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Monday, October 31, 2011

Vampire Cheesecake Featuring Edward Cullen

you asked for one more Halloween post!

Happy Halloween today.

Somehow a nice vampire just went along
with Halloween AND the Twilight movie,
Breaking Dawn in November.

on Hungry Halloween.

The link to the stencil outline is given,
just print it off.

She used the stencil on tortillas.  I decided I
wanted something that would serve a crowd, and
a cheesecake for our family Halloween dinner 
sounded perfect.  

It took about 20 minutes to cut the stencil
with an x-acto knife, then I placed it on the
top of a cheesecake and dusted it with cocoa
placed in a sieve.  I had to carefully lift the stencil
and even cut a few pieces to prevent the cocoa from
getting all over the white parts of the cheesecake.

It was definitely a hit and perfect
for those who are Twilight fans and
are planning a party!

Beaulah was extremely upset that 
I was ready to put her in a box
and not even have her say goodbye!

Guess I left her out of the last post!!

So Happy Halloween
until next year from

I will still be here all year!

Have a fun Halloween and 
don't eat too much candy!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

See You At My House Halloween Night!

I just love to have fun on Halloween
as I am sure if you have visited
Purple Chocolat Home
this month you have seen!

We like to be just a little spooky here as
we hand out treats.  I engage my children in
the fun too.  This is my daughter and she
was beautifully spooky  in her full length black
dress and red velvet cape two years ago.

Spooky music is playing as you
walk up the front.  Sometimes if
the weather is nice, we might be
wandering around the front yard.  
If not, like last year above,  the door might slowly 
creak open
and smoke will flow out the door.
Not one word is said! (Hubby and I work
together to hand out the treats.)

It changes every year and we never tell
the neighborhood kids what we are
going to be.  They always beg to know.

We are dying for each one of you 
stop by for candy!

If I know you, or if you tell me that you
are one of my blogging friends, I will give
you a king size candy bar!

But make sure you speak up as
sometimes costumes makes it hard
for me to see who is who.

Everyone gets in on the fun, but not everyone is 
scary, some are just

And the little ones are always
(This is my favorite Halloween
picture I ever took.  I took my oldest
granddaughter up to see the witches
at Gardner Village and this black
cat just happened to walk up, 
stop for the perfect pose and do it
right in front of beautiful Halloweenish
doors.  I don't think it could be any cuter.
Of course, that smile just melts me.)

Beaulah and I hope you had fun
with us this Halloween.   

We witches know how to party!
(This was last year's and this year's
costume for Breakfast With the Witches.)

We enjoyed everyone's visits but now
she will be
taking a well needed rest until next year.

Thanks for all of your fun support.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 Layer Halloween Candy Salad

Beaulah has been crafting in her
Bewitchin' Kitchen again
and look what she has cooked up!

You know how I told you that 
loves to look over my shoulder when I
am on the computer, especially when we
are looking at all the wonderfully creative
blogs out there in blogland....
well, when she saw this she
was sure it was a 7 Layer Salad
made just for her sweet tooth.

(You may have noticed that her teeth
are not in the best shape!)

I tried to convince her that it was a cute
candy jar and not a "salad", but
that is what she wants to call it anyway.

We saw this on

Sara created it for a table centerpiece.
Thanks Sara, I think I might make
one of these every year.

It really should be easy, just layer whatever
candy you have, especially the marshmallow
ghosts and pumpkins and top with Halloween

I had a harder time than you would think 
putting this "salad" together as I purchased
4 bags of candy at the grocery store and
when I got home I couldn't find them and
still haven't.  

Did you run off with that bag?
Oh, that sweet tooth of yours!

to see Mary's fun tablescape where
she did several of these candy jars for the
middle of the table.  Too cute!

This one is sitting on the kitchen counter.  Although there are
several jars of Halloween candy out, the little two year old
is really having a hard time with this one.  He says,
"I want that one!"
every day, but poor thing, grandma makes him
 choose from another jar.

Maybe after Halloween sweetie pie!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Spiderella Tablescape

This grand old dame takes center stage on
todays Spiderella table.

With all of her glitter and sequins and fluff
I am sure you are not surprised that she would
be one of my favorites when it comes to spiders.

Now that's a face that could scare anyone.
(Let's be honest here, I really, really, really hate
spiders, big and small, but the spiders that
came to the dinner table tonight, I can live with them!)

The grand dame has called all of her little minions
to come and join her for this spookified table.

It's purple and orange and spiders tonight
with matching candy corn.  (Didn't know it came
in purple too!)

And we have moved into the formal dining room,
nothing less for the fine old lady.

They almost seem to stand guard over
their nest of corn.  Do you dare to steal
some off the plate?

(Watch the fangs guys!)

How about these buzzard leg candlesticks
in purple bling?  They match our Spiderella perfectly.

Of course, she rates the beautiful
purple bubble glasses for tonight's setting.

A view of the lady from the top.

Better make sure she doesn't crawl around
the house anywhere.

The table center also has metal haunted 

a favorite spot for creepy crawlies.

And one or two bats for good measure.

(All with bling bling outfits too - this is a
fancy dinner party.)

A purple charger starts the place setting,
topped by a ruffled purple dinner plate,
then a textured white smaller dinner plate
and a ruffled orange salad plate completes
the lush stack.

Fringed purple napkins with a napkin ring 
fashioned from a Halloween floral accent
the place settings.  Black flatware complete
each setting.

Our creepy crawlies alternate between orange and purple.

So glad you came to dine with us.  

Tonight's dinner menu  was

We also threw in some 
"green salad" from two posts ago
(remember the Green Slimed Popcorn?)

We invited 3 
neighborhood witches 
for dinner while their parents
were out of town.

They were delightfully

(So they said.)

begged them to stay,
but they had to fly on home.
(They did tell them parents ALL about
their fabulous Halloween feast!)

The grand dame Spiderella and her
creepy crawlies want to go party with

Spooky Pops and A Winner

Some of Beaulah's friends came
over to visit today.

We thought we would have a little
fun with them and played around
photographing them and then
messing with the photos to
make them look more scary than
they are in real life.

The grandkids really had fun with them!

Num, num, munch, munch!


Sorry guys, but you are just so tasty.

you are such a great kitchen witch!

For the recipe click here.


Beaulah would also like to announce the
winner of her Glitterville Halloween Stacking
Cake Platter  -

(named because she is a Grammy and she
loves to shop at Goodwill!)
She is one of our new followers.  
Go visit her fun blog.  She is having
a lot of fun blogging since retiring
and would love to
have you come visit!

Thanks for everyone who participated.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Slimed Popcorn

Beaulah loves the color green.

She feels like it compliments her skin tones.

I would agree, they are both green!
(I bet you didn't even know that her little bag
has a lid that comes off and you can put
treats in it.  So she can carry around both treats
and cookies.)

And yes, she knows she is missing 
a few teeth, but she thinks it fits her 
whole persona!

She was messing around in the kitchen
the other day and came up with this recipe
for Green Slimed Popcorn.

I like to think of it as 
White Chocolate Covered Popcorn
with a greenish tint.

This is one of those "I can make it in under 10 minutes"
treats.  It is great for neighbor treats.

Green Slimed Popcorn
Green Chocolate Covered Popcorn

1 regular bag microwave popcorn
(If you choose to air pop the popcorn
you need to add a salt as it won't taste 
as good without the sweet/salty combo.)
1 1/4 C. white chocolate coating discs
Americolor's Neon Green Food Coloring Gel

Place popcorn bag in microwave and while it 
is popping, place the coating discs in a microwave
safe bowl.  When popcorn is done, remove it and
place chocolate discs in microwave.  Melt for one
minute, then stir whether it looks like it is melted or
not (this keeps it from scorching).  Melt it for another 30 
seconds, then stir again.  If it needs any more time, 
microwave it in 10 second intervals.  Remove and
stir until smooth.  Add green food coloring gel until
you get the color of green you want.

Place warm popcorn in large bowl then pour the
melted green chocolate over the popcorn and
toss gently over and over until you have completely
coated the popcorn.

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a large
baking sheet and pour the chocolate covered
popcorn out on the pan.  Let cool until the chocolate
is firm.

 (Chocolate covered popcorn is cooling here.)

Serve as desired.  I had these cupcake
wrappers that I bought last year from
Wilton and I placed short plastic cups
inside the wrapper and served them
like this for a dinner.   We called it 
their "green salad".  

Everyone wants to get their hands on this 
yummy treat!

I have to warn you that it is 

The salty popcorn with the sweet and silky
"chocolate" is a great combination.

Of course you could make this with any
color added, orange, black, or red and green
for Christmas.  It is so yummy and so easy.

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