Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love Paris In The Springtime

What better place to spend Valentine's Day
than in Paris.
A few years ago we were invited by
friends, Paula and Craig to come to Paris and stay
with them while they were directors of the BYU study
abroad in Paris.  They invited us in February and we
were there over Valentine's Day.

Their apartment was just about two blocks from the
Eiffel Tower. This had to be the most
romantic Valentine's Day ever.

If you have read my profile you have read how it was my
goal to hit all of the wonderful chocolate shoppes there.
My sweetheart bought me this chocolate box filled with
chocolates there.  We were able to bring it all the
way home with us so that we could show it off to
the kids.

Paris in the springtime is my inspiration for this
tablescape today as I join
Between Naps On The Porch
for my favorite event of the week
Tablescapes Thursday.

While we were there we had the chance to visit
the castle country.

With my love for design and architecture, this was a

I think this fabulous castle out in the country was
famous for over 150 chimneys.

Here we are just before we entered the
Eiffel tower for lunch.

I had to include this gorgeous plate that I had at the
Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  It was a lobster salad.
Don't you love that plate?  Everything was so elegant.
Lunch is often a less expensive way to experience
a famous restaurant.

One last peek at the fabulous architecture before I
show you the table I constructed in remembrance
of my Paris Valentines.

All of my fun European inspired dishes come from Home Goods,
who by the way were kind enough to send me a gift certificate
to say thank you for using their dishes in my tablescapes.
What a surprise that was.

I love these salad plates that remind me of the
castle country.

I found four different ones.

I layered them over a square plate from Tai Pan.

I have this thing for square plates.  It probably
comes from eating off of them at great restaurants.

Black and white and taupe make up the table.

I love this taupe linen with French-inspired script covering it.

I brought in my garden sculpture of the Eiffel tower to
center the tablescape.

Don't you love the fancy butter knives on
the little roll plate and
mercury glass votives with a little crown on them?
The crown reminds me of the castles and
our trip to Versailles.

I threw in the iconic fleur de lys.

These great wooden chargers are from Pier 1.
They anchor the placesetting and give it a flourish.

The votives came from Tai Pan.

A closer detail on the butter knife.  I have had
these silver plated knives for years and they
came in 4 designs.  I bought them from Home Goods.

Black flatware, black goblets and black and white napkins
with a silver plated napkin ring.

Peek past the napkin to see a bowl with the
Eiffel tower.  The bowls feature different
famous European buildings on them.

I think it is time to light the candles to create a
romantic mood.

I love the look through the mercury glass.

The jeweled crown just pops out.

I can't leave Paris without including some more chocolate
One of our favorite stops was a little crepe and
waffle stand right outside of the Louvre.  Here
my hubby is gloriously enjoying a Belgian waffle topped
with hot Nutella and whipped cream.

Our final pastry shoppe indulgence.  Everything we
had in Paris was fabulous.  It was a food lover's heaven.

And to be really naughty, I am ending with our
while we were there in Paris.  These are a chocolate, chocolate
eclair and a chocolate napoleon that came from the bakery
just around the corner.

Other mornings we had fresh croissants, dipped in hot chocolate.
For you fellow chocoholics, Paris is heaven when it comes
to chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

(Just a note, we walked everywhere so eating this
richly didn't kill us!!)

I will be sharing this with

Table Topper - Tai Pan
Large square plate - Tai Pan
Eiffel tower garden sculpture - Target
European architectural dishes - Home Goods
Flatware - Target
Goblets - Pier 1
Napkins - Home Goods
Napkin rings - Wal Mart
Butter knives - Home Goods
Votives - Tai Pan


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Sooo beautiful!! How I dream of going to Paris... thank you for sharing your inspiring photos and your absolutely beautiful table! :)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for taking us with you to "Paris"...Oh YES, Chocolate for Breakfast is a Wonderful Thing!!! Your tablescape is SO FRENCH! I feel as though I'm there. Love Home Goods for all the FUN they give us too...Where is your linen from? LOVED IT! All of it!!!
    Happy Valentines Week to you and yours,
    Hugs, Donna

  3. I am with you, I love square dishes. My everyday ones are square ones from Pier 1. I saw those plates and love them. I know I will be going back for them. I keep thinking of black and white tablescapes for them! I think my butt is definitely bigger just reading this post and seeing all that chocolate!

  4. Beautiful dishes, butter knives and linens...your table is stunning!Oh how I love Paris's my most favourite city.

  5. oh that was great fun! such wonderful sights, tastes and tables. i went to paris on my honeymoon, thanks for putting the smiles back on my face~

  6. What an amazing trip. It looks like you had a lot of fun and was able to really make some great memories there. Wish I had some of that French chocolate, yum.

  7. There is just something I LOVE about a Paris/French theme! Looks like you had a such a great time! Paris agrees with you:) That's still a dream of mine, to go to Paris. I would love the chocolate, but also croissants:) "...the
    Eiffel tower for lunch" has a nice ring to it!

  8. Oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I love Paris in the Springtime ( OK it's the only time of year I've been there!) And as always, your table is perfect and gorgeous!

  9. That sounds like a fabulous way to spend Valentine's Day with someone you love. Great tablescape. I really like the linen you chose.

  10. Wow Jacqueline, I need to see where in your home that you store all these different dishes....can you show us please? You seem to have every dish made, and I'm curious as to how you store them. Personally, I had a horrible experience in France (Paris), it's a long story, but I also think the best chocolate comes from Germany. I got to sample quite a bit when I lived there. Thanks for sharing such prettiness with us.


  11. I'm so jealous of it all! The trip, the castles, the table, and mostly the desserts. Your pictures are definitely drool worthy! Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  12. I went back to France this week too!! Birds of a feather. I do love the fabric backdrop and those dishes look absolutely splendid! La Tour Eiffel as the centerpiece is wonderful. I do love the spreaders.. they are so glam!

    Just how did that chocolate box make it back in one piece, not melted, not broken? I'm delighted you got to spend a Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic spots on earth!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I visited.

  13. You know I am one of your biggest fans and lover every idea you post. But this one has me drooling....OMGosh!!!!

  14. Gorgeous photos~(as always)!
    I really could eat that whole tray of pastries right now! :)

  15. That really would be romantic, and I love the table it inspired. I am totally crazy about those chargers. I have GOT to get to a Pier One. It's official.

    Everything was perfect, and the theme was carried out beautifully, just as you always do. Loved it.

  16. The script fabric really pulls it all together. I loved all the plates and the black and white is so chic.

  17. OMG, all that food is making me hungry. Thanks for taking me back to Paris, Jacqueline. I love Paris. When I was there, I did not know whterher to look left or right while in a tour bus cause everywhere I looked was so beautiful. Love your tablescape!...Christine

  18. I adore Paris and France. Sweet Mister had to drag me out of each villa, chapel...whatever...I couldn't get enough of the amazing design motifs. I must admit that if I had to live with all that design 24/7, I'd be constantly trying to figure a way to get out of the castle. I love the white and taupe punched up with the black very effective. I've always been drawn to the French script fabrics....great idea! Thank you for sharing your memorable design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  19. Wonderful post! I love Paris! How special to be there on Valentine's Day. We wanted to eat at the Eiffel Tower and didn't and now I wish we had.

    How cold was it? Exciting! Happy for you !

  20. What a wonderful trip and your table was so beautiful. Loved it all.

  21. I loved seeing your trip photos and your inspired table! All your details are so fun...castle plates, crown votives & knives~ Thanks so much for taking me along! I'm craving chocolate for breakfast now :-)

  22. Wow! The tablescape is truly gorgeous! I've never seen prettier Paris plates in my life. Amazing job. I'm in awe of every detail.

    Warmly, ~Melissa

  23. Now I am humming "I love Paris in the springtime" :) What a stunning table and great reminder of happy memories! I love those chargers and have had my eye on them for a while! Loved the food pictures too!!

  24. Loved your tablescape (the romantic tablecloth with the script is divine!) as well as the Paris pictures! How truly spectacular!!!

    You are so kind to leave such wonderful notes on my tiny little blog! I would LOVE to host you or at the very least meet you if you're anywhere semi near us. Our home base is Naples, but we're SO CLOSE to Rome/Capri/Amalfi Coast/Sorrento.
    And Tuscany is only a few hours away, too!
    Here's my email:
    We leave on Sun/arrive Mon & will be down tech wise (though I think the hotel has Internet--just hope the laptop works!) for a few days but I promise to respond by email as soon as we're up and running!
    I would LOVE to meet bloggie friends in Italy and to host someone in Italy would be such a treat!

  25. "The last time I saw Paris, our hearts were young and gay" the song says. Your table reminds me of this song and of all the wonderful memories you recalled from your Valentine visit there. You choice of the cloth, dishes, flatware, accessories are brilliant. The mercury glass votives really do add a special shimmer to the table and makes it magical.

  26. So pretty!!! I love the way you were inspired by Castle Country! (Can you imagine having all those chimneys to clean every year at that one castle??!?!) Absolutely beautiful!!!

  27. It was so fun looking over your table! Love the tablecloth!

  28. Yes - Paris in the Springtime is incredible! I love your Parisian themed table - it looks similar to my bed room. As for those treats...I'm drooling!

  29. We had similar thoughts today. Your table is just lovely. Those plates are just beautiful.

  30. Fabulous post start to finish, Jacqueline. I love the black and white table. Everything about this post is delightful.

  31. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing. Dont you just love Homegoods? That lobster made my mouth water. Your table is beautiful!

  32. O' la la!...INCREDIBLE!..I want to go so bad,..wasn't it romantic!
    Thanks for sharing, we can at least dream!

  33. Love it!! So beautiful!! Made we want to hop on a plane and head out too!!!

  34. You're so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing those photos..February in Paris..sounds like a dream..I have some of your little plates..My friend Jain sent them to cute are they?

    our posts are a delight.
    Happy alawys:)

  35. Lunch with you is always fun. Maybe some day we should do lunch in Paris. Wow love everything. Just beautiful. Make me want to escape. xoxoxo

  36. Oh, I feel as if I've had a whirlwind tour of Paris! Thanks for all the lovely pics -- especially those of the chocolate you "researched"! Your tablesetting is gorgeous -- I love all the details you included, like the fleur de lis. I bought the Eiffel Tower plates for my son (who loves anything French) last year -- such a fun table!

  37. What a fun table...the tablecloth is my favorite. Those pastries are must have been heaven sinking your teeth into them!

  38. Thank you for dropping by my site. What an incredibly beautiful tablescape of Paris. The pics were fantastic.

  39. Jacqueline -- this post is the next best thing to being in Paris. Love your new plates -- and the linen and the butter knives. Your hubby looks positively French in these pictures. Love the Eiffel tower borrowed from your garden I need some of those French goodies. Joni

  40. What a fabulous trip! Thanks for taking us along.

  41. Absolutely LOVE your tablescape! Of course, I adore black & white and the french touches are beautiful. Can't imagine having so much chocolate available in such beautiful forms ~ :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  42. Stunning! I love the colors and all the beautiful decor. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Between Naps on the Porch.
    Scissors & Spatulas

  43. ahhh Paris...I love Paris! Thank you for taking me back to the Chateau de Chambord (castle...I like the liqueur too!)It is an amazing castle. While I was in Paris,I took a food tour and we ended up at the oldest chocolate shop and I was in heaven! It was around Easter and just imagine the filled chocolate eggs, chicks, rabits....YUMMMMM!
    Your table is beautiful and love how you influenced the European charm in the tablescape. Lovely Post!
    Thank you for sharing!

  44. Stop by and see the little something that I left for you!

  45. Ah.......You lived my dream. I pray one day God will allow me to go there, but for now thanks for blessing us with such beautiful pics!

  46. Absolutely pretty pix, that reminds our holidays in Paris during hubby's 40th bday.

    I love the way you sets your table. You captured the parisian elegance.

    Job well done. Hope next trip is Stockholm, right? See you here *wink

    Happy TS,

  47. Paris, Eiffel Tower, chocolate, black and white ~ there isn't anything I don't adore about this post. I'm soooo ready for a trip back to Paris. This will help tide me over. LOL
    Great photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. I think my valentine needs to arrange for us to spend Valentine's Day in Paris next year. ~ Sarah

  48. This is delightful. Not only did you share your trip but you captured it's feel beautifully with tour tablescape. You make me look forward to Paris in a few weeks...I sill think of you.

  49. Love this all over again... just stopping back by to say thank you so much for sharing this over at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  50. I've always loved looking at your blog, but I've never commented before. But I HAD to on this one! I love the combinations of everything. So beautiful and inspiring.

  51. WOW!!! LOVE your photos and the experiences you had in Paris. Thanks so much for sharing. I've not been to Paris ( as of yet) Plan on making a trip down there soon!!!
    By the way, I should have had you design my set for the Iron cupcake. Your setting is so elegant and so beautifully put together: )

  52. Your French tablescape is perfect. I love all of the details.Eiffel Tower, chocolate, Paris...Ooh La La!
    I love France. We visited there some years ago too. We were in Paris for 6 days and then went on a Barge cruise through the Burgundy region of France. The barge trip was amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous adventure Jacqueline. Check out my barge adventure.

  53. Thank you so much for linking up to the French Obsession party !
    Come back on April 1st for another party !


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