Sunday, October 17, 2010

Something I Really Did Just Whip UP - Giveaway Winner and New Giveaway

Just Something I Whipped Up,
now that is the name of a fabulous blog party
held on Monday by The Girl Creative.

Lots of times the things I  post on this aren't
that easy to whip up, but todays items really
were easy to whip up.

I fell in love with these booted cake plates last
year when I saw them at Home Goods.  I bought
one and then decided I wanted to give my friends
and family some and when I went back they
were all gone.

This year I began the search early and by having my
daughter-in-law shop for me out of town, I was
successful in getting a variety of them and enough to
give away as gifts.

I stacked 3 of them and glued them in place with hot
glue to keep them safe.  I absolutely love them.
Amazing what a little bit of hot glue can do.
No one can believe they didn't come that way.

For our Scary Halloween Dinner we filled them
with Krispy Kreme donuts.  Don't ask me how
many of those I have been known to eat at once!

Zoulah and Beaulah our famous twin
sister witches
have made Halloween really fun this

Can you tell which one is which?
(Hint - Beaulah has a slightly jaundiced look.)

 Joni at Red Couch Recipes is my sister, but
not my twin.  I am the older by 3 1/2 years.
Zoulah on the left belongs to her and Beaulah on the
right belongs to me.  They were both presents from
our sister Jean.

Joni featured these incredibly easy, fun and colorful
 We made these for the party too. 
 Later my teenage son took
a bouquet of them to answer a girl who had asked
him to a girl's choice dance.  Bet she loved that.

Ooh, somebody's watching you!

This is a cute bouquet of witches fingers and skeleton
fingers.  You can buy these at Target. Just pop them
in a fun container with candies to hold them upright.

Carol from
 The Answer Is Chocolate is the winner of the
$65 CSN giveaway. 
 Thank you
to CSN for being so generous.  How do you decide what
wonderful store to shop from and what wonderful thing to buy?
Let me know Carol.

To keep us in the Halloween mood, I am introducing you
to one of my favorite boutiques in the Salt Lake area
Anastasia's Attic located at Gardner Village, a collection
of old homes and a mill that house boutiques and a

They contacted me after I did my post on Gardner's
Village and the witches there and offered a
fabulous giveaway of one of their gorgeous
velvet witches hats.

I told them that their timing couldn't have been
more perfect as I was planning a tablescape
around two of their velvet hats this week.

Meet Tara the owner of this wonderful boutique.
Have you ever met a prettier witch?

She was actually wearing one of the hats when
we came to visit and Kylie my granddaughter
wore one that day too. 

Kylie was thrilled they were wearing the same hats.  I
wore the cream colored one which I bought from
Anastasia's Attic a few years ago, but they don't
have those anymore.

So you too can own one of these gorgeous black
velvet hats.

Giveaway Rules

To be entered in the contest you must be a
follower of all three:
1.  Purple Chocolat Home
2. Anastasia's Attic - follow them on Facebook
3.  Cricket's Cafe - Cricket is the manager of Anastasias

Leave a comment on each for one chance each at
winning the hat. 
The contest will run from Sunday evening Oct. 17 and
Saturday midnight Oct. 24.

Contest only open to residents of the United States
and Canada.  Winner will be chosen using

You must include your email address so that we can
contact you to mail the hat to you.

Tara said she would love to continue to sponsor
giveaways.  They have gorgeous clothing, jewelry
table ware, holiday items and whimsical items.

We just grabbed a shopper who had purple nails to
be a hand model for this scary purple spider ring.

They are having a fairy party in the spring.  Maybe
we could convince Tara to sponsor a fairy giveaway!

If you live in the Salt Lake area or are visiting Gardner
Village, stop in and tell them that you are a follower
and that you read about them on Purple Chocolat Home.

I will be posting this on


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Hey Jacqueline! Lovin' the smaller dish with the orange and black striped stockings! Your GD is adorable:@)

  2. love it all, seriously, great post!

  3. I could tell by the sign that I would love the shop. If only I lived a little closer!

    I've been known to eat a few too many Krispy Kremes myself...thankfully, we don't have them fresh around here and I won't buy the ones in the boxes. I only get them when I travel!

  4. Where to start?! With a huge THANK YOU of course for the giveaway. I am doing a very happy dance!! I will let you know what I choose. And as always, your features are so wonderfully elegant and stylish and beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to shop at Anastasia's Attic. Definitely looks like my kind of store. Thank you again my partner in chocolate!

  5. cute idea stacking the plates- ha on the kk donuts- my hubby brought home a dozen this am for our sick dd- she only ate one!!

    Would love to shop in A's Attic- gorgeous spider ring.

  6. I don't eat a lot of Hallowee candy, but I would definitely eat those skewers.
    WOW! That ring is gorgeous.

  7. I would so love that shop! I did comment about the photos of Kylie & Tara in my other response ~ got it all mixed up. :-) I would love to have one of the hats, the ring and I can imagine all the luscious things in the shop. The cake stands are totally adorable.


  8. Love your blog!! You have the cutest ideas!! Leaving a comment hoping to win the witch's hat. So darling! Thanks for the chance :)

  9. I am "the wicked witch of the west" and would love a new hat! Your platters are so festive with all those fabulous donuts, and what a great shop. Wish I could get there soon. Thanks for another fun post and giveaway!

  10. What a great site! Thanks to Cricket, I am now a follower! Would love to win the hat! AND I need those cupcake stands!

  11. Of course I have already received my "giveaway" which I will post about soon, just wanted to say that I love, love, love the stacked plates and how festive the donuts look on them! Their hats are amazing at Anastacia's! Very cute post and your skewers turn out fab! Joni

  12. I love the candy skewers! Cute, cute, cute!

  13. I love the Hat!!! So fun and this is just a great blog cute ideas! Im so happy I found it.

  14. Jacqueline, the footed cake plates are so cute. Can you give me the details so I might track one down. They are adorable! ~ Sarah

  15. I love your blog! And I love that hat!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Ooops, forgot! You can find me at
    *crossing fingers*
    Thanks again!


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