Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuscan Villas Table And Italian Focaccia

Today I am going to show you my latest interior design
project.  I have just finished decorating the model at
a large condominium project - Tuscan Villas.

The counter is set for two in the soft golds, greens, and creams
of Tuscany.

I love the texture on the edges of these plates and bowls.

The cream flatware fits right in and matches
the soft creams

I started the layering with this great charger.

Soft green and cream Ralph Loren
 napkins hang between the plates.

Artificial artichokes accent the bowls picking
up more of the greens.

To go along with the Italian theme of the
decorating we have squares of focaccia on the counter.

Since it is also Bread Week, I thought
Italian Focaccia would be the perfect
bread for today's recipe.

Here is just a peek at the clubhouse which I also decorated.
I will have to do a post on that another time.

This is the exterior of the townhomes that I did the model for.

This is the kitchen which features wonderful open cabinets
and stainless steel appliances with granite counters.

The living room has a large space where I placed 
an oversized entertainment center.

Love the touch of leopard print in the living room.

Also the living room features a large comfortable couch.

I will feature more of the interior of the model in a later post.

It is day 3 of Bread Week
featuring Italian Focaccia.

The bread starts with herbs that are heated up in olive oil.

This bread is a very soft dough so it will not come
away from the edges of the bowl. 

The oil and herb mix is brushed on the bottom of the pan,

After the dough is placed in the pan and allowed to rise,
you press your fingertips in it to make indentations
to capture and absorb the herbed oil.

Then bake and enjoy.

Italian Focaccia Recipe

2 C. warm water
1 tsp. sugar
2 pkg. fast acting yeast
4 C. flour
2 tsp salt

6 T. olive oil
2 tsp dried rosemary
2 tsp. dried basil
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 C. grated Parmesan cheese

Mix the water sugar and fast acting yeas.  Let 
sit for 5 minutes.  Mix in the flour and the salt and 
knead to form a very soft dough.  Cover and
let rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat olive oil and the herbs and garlic.
Bring the oil to a simmer and turn off heat and
let sit for a few minutes.  Using a pastry brush,
brush some of the oil on the bottom of a 9x13 inch
pan.  Gently tip the dough into the pan and gently
press into the corners of the pan.  You don't want
the oil on the sides of the pan because you want
the dough to stick to the sides of the pan.  Cover
and let rise about 20 minutes.  Flour your fingers
and make depressions all over the dough with 
your fingertips.  Drizzle or brush the remaining
oil on the bread.  (You don't have to use all of
it if you don't want to.)  Top with Parmesan

Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes.  Let cool in pan.

Look at those wonderful pockets of herbed oil.

Slice it once it is cool.  It is also good for sandwiches.

Hope you enjoyed Tuscan Villa's Table and Italian Focaccia
for Day 3 of Bread Week.

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  1. What a beautiful job you did decorating. The condos look lovely. This recipe sounds amazing.

  2. Great job decorating! That focaccia looks delicious and is something I'll have to try.

  3. Yummy. I can taste the focaccia just reading your post. This bread looks easy enough for even ME to make. I'm going to try it!

  4. Jackie you are amazing! I love this bread. I have made it. It is YUMMY!

  5. What a great Focacia bread !! love it.....have a nice day

  6. What a lovely job you did on the condo. I like the use of what looks to be taupe and the colors in the kitchen cabinet wood.

    The bread looks delicious....thanks for sharing.


  7. Loved this post..such pretty dishes and love that flatware. Great decorating and bread making too...good job! :D

  8. Beautiful work...on both the decor and bread!

    I made your breadsticks from yesterday's post with our whole wheat flour. Amazing! Can't wait to serve them for dinner tonight!

  9. You look great:) The dishes and the bread Not to mention the interiors:)

  10. I have made your recipe of foccacia countless times and it is a favorite of our family. Love the decorating too and the tablescaping. That flatware is so timeless. Joni

  11. Focaccia is a favorite around here. Thanks for the recipe.
    The model looks great. What a fun project! ~ Sarah

  12. Your foccacia looks wonderful but the tablescape even more so. Love the dishes. You did such a good job on the condo model. I eamiled you about my tableware storage....Christine

  13. How fun to get to decorate the model! Your barscape is wonderful -- love all the textures and soft colors you included. I adore foccacia -- yours sounds divine!

  14. Jacqueline! Before I get to the tablescape, let me say that you did a super job on those models. Love them! AND you are gorgeous. Great pic, my dear. The focaccia looks divine, and your place setting is great looking... love each layer, especially those neat chargers.

    Hope you are doing well and that all is well in your world.


    Sheila :-)

  15. Everything beautiful, but that artichoke looks overcooked!

  16. I don't know which I am craving more... the dishes or the focaccia! You did a beautiful job on both!

  17. What a gift you have! You can drop in in Texas any day you like! Love your chargers!!! Oh those are just fabulous. I can see those for so many occasions. I've really enjoyed bread week and have saved those recipes to try.. one a weekend. First have to get a new knob for my le crueset! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I've loved all the tips. Your living room in the show home would make me want to make it my own!

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  19. I have to tell you I don't think there is one thing you cannot do! Tuscan Villa is just beautiful and the foccacia looks light as air. I'm copying every recipe you've posted this week... love them all!

  20. How fun to decorate the model Jacqueline, it looks amazing! This bread would be fun to make, nice and easy for the first time yeast novice too:@)

  21. Beautiful job on the decorating and the bread! We love foccacia bread. All those little nooks and crannies! I use it as a pizza crust and layer cheese, then sauce, toppings next and more cheese. The kids just love it! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I am totally loving this bread week!

  22. That condo looks absolutely amazing! I have the white plates which I love, but now I want other colored ones you used too! Wonderful job!

  23. I knew you had wonderful decorating talents and I can't wait to see more!

    Delicious focaccia recipe!

  24. Love your decorating! And thank you for sharing your foccacia bread recipe - it looks pretty yummy! Mrs. S

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    The focaccia recipe looks yummy & the table setting is darling!

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  32. *drool* Excuse me while I look for a napkin to wipe off my chin! Fantastic looking bread to go with your fantastic looking design!! I love the soft colors you picked for those beautiful spaces. Lots of textures, too.
    This is an all around yummy post!

    I've made Lahey's artisanal bread before & yours turned out GREAT!! If I didn't have "gluten intolerant" visitors coming this week, I'd do some today, but I hate to tempt them. ;-)

  33. Now THIS I will try right away! I love the herbs, the look of it and I will absolutely report back! ;)

  34. Your decorating makes me want to run away from home (with kids and hubby in tow) to the villa. I love what you did with it.

  35. Just before lunch is the wrong time to read this post. I can almost smell that bread, I love focaccia bread...yum.

    What a fun job to decorate the model. The tablescape is gorgeous and what a pretty place to live. I would think they would be selling like crazy!

  36. I am going to have to try the bread recipes on here. :) Your table is beautiful and I love the artichoke in the bowl.

  37. Jacqueline,

    Your decorating skills are stunning! I just love the cream and green setting you have created with the Tuscan feel. I see you are also quite a baker. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  38. What a beautiful place setting. I love the colors. Your focaccia is "to die for". Oh my! I'm going crazy over all of this bread!

  39. Gorgeous!!! My husband and I go on the Spring Parade of Homes every year here in the Kansas City, MO area, and we love to see well-decorated entries like this one! You did a marvelous job, and the bread looks divine! Have a great weekend!

  40. I tried to comment last night but my computer wouldn't let me. I'll quietly post today so as not to wake the sleeping giant.

    Love your model home projects. You are very gifted! The table is up to your usual perfection. I just love your style.

    And we won't even mention the bread.

  41. Not only are you are most talented decorator of interiors but you can cook, too!! The day talents were handed out, you were certainly blessed! The interior of the condo is lovely and so inviting to people walking through. You gave it a touch that has a warm homey feeling and that is difficult to do with a model, I think. Love your post today!!

  42. SOooo pretty! I love those plates and that food looks super yummy! When's dinner?

  43. Jacqueline, You are such a talented lady! I am really impressed with your decor, tablescaping and cooking. You do have a wonderful blog,too, dear sweet lady!
    Hugs, Beth

  44. The focaccia looks really delicious! Love all the herbs you used.

  45. Loved this bread! Thank you so much.

  46. May I have a seat on the leopard print chair in the living room? And I'd be happy to sample the focaccia ;o) Love it with all those nice herbs!

  47. Everyone is smitten with it! I will definitely do it again!

    K reporting back

  48. Love your layered dishes~ especially your charger! What a wonderful job you've done on the model too!

    I'm salivating over your focaccia!

  49. Hi Jacqueline~ What a gorgeous table- gorgeous condo and delicious looking bread!! I will have to try this- hubby is Italian and focaccia bread is a favorite! Thanks for sharing the recipe and for sharing this beautiful post at FNF! :)

  50. Jacqueline,
    This is all fabulous! I love the table. The chargers are wonderful. You have done a beautiful job with the town home and the bread looks amazing! What a wonderful post. Thanks for linking up at HSH!


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