Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twilight Summer Garden

The sun has just set on a summer night.
The sky is that gorgeous shade of blue seen at twilight.
The outdoor lights have been turned on
and it is the most beautiful part of

It seems to take so long at this time of year
twilight to appear.

There is something wonderful about sitting outside once
the sun has gone down and it has cooled off.

White flowers are made for twilight.

The twilight sky peeks out around the gazebo.
The gazebo is one of our favorite spots.

My dear friend Paula painted the canvas with
a classical motif.

A sparkling chandelier from Z Gallerie along with rope
lighting set in netting cast tantalizing
shadows at this time of night.
(This chandelier was purchased several years
ago, but is great because it just plugs in so
no need to call an electrician.)

Even the Fairy Garden transforms with a string of
dragonfly lights.

Ours is a long narrow yard, but it works so well for our
Italianate style.

The heat is calmed, the work is done, it is time to relax.

The fountain sends out its beautiful music
to add to the peace.
One could stay here mesmerized all night.

Welcome to our summer nights.
Enjoy them for they don't stay around long.

Drop by anytime to enjoy a summer night. 

I will be posting this on Tablescaper's
A Southern Day Dreamer's

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  1. This is one of the loveliest back yards I have ever seen. I am so glad you shared it with us.

  2. Well, this is just breathtaking!! I would be there all the time! Gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful setting! Oh, my, it would be hard to go back inside after sitting here. Every year, I plan to plant more white flowers. I love how they look in the moonlight. I am at the nursery, other colors beckoning me. It is the moonlit nights that remind me of my distraction. Beautiful space!

  4. I wish I could come right over and sit a spell with you. That's southern for: sit for a while and talk.

  5. Very beautiful. Your Italianate railings and your fountain are gorgeous. Your gazebo is stunning-what a wonderful twilight in your garden setting. You are right about the white flowers. So elegant.

    You are so blessed to have a sister and niece blogger buddy.

  6. You have a beautiful yard (love the chandy!), it looks so peaceful and relaxing-enjoy!

  7. such a pretty setting, lovely backyard~

  8. I had to come back to say that I am so inspired by your post! I am working on our back yard today. I also have dragon fly lights!

  9. This is like a fantasy land. I love it from every angle, and I love that you captured the blue hour. Just breathtaking!

  10. What an amazingly beautiful garden. The gazebo is magnificent with it's sparkling chandelier, and I love your grand fountain. Now all you need out there is a king size bed! Enjoy your dazzling summer nights...

  11. This is amazing! Truly amazing! Italianate is one of my most favorite styles, and I can't believe this is your backyard! I'd never leave!

  12. I love you backyard!! So do you ever actually leave your backyard? cuz I wouldn't and I would lock the kids in the house so I could actually relax.

  13. your back yard is amazing!!!! Congrats on your beautiful new grandbaby too!

    ~Jennifer all that glitters

  14. Just gorgeously stunning!! I love candlelight and outdoor dining. Your garden is amazing!

    Miss Bloomers

  15. Hi, here from Summer Sundays, and your newest follower!
    I love your gazebo and your chandy is beautiful! The art work your friend did is lovely!

  16. Thanks for stopping by, your backyard is wonderful and I am so impressed with your friend's painting .. it is just superb. A magical place indeed. Even this torrid summer must be better there!

  17. What a glorious backyard. You hyave truly created a magical place.

    Thanks so much for sharing your magical space with us on Summer Sundays. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!

    - The Tablescaper

  18. You have a gorgeous blog and I am your newest follower. I have a question about your strawberry shortcake cookies recipe. You say a cube of butter. Is that four or two sticks of butter? I can't tell from the photo.

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  20. Such beautiful summer gardens !!! I am a new follower, I'm so glad I stopped by !

  21. Jacqueline,
    Thanks for your sweet comment! I am so glad you dropped by and have throughly enjoyed myself as I have perused your wonderful blog!
    Your serene and gorgeous back yard at twilight is so soothing and would beacon to calm anyone's soul. What a delightful place to relax.
    Congratulations on your precious new little one with her perfect name. I loved her new snuggly 'love' quilt (I also have made each of ours one when they are born) and I am looking forward to trying your wonderful fish tacos and looking for the yummy sugar cookie recipe!

  22. Your outdoor space is to die for!! Looks so romantic & beautiful & lovely!!! Enjoy a wonderful summer evening for me : )

  23. OMG! Your yard is beautiful. I would be so thrilled to be able to go out there and enjoy the night or day! Just lovely.


  24. beautiful! I would love to hang out there!!
    PS...thanks for your comment on my blog! We are regulars at Macey' you will have to come to one of our classes! We have such a good time!
    I am a new follower of your blog! Love it!

  25. Jacqueline -- what nice pics you have of your backyard. Haven't seen the handpainting on your canvas -- it's beautiful! Love the blue you caught on your photos too! Joni

  26. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours! It has everything I love--chocolate being right at the top of the list.

    And that is one adorable baby girl!! Congratulations.


  27. WOWZA this is one beautiful backyard....I thought I was looking at magazine photos! Thanks for stopping by. You asked if I made the pillow...NO, I bought that at Bed Bath and Beyond about 4 years ago.

  28. OMG, what an incredible back yard. I love your tent! I have a tent pavilion too in my back yard too. Don't you just love them?

  29. I love your back yard. It's so intimate and inviting.. thanks for sharing with us. I think the canvas blew me away..

  30. Jacqueline, You have a beautiful yard and home! Awesome! I'd love to sit out there some evening with a glass of wine and chat with you.
    By the way, my "outdoor" blog is Beyond The Garden Gate. It's about gardening, animals, and life in a midwestern city with a little travel thrown in. Stop over and see my gardens if you have a chance. I did a lengthy (photograph-wise) post of my gardens last week.

  31. Gorgeous! Can I come for a visit?!

  32. That is so beautiful!! I needed something to warm my heart today!! Thanks..I am so intrigued.

  33. what a gorgeous patio you have! its a perfect spot to enjoy any time of the day.

  34. I was wondering if I could move into your back yard? Oh my, this is so beautiful. It looks like something that would be featured in Veranda magazine. It is so perfectly stunning!

  35. Beautiful, but around here the mosquitoes eat you alive after sunset!

  36. I couldn't agree more about sitting outside in the evenings....your yard is stunning!!

  37. You have a vacation in your back yard - just beautiful!


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