Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mission Impossible - Pick Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Lynn is having a Valentine's party
and she wants to
know our Favorite Kitchen Gadget.

What?  I have to pick my favorite - IMPOSSIBLE!
But - I will tell you some of my favorites!

If you follow
Purple Chocolat Home
 you have already
met a lot of my favorites!
My icon is my Purple Kitchenaid Mixer.
(She is much more svelte than I am!)

This special edition Kitchenaid sold at Williams Sonoma
a few years ago.  I just had to have it (you all can guess why!)

(Hint - it starts with purple...)

I think a Kitchenaid Mixer is a work of art,
so it sits on my counter year round and of course
it is a conversation starter too as most people have
never seen a purple one.  I haven't seen one since then

 chocolate tempering machine
 has to come right
up there at the top of my list even though I only use it
a couple of times a year.  I just smile each time I use
it and can't believe I have such a wonderful device,
especially since the store that sold them went out
of business.

If you remember this post, I am not the only one
who loves this machine.  Click here if you missed
this post on this little elf helping me dip chocolates.

And of course, my pizza oven is probably my very
favorite gadget.  (Could this be called a gadget?)

I love having it for a fire for ambiance, I love cooking
pizzas and any other imaginable item in it, I love having
traveled to Italy to take a class for a week on how to
cook in it.  (I will have to do a whole post on that someday).
I love the idea that if we didn't have power, I could use it
for emergency cooking.  (We call that emergency preparedness
where I come from.)   I also love that when they
unearthed Pompeii, they found bread baking in ovens
just like this one with loaves preserved inside the ovens!

If you missed our pizza oven post, click here.  If you missed
the kitchen tour showing the wood burning pizza oven, click here.

Just one other little item that I wanted to mention,
my lemon and lime juicers.

(Oh, I better mention my Ego Digital Imaging Light that
lets me take an indoor photo like this at night and
even in the winter - find it on Amazon).

Anyway, back to the juicers.  I know they aren't spectacular,
but I just love them.  My first one I purchased
in Mexico, but it really was made for the smaller Mexican
limes.  You can buy these fabulous gadgets at Target and
many grocery stores.  One squeeze and you have tons of
juice and none of it on your hands.
I am one who loves kitchen stores, I can browse in
Sur La Table for hours. (Did you know they have
cooking classes?)  I love Williams Sonoma (hey, they have
cooking classes too.)  I love
kitchen catalogues and kitchen idea magazines. I love
cooking shows and cooking magazines.  I love
cooking blogs too!!!  I bet
you do too or you wouldn't be here reading this.

Oh, but what about...

my panini maker
my kitchen shears
my Belgian waffle maker
my tortilla press
my digital kitchen scale
my Le Creuset pans
my electric fondue pots
my pasta maker
my new cupcake corer
my BBQ grill
my grill pan

oh, oh, oh,
my propane smoker...

...wait ...

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(Lynn is such a "party animal"! - the above photo is
courtesy of her blog.  You will meet all kinds of little
piggies on her blog and it is always fun and entertaining.)

I will be posting this with

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  1. I'm going to have to look up what a Le Creuset baker is, but I certainly do enjoy every glimpse into your kitchen. What an experience it must be to cook there every day!

  2. I agree with Tanya, it is always a special treat to visit your kitchen. AND....I had no idea the color of your KitchenAid is purple. It must be my monitor as it comes across as maybe stainless steel here. Whew, glad we got that cleared up. If a girl has a purple mixer, we gotta know 'bout it! LOL Mine is Apple Green. :)


  3. What a great kitchen you have, and that little elf is just adorable! Cool purple mixer!

  4. Oooooh....I LOVE that purple mixer!!! It is, indeed, so you!!! Awesome!!!

    And of course I love your pizza oven! Actually, I mentioned you/it in a recent post I did on pizza ovens because of our move to Italy (and it was my first Foodie Friday and I made pizza!) I made sure to put in a link to your site!!!

    Your pizza oven is DIVINE!!!


  5. Wow! You have some really neat gadgets - big and small!! Love that purple mixer!! No, I've never seen one before either!

    Your little chocolate making elf is so adorable!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. My kitchenaid is cherry red and the other one is plain old white. I need two, honest. I love my microplane, and maybe my digital scale.........

  7. A purple Kitchen Aid mixer!!!! I have never seen one in purple--ever!
    Way cool!
    I am also amazed at your pizza oven; I don't think I know anybody who has one. And you got to visit Italy to learn how to cook in it? Too cool for words! Thanks for sharing! I love my juicers too; I have one from Pampered Chef. ;-)

  8. Great post !!!! Happy Valentine love love Ria................... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ...... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ... .... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .....

  9. A purple mixer!! Imagine that.
    And your very own REAL pizza oven. Oh, my...what a dream kitchen you must have. You are blessed. :)
    Happy Valentines Day

  10. Hi Jacqueline! What a fun post, I didn't realize your mixer was purple-love that! A friend bought a tortilla press last year and she has been having a great time with it! One thing I don't have and think I should pick up is a good kitchen scale:@)
    Thanks for joining the party-Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Jacqueline,

    What a wonderful kitchen you have. I love all the tools whether they be for the kitchen, the craft room or the computer. I will check out the lighting you mentioned.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  12. I must save up and buy myself a Kitchen aid mixer. I love purple!

  13. You know that one of Oprah's favorite gadgets is her juicer.

  14. Your post make me smile, Jacqueline. I'm like you - too many things to pick just one, but my WS KA (limited edition brushed nickle) ranks right up there with your purple model (which I've never seen anywhere else either). It makes me smile when I see it.

    I've frequently thought of getting a chocolate tempering machine, but I don't think I can be trusted to have one in the house so I'll continue temper to inconvenient (wink-wink).

    Love my lemon squeezer, microplane, kitchen torch, digital scale, double grill pan, huge cutting board, etc, etc, etc.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. I have a little problem with kitchen gadgets too! When we built this time, they have a pantry all their own so they can talk amongst themselves!

  16. I don't overly enjoy cooking so I've never been real big on the kitchen gadget stores, now I may have to reconsider. You have some fantastic gadgets. I love the chocolate melting machine! If I were ever to get a standing mixer I would love a purple one. That is very cool, I've never seen one and really love it. Maybe that's the secret to enjoying cooking; using pretty and cool gadgets! LOL!

  17. Hi Jacqueline,
    Just popped over from Lynn's gadget party and I think I have to say you win!!
    What wonderful toys, sorry important kitchen equipment you have.
    However, the KA mixer seems to be in the lead with us all, no matter what colour we picked.

  18. Loving your tools!! I don't think I've ever seen the purple KA!! Positively perfect for your kitchen :)


  19. What a list of treasures! I'll take a chocolate tempering machine,
    a pizza oven. The mixer is perfect!

  20. I would have to say my empire red Kitchenaid is IT for me, happy v day, anne

  21. I love all of my gadget and never seem to tire of buying more! I have never seen a purple KitchenAid but leave it to you ;) I have that same lemon juicer too!

  22. Oh, oh, I love that chocolate tempering machine? I didn't know they made them! That looks fantastic. Now , the pizza oven well yes of course that would be nice. I also love my kitchen aid mixer, they are wonderful. Happy Baking!

  23. It is hard to pick just one, but I sure do love your purple Kitchenaid!

  24. I so agree, couldn't live without my kitchenaid mixer. Mine is stainless, but the purple...fabulous!!

  25. I LOOOOOOOOOVE your fabulous kitchen with that pizza oven. I am into purple everything.... so your purple mixer would be perfect in my kitchen. My favorite kitchen gadget would be my stainless KitchenAid mixer. Your recent trip to Paris looked so perfect!!!!


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