Friday, July 23, 2010

Plush Baby Blanket Fit for a Princess

Talk about a great 4th of July present, well really a few days
before - we had another grandbaby. Baby Goldie Jacqueline.
Don't you just love that middle name?
 I made this blanket
for her and we had to do a photo shoot in the hospital
with her new blanket. 
Her mommie brought the headband.

She just seems happy to be here.
She entered the world with her eyes wide open and
looking all over the place, just like her daddy had done.
Here's Grandma Jackie wrapping her up
so we can start taking photos.
(That's what most of the grandkids call me.)

I am going to give you a tutorial on making these
plush blankets. 
They may seem really easy, but
the plush fabrics stretch and the satin is slippery
so after a little trial and error (and one I was
embarrassed to give away), here is how I did it.

I chose a plush animal print fur, a pink Minky fabric
and a dark pink crepe-backed satin.
Decide on how big you want your blanket to be.
Mine ended up about 36 x 40 inches.
Purchase the appropriate fabrics, about a yard of
all three fabrics.
Place the two main fabrics right sides together
and pin.  I placed pins along the edge, another two or three
inches in from the edge and all through the
center of the fabric.  You don't want the fabric
to be able to move and stretch as both fabrics
have their own amount of stretch.
 Trim off any excess so they are
exactly the same size.  Keep the pins in.

Cut the satin into 5 inch strips, planning about twice the
outside measurement of the blanket.  I used between
6 and 7 strips as my fabric was 60 inches wide.
Sew the strips together, ironing the seams flat.  Pin the
wrong sides together and stitch with a gathering stitch.

When I reach a seam, I overlap the gathering stitch
and start over so that you are not trying to pull up
the gathering stitches on sections that are so long.
Fold the raw edge of the ruffle under about 1/2 inch.
This will end up being your finished edge by tucking
the other end inside of this and hand sewing it closed.

Pull pins back that are holding the two pieces together
to allow yourself to pin the ruffle onto one of the
right sides.  Keep the rest of the pins in place so that
the blanket does not stretch and move, only moving
pins as necessary.  This was the big trick to keep the
blanket from stretching. 

Sew the ruffle down.
Then sew the two plush fabrics together with the ruffle
sandwiched in between.  Be careful to not catch the
ruffle in your seam.  Leave about 8 to 10 inch opening
so you can turn the blanket right side out.
When you reach the beginning end of the ruffle, tuck the
end of the ruffle fabric inside to create a finished edge.
Hand sew the two ends of the ruffle together.
Trim the seam and the corners.
Remove all pins
Turn the blanket right side out and sew it closed.

 Even my grown up friends said they would like to snuggle
in a blanket like this.

I didn't even wrap it, it is so pretty with the ruffled
edges.  I just rolled it up and put a sheer ribbon
on it.

All set for a little princess to use.

This is in "Grandma's Studio".  It used to be my
daughter's bedroom but as she grew up and moved
into another more grown-up room, we kept the castle
and fairies and other fairy tale paintings I had done
on the wall and made it into a place for
scrap-booking, and playing with a little TV and sitting
area for the little ones.
It is right next to my sewing room so that we can be
sewing and they can be playing and we are within

There are few more beautiful words in the
English language than "Grandma".
I will be posting this on 504 Main's


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  1. OH Jackie, I am in LOVE with this blankie! It's not juvenile so your little Sweet Heart will have it forever...

  2. beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby. Looking around...nice blog, love that pig's trough!!!!

  3. Precious granddaughter in a darling blanket. She is very fortunate to have a smart grandma to sew for her.

  4. I'm a new follower. Love the beautiful photos on your blog.

  5. I am now a new follower of your blog. Thanks for posting a comment on mine.

  6. That blankie is so beautiful! And congrats on the new grandbaby!

  7. Oh my! That is precious!!!! I have a friend who is having another girl and she HAS to have a blanket like this. :)

  8. Congratulations on your new granddaughter...what a beautiful baby! I love the blanket you made for her. It must be so soft and cuddly.

    I also became a new follower .. your recipes look wonderful!

  9. Congratulations on a beautiful little angel- I LOVE being a Grandma!
    She's gorgeous and the blanket fits her perfectly
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Now that is a blanket! I saw your comment on my blog and were you ever right! We both have chocolate in our blog names and the same EXACT background! Too funny. Of course I must follow you!

  11. Jacqueline, Goldie looks great in her new blanket...a far cry from the blankets my kids have. Now, let's see Dustin and Melissa are expecting in October...and you KNOW I don't sew....get the picture? Joni

  12. Love the blanket! My 8-year-old would be crazy for that! But the baby is gorgeous!! What a nice gift! Thanks for stopping by:-)

  13. Thanks for your comment on my French memo board! I thought I'd stop in for a visit to yours! I looove love the ruffle on this blanket! It's perfect! :D

  14. Jacqueline... Congrats on the newest addition to the family! Beautiful baby ( -:

    Thanks for visiting me. I love your blog + I'm your newest follower.

  15. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! The blanket you made is precious. Thank you for the nice comment on my Sleeping Under the Tress post. I'm following your page now. Love your blog. Do you have a button to display? If you need one made, email me.

  16. Oh my gosh.... I love your blog!
    I am so glad I came by for a visit!
    I will sign up to follow.
    And, your grandaughter is so cute!

  17. that is GORGEOUS. serious talent, lady! :)

    just visiting you back from your comment last week! :)

    your newest follower, kelli

  18. Wow!! That is gorgeous!! I want one - I mean I need one for my baby coming in October. Guess I will have to make me/us one. I came over from Girl Creative. Your site is amazing. I could get lost here.

  19. She is just adorable! I love that first photo! Congrats to Grandma and Grandpa and the new parents!
    Hugs, Beth

  20. great job with the tutorial. I've had lots of *fun* sewing on this fabric myself. Great tip on the ruffle gathering stitch!! thanks for sharing it's beautiful and welcome to Grandma club.. it's the best part of life!

  21. She is just beautiful! I LOVE the contrast of the bright pink satin with the soft pink in the fabrics. Gorgeous!

  22. That is most definitely a blanket fit for a princess. Congratulations too! What a beautiful baby!

    Her name is fabulous. I do love the name daughters middle name is Jaclyn and I switched it from Jacqueline at the last minute because I thought her name sounded too French (first name Jules...last name sounds French too)!

  23. Ok, so I used your directions and made this blanket tonight. :D I love it!!!! I will be posting on it soon, depending on whether or not my friend wants to see it in person before I post it. haha

  24. Oooooo... the ruffled trim absolutely makes the blanket! I adore it!!!


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