Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A French Cheese Board Tablescape

My dear friend Annette gave me these lovely Williams Sonoma
plates for my birthday back in January.

They come in several designs with pictures of regional
cheeses and other food specialties printed on a
stylized map of France.

One end is slighty indented to hold olive oil for dipping.

I love this one with Mediterranean regions and the little
red crab in the corner.

The individual plates match the large platter that we will be
serving from.

I took the sage green and butter yellow colors from the
plates to create the color of my table.

An assortment of delicious cheeses that can stand on
their own are served with crusty bread and
flavored olive oils.  I will post the recipe for
Artisan Style European Bread later in the week.

Sassy nuts on a cheese board are always a fun addition.
These are Killer Pecans.

Two square plates underscore the oblong cheese

Sage green flatware tops a
sage green napkin,

I love the soft color and detail on the flatware.

Ruffled sage and butter yellow placemat mix well
with the green and yellow goblets.

A French wire topiary candle holder and a little
yellow clock with French script add to
the center of the table.

The mood is set for a fun evening of taste testing.

Lighting the candle gives a nice subtle glow.

Hope you enjoyed your evening with us at
Purple Chocolat Home.

Plates - Williams Sonoma (Gift)
Flatware - Tuesday Morning
Goblets - Tai Pan
Wire Topiary & Clock - Tai Pan
Napkins - Tuesday Morning
Cheeses - Costco
Placemats - Home Goods

Killer Pecans Recipe

Bring 1 C. water to boil and add 1/4 C. sugar.
Add 2 C. pecans and boil for 2 minutes.  Drain.
Mix 1 T. sugar, 1/2 T. chili powder and 1/4 tsp.
Cajun seasoning.  Toss with pecans.
Toast in 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.
Let cool.

I just want to say thank you for everyone who sent their
condolences and who encouraged me to keep
blogging.  I love you all!

I will be posting with

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. This is such a beautiful tablescape. I have been away from blogging a few days myself so I'm just catching your last post. So moving! My deepest sympathies for your sister and the whole family. May you find comfort and peace in the everyday blessings of life.

  2. YUMMO!!..this setting is awesome, and the food looks incredible.

  3. Jacqueline, how beautiful I love your tablescape!! So delish!!

    Come and enter my Artful Offering!!

    Art by Karena

  4. If you stopped blogging, where would I go to see all these GORGEOUS inspiring tablescapes and find an endless supply of delish recipes to test in my own kitchen? Yours is one of my most favourites to visit! xox

  5. Love the sage color!! It is certainly a favorite of mine. The flatware is perfect. Your plates are absolutely delectable. You put together a beautiful serving platter. Truly a lovely post!

  6. What a beautiful gift from a friend! The plates are WONDERFUL!

  7. Jacqueline, Those plates are so fun. What are the little spiral slices? Everything looks so good. All your French posts have inspired me to make some French themed cookies soon. Sue:)

  8. Your table looks great. I love those plates & the way you combined them with the others. It all looks wonderful, including the food.

  9. Lovin' those fun plates Jacqueline, how neat to have the indent for the olive oil! Your yellow goblets kinda look like Vaseline glass, they are really neat too-enjoy:@)

  10. When is the book coming out???

  11. You've set a fun and festive table. Your centerpiece is so unique and fun, color scheme so bright and speaks of Spring.
    hugs ~lynne~

  12. Oh, I do love every single thing you do. I can't wait to make the pecans..taking them, along with a cheese array, to our next home fellowship gathering. We are having Mexican Stackup for dinner that night and these will go perfect with the menu.
    Thanks for your inspiration and recipe. :)))

  13. Amazing plates! What a lovely gift from your friend. Very nifty idea, just what you would expect from William Somona. I love the sage green, actually just painted my kitchen that color. So pretty, so restful. Great table.

  14. Love the shape of the plates and the ones given by your friend are so pretty,, Jacqueline. Beautiful colors all throughout. Your pecans look so good!...Christine

  15. I love all your accents on the table like the candle topiary and clock. They set the perfect scene for those dishes.

    And silly as it is, I think my favorite thing is the simple little twist that you gave to the napkin fold. It's just kind of quirky, and I like it. I would love some flatware like that. Love the color and the detailing.

  16. Oh how I'd love to be sitting at your table. The food not only looks lovely but I'm sure is delicious. I love bread, oils, and cheeses and you put it together perfectly.
    I've been eyeing those plates and keep passing them up. Now you got me thinking about them again . . . trying to practice restraint, but it just isn't working.


  17. Jacqueline, the plates are great fun. I love the mix of soft greens and yellows. I have some of those placemats in black. Wish I could find more. They are some of my favorites.
    Funny that we both shared a bit of our January birthdays today. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  18. Very pretty! I would love to join you at that table! I really like how your yellow goblets pick up the yellow in your plates. What a wonderful friend to give you such pretty and fun plates!

  19. What wonderful elements & flavors you're offering at your fun table! I love your plates! Happy Belated Birthday :-)

  20. Jacqueline,
    You have such a sweet friend! How thoughtful of her to give you these spectacular plates. I think that indent for the olive oil is brilliant!
    The way you set your table shows off these lovely dishes so beautifully! Picking up the green and soft butter yellow makes your table look very french, and lets the plates be the stars!
    I have been looking for this pecan recipe. I am wild over the way the chili powder gives these Pecans a little bite! Thanks! You must have been reading my mind!

  21. I would LOVE to have Annette as a friend! She has wonderful taste!! What a great gift!!! I like the idea of the indentation for the dipping oil. Very clever! You put this table together beautifully! Everything looks fantastic. I wish you peace this week.

  22. You lucky thing! What a great gift to recieve from a friend. These would transport you immediately back to France with the detailed images on the plate..

  23. How soft and pretty this is! Love your plates from your friend -- I've found tablescaping to be theraputic at times -- I'm sorry for your loss.

    I can tell that those pecans are delightful!

  24. Love those plates your friend gave you!

    This tablescape is very pretty. Love the sage green and yellow.

  25. I am saving your recipe for the pecans -- I used to have a similar one, but have misplaced it.

    I am so sorry for your recent loss. Blogging is good therapy -- it keeps us connected with kindred spirits, and most everyone I know through blogging has been unfailingly kind and supportive.

  26. Hi Jacqueline, I am just catching up on my blogs and I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss. I hope the happy memories and the knowledge that your nephew is at peace will give you and your family strength.
    Your tasting table is full of fun and your friend was very thoughtful, with great taste :).

  27. Oh I love this. Great with the sage! Love all the elements you used, great stems!
    I am a WS Outlet junkie. I recently posted about a 90 % off deal I got. Last week it was back to the reg price!
    Thanks for the recipe too, J!

  28. I am so glad to see you back and what a beautiful post to start with. The plates are wonderful.

    I think a taste testing party is such fun. We have friends each bring an app and a bottle of wine. Lots of good times.

    We make pecans like that four a strawberry and blue cheese salad at Easter. I never thought to use them any other time, but now I will.

  29. I am so sorry for your family's loss. It is so difficult to lose someone so precious. Thank God we don't lose them forever only a short time.

    I am very glad that your blog reappeared, yours is one of my go to spots. I love sharing all of your ideas, recipes and travels.

  30. Unbeatable stunning...

    I could smell the cheesy and olives aroma. Am recalling my road trip from France, Italy & Andorra. Hmmm... Meditterannian...

    Happy TS...

    greating from freezing Stockholm,

  31. What time is the cheese party? I am coming over :) I have always wanted to be a sommelier of cheese if there is such a thing. Can't wait to try the pecan recipe.

  32. I want your yellow goblets....have looked "forever" and have not found any. Your table is so inviting and I adore the yellow goblets with your new dishes....and the sage green flatware is stunning......I always love to visit you and see what you have done!

  33. What a beautiful tablescape! Those pecans look delicious!

  34. Love, love, love your plates, the tablesetting is beautiful. BTW, I could make a meal off of a cheese board and yours looks very appealing.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  35. OMG! I am so excited! Thanks for letting me know I won the mixer, Jacqueline. I did not know until you told me...Christine

  36. This is a beautiful and soothing table setting...I really like it!

  37. What a lovely gift! And you're so right about those pecans - they're definitely killer!


  38. What a beautiful post. Love the WS dishes. I must have missed those.

    The pecans look wonderful and I shall look forward to your bread recipe.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Life can be so hard.



  39. Oh, what fun. As much as I enjoy looking at some of the elegant tables posted, the ones that really catch my eye are the ones that are playful and comfortably inviting. I would love to be at this table.

  40. I'm so happy to have discovered "Foodie Friday" and your beautiful and delicious blog!


  41. Jacqueline -- your are calling my name with Killer Pecans and Cheese (being the Wisconsin girl that I am). Love these new plates and I have never had a cheese board, but would love to...unless you would have called it a cheeseboard when mom served many different kinds of cheeses. Beautiful new plates! Joni

  42. You got me with the square and rectangle plates...and then to add all that green, ooh la la!

  43. Just beautiful Jacqueline~ your tablescape is gorgeous and those pecans look delicious!! I love cheese and crackers and crusty bready~ yum!! - thank you for sharing at FNF! :)

  44. Oh you are a genius !
    Thank you so much for linking up to the French Obsession party !
    Come back on April 1st for another party !


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