow lilacs here, it's too hot but I found some bundles for sale at my Trader Joe's and danced a happy dance in the aisle! Sighs of happiness for me, thanks to a fragrant start to my day :-)

  19. Beautiful table Jacqueline! The purple and black plates look like they were made for that tablecloth! Also like the two different lilacs, I know they don't last long-enjoy:@)

  20. Absolutely Heavenly! Your table is To Die For. Every detail AND the I can smell those lilacs all the way over to MY Coast...LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!
    I used to shop in the Speigel Catalog ALL THE TIME years ago. It was like a little condensed HOME GOODS...with clothes...
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Big Hugs,

  21. This is just gorgeous - love the HG plates - thanks for sharing!!!

  22. I do remember all the lilacs at your wedding reception. Could it really be 32 years ago? This is such a beautiful table and the purple is so stunning. Lilacs are my favorite and I remember the big row at our home and the scent they put off. I will be on the look out for those plates when I head south. I am so excited because I was able to post a comment -- haven't been able to all day. Joni

  23. Love this tablescape! A childhood favorite of mine is also Lilacs, they remind me of walks with my Mother to my Grandmothers house. I always get so excited when they are in bloom. Those plates are truly to die for, and so are the goblets. I love your taste!

  24. Lilacs are an absolute favorite of mine. We can't grow them here. My mom carried some from her home 1000 miles when she moved. She did grow them, but they were never the lush bushes that I had growing up. They didn't survive our recent drought.

    I just love your table. There is not a single part of it that is less than stunning to me, from the flowers to the plates to the goblets. It's a favorite.

  25. Hi Jacqueline, we will celebrate our 31st this summer. I saw those BEAUTIFUL purple and black dishes in HGs and tried to justify adding them to my collection. You did a fabulous job mixing them with other pieces and the scent must be heavenly. Our lilacs in the front yard just started blooming and I could stand there all day. I would love to see photos of your wedding. I'm sure it was glorious. Linda

  26. This is a gorgeous tablesetting. The color combinations are so rich and elegant. I absolutely love the napkins and those fabulous beaded napkin holders.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  27. Such a beautifully rich and dramatic tablescape. Love your new plates from HomeGoods. they lend to the drama of your tablescape. Just beautiful.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Very beautiful tablescape. Lilacs were my mother's favorite flower. She was born in my grandparent's home and the room was filled with lilacs. My mom always received lilacs for her birthday throughout her life. Your beautiful post reminded me of how much she loved them.

  29. Hi Jacqueline,

    I love the colours of this table. I must agree with you that if I had seen those plates I would have had to have them to. The flatware is very pretty.

    Your purple goblets are very similar to a vase that I bought from a thrift store and in the same colour aswell. I think mine was from the 60's.

    I'm going to have a good look at your blog, as I'm following it now.


  30. Beautiful table and gorgeous lilacs! Stunning shots!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    RAINBOW-The Colours of India

  31. Jacqueline, your table is absolutely beautiful. I love lilacs too! However, I believe the celebration here is in 32 years of marriage. We are celebrating 26 this summer, and people have actually said to us, "Do you realize what an exception you are?" In this day and age, many years of marriage is becoming rare. How sad! CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and best wishes for many more years of love together!

  32. I think I would fly all the way out to Utah (it's Utah, right?) to sit at one of your tables like this stunning purple one. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! HOW WONDERFUL!
    I'm in love with the deep jewel toned purple goblets in this post!!!! The swirl on the bottom...oooh...I bet it feels divine in the hand!
    Lana In Italy

  33. Love your beautiful table, Jacqueline! While I'm happy that my allergies seem to be FINALLY clearing up, I can now say how much I appreciate my senses of sight and smell. I love to go on walks these days, and after a LONG cold NY winter, I absolutely LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass, and lilacs!! What a beautiful bouquet you have for your table today!... Sorry this comes so late, but a very Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes to both you and your husband! Have a great weekend! ~tina

  34. Just gorgeous, J! I love all your purples too! What a wonderful scape, the dishes and glassware are fabulous!

  35. What a heavenly table, Jacqueline! Happy anniversary! I love all the spring purples together -- stunning!

  36. very pretty table- those plates are fabulous. Love your blog!

  37. Breathtaking...beautiful from the table linens, to the dishes, to the crystal, to the gorgeous lilacs.

  38. So beautiful!!! I especially love the tablecloth and I can smell those lilacs right now!!

  39. I'm guessing that your guests could smell the colors of your table before they ever stepped through the door. Absolutely luscious in every way! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  40. What a beautiful tablescape. I love lilacs too. We had white, mauve, pink and dark purple lilacs in our yard in Toronto when I was little.

  41. This is a spectacular table. Happy belated anniversary. Your tablecloth, the new plates, the lilacs.. all very special and so pretty. I am so glad you share your beautiful talent with all of us.
    xo marlis

  42. Bonjour Jacqueline,
    Superbe! I love the colours on this table. Warm and full of convivialyty.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wondreful time Jacqueline


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