Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've Been Framed - Tutorial

I love crafting along with cooking and decorating.

These fun frames are an easy project that take very little
skill and just a little more time. 

I wanted to make some cute frames so off to the craft store
I went. 

I found two scrapbooking papers I liked, two unfinished flat
wood frames and spray paint to coordinate with the papers.

One frame got spray painted black and one cream.  I
do that out in the garge with plastic laid down on the
cement.  Don't have your car in there as there does
tend to be some overspray.

Next, cut the paper to match the frame.

Use a sponge brush and apply Mod Podge to the frame.
Lay the paper on top, smoothing out any wrinkles and apply
another layer on the top of the paper.  Let dry.

I then sanded the edges with a medium sandpaper.

You could also glaze after this point if you wanted
a more antique look.  My papers already had the
look I was going for.

I created burnt satin roses to decorate the frames with.
If you want a tutorial on how to do those,
I had some neighborhood girls come over and we made
roses all night.  They are soooo easy.  The girls glued
them to headbands.

The large pink flower, I cut six large petals and
burned the edges, then gathered them at the bottom
and sewed them together.  I finished by gluing a
button in the center.

Glue the roses onto the frame.

These are a fun easy project to teach
someone else.

You wouldn't have to put the roses on, you could leave
them as is or decorate them any way you would like.

(Pictures courtesy of

I also won a giveaway from Tanya at
This is her first giveaway.  She made the 
gorgeous cable knit "scarfette" from
wool yarn.  It is so beautifully done.  She calls it a
"scarfette" because it is short and wraps around and
then threads through.  Soooo cute.  Tanya also made the
card.  Thanks Tanya for the great giveaway.

Visit Tanya, she not only sews but cooks.  She
is a great blogging friend and I feel really lucky to
have her beautiful scarf.

I will be posting this with
Show and Tell Friday


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  1. Beautiful job on the frames and the tutorial! Love those papers and the roses. Now I am going to look at your roses tutorial. I have got to make some of those! I do have to say, you picked some beautiful subjects to go in those!

  2. Your frames are wonderful and I love the papers you used. I have some left over paper I have been wondering what to do with, I think I may try one of these myself. Thanks for the inspiration!



  4. Hi Jacqueline, This was a very clear tutorial and the frames look wonderful. Of course, those photos inside are very special, too! Linda

  5. What a fun project both the frames and the roses are so cute.

  6. Just gorgeous! I think I'd like to try one...if I don't burn the place down. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. These turned out so pretty. What a fun find with the harlequin paper already distressed looking.

  8. LOVE these! What a charming gift idea. I can hardly wait to try those flowers. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  9. These are just so beautiful and I love the flowers on them. I need to get my craft on and get going on some frames! Joni

  10. The way you decorated the frames is so beautiful! The flowers add such a nice touch, and a pop of color! Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline.

  11. I think you do it all! The frames are beautiful. I'd probably never get these made, but love the idea. ~ Sarah

  12. Happy....sweet and sugary pink Saturday.....Have a wonderful week end and God Bless You!

  13. What a great project! I just happen to have some of these frames in my stock supplies! Gave me great ideas!



  14. What beautiful frames. Great choice on the papers.
    I bet it was fun having the girls sit together and make roses.

  15. Jacqueline,

    This is so beautiful and delicate! You always know how to beautify everything around you, don't you?

    I want to thank you for your comment today. I truly understand how you feel and I was wondering if you're better now. Reading your comment brought me a smile. Thank you!

    And you're right, without our reader's support/comments we wouldn't have the strength to keep going with a blog. I work so hard on my blog that sometimes I'm up until 5 am during the weekends, preparing my posts. Since I have 2 small children, a husband and a house to take care of, I need to balance everything and manage my time to be able to make my posts. My family is the most important thing in my life, but my blog is where I can be creative and talk about my passion. Without the support I get from my daily visitors and my blogging friends I wouldn't be here anymore, or at least not as this often.
    The readers are more important than they actually know. I try to let them know how much I appreciate them. I hope they know how grateful I am for each and every one of my readers and friends, just as yourself.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jacqueline.


    Luciane at

  16. What a great idea! I love the papers you chose and think I may even have one of them in my paper stash! I say you can never have enough cute frames.

  17. Really pretty and very personal Jacqueline! How fun that you got a group together to make the roses, I'm sure you all had fun:@)

  18. Dear Jacqueline,
    Thank YOU!!!! you helped me find the right gift to make my soon to be 15 yr.old niece..I always make her something for her B-Day but just could not think of anything!
    I'm so happy I follow you as you are a life saver..
    Have a great weekend,

  19. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These frames are fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  20. These frames are gorgeous! I hope you will join me in the "Being Creative" blog party on Sundays.

  21. Jacqueline, you are sooo creative. The frames are so good looking and the silk roses are beautiful! Thanks for linking this to Favorite Things. laurie

  22. I just love these sweet frames! What a great idea!

  23. You did a wonderful job with the frames, so lovely!
    Xox alison

  24. Outstanding work! I did a frame this week too, posting it tomorrow! Love the harlequin pattern!
    I followed your link from Metamorphasis Monday, stop by and visit me at !

  25. These are so the flowers you put on them, too

  26. I love these beautifrul frames with the gorgeous flowers!!!! You are so talented to have so many great ideas to share with us. These are great ideas for gifts. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial. Thanks for all the time you take to make your blog such a great place to stop and visit!!!!

    Hugs, Katherine S.

  27. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you like the scarfette.

    Your frames are lovely and the flowers are the perfect embellishment. No one would ever guess there were simple craft store blanks under the paper and satin.

  28. I think you have given me an idea for a daughter's birthday present. It would be fun to have you come join me in making the frames. Imoff to get the supplies!

  29. These are gorgeous and they look like something I could actually do! What a fabulous homemade gift one of these would make!

  30. P.S. Why is it needed to spray paint the frames if your just covering with paper?

  31. I am in love with these frames! They are just beautiful! You are very talented :-)

  32. Just popping over from the Girl Creative...

    Cute frames but its the chocolate cupcakes in your sidebar that are really catching my attention! I must be hungry! Off to check them out...

  33. These are so cute! I love the one with the baby feet, so cute.

  34. Lovely pictures! Great post. :D

    Following from the Girl Creative Linky. :D

  35. These turned out beautifully. I've featured your tutorial on my blog Tutorials and Patterns. Grab a "featured" button if you like.


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