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Monday, May 30, 2011

See You In Paris Tablescape

Yes, we are off today, but I wanted to post a table for
the week before I left.  Obvioiusly no restaurant tables
are going to look like this, but it has been fun playing
with photos and food while preparing for our trip.

Chartreuse, black and white make up this pretty
table celebrating our upcoming trip to Paris and Italy.

The table was inspired by these lovely lilies placed
in a purse shaped vase.  

Of course the purse is perfect
to showcase shopping in Paris.  You
can see the handles of the green glass
purse peeking through here.

I have also added a little mannequin to
represent shopping!

 A little fleur de lys on the table is
also perfect.

Square shaped plates were layered over a 
chartreuse woven placemat and a square black
charger.  The green evokes feelings of spring.

The green bubble glasses fit perfectly.

Lilies are so lovely and last so long.

We need a small Eiffel Tower to add to the table.

And how about a beautiful artichoke placed
in a square ramekin to top everything off.

We even have a chartreuse candle in this beautiful
metal candleholder with a little fleur de lys on top.

Now I think it is perfect! 

I hope to be able to connect to the internet
and have power to my computer without
frying it!  

Wish me luck!  I will post all I can and if
not, I will see you when I return.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Pink Paris

Who knew Paris could wear pink so well?

We are off in two days and before I went, I wanted
in her

Simply Irresistible Party.

I also have to help Beverly at
How Sweet The Sound
celebrate her third anniversary

Sacre Coeur is gorgeous here in a pale pink cast
of the sunset.

Who could walk by a pastry shop dressed in pink?

(Photo from Local Food and Wine.)

Or this pale pink cupcake shop - Chloe S.?

Here is what I found when I "googled" 
Chocolate Shops!
If you have read my profile, now you see what I  meant
about a
  chocolate shop on every corner.

I can't wait to try some out for you!

Maybe I will even bring some home.

Wouldn't these cookies be fun to make?

Someday I will have to stay in this
Disneyland Hotel in Paris.

OOH LA LA to the max!

(Photo from Roller Girl.)

Pink Christmas lights - I can't imagine what Christmas in 
Paris would be like!

Luv the pink poodle in a Paris store window.

(Photo from Roller Girl.)

I will be tickled pink to go to Galeries LaFayette
to shop 'til I drop.

(All other photos courtesy of Photobucket.com)

I know we won't have nearly enough time here in this 
beautiful city.

The sun will set too soon 
and then we will be off to Bologna, Italy.
I can't wait to share them with you.

Could Paris be prettier in any other color?
(Well, maybe at night when she is dressed in gold!)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Joni & Chocolate and Raspberry Croissants

Today is Joni's birthday.  
Most of you know Joni,
she is my sister from Red Couch Recipes that got me
started blogging.  

Joni and I have always had a lot of fun.  She is 3 years younger
than I am.  I am the 2nd from the left and she is the third from
the left in the above picture.  We are at a park sliding down
a slide shaped like a shoe - like the Little Old Woman
 Who Lived In A Shoe.  The other two are cousins.

Joni and I are still playing together!

Hop on over to Red Couch Recipes and wish Joni a
big happy birthday!

I am going to start Joni's day out right by making her a

Chocolate and Raspberry Croissant.

Thaw and roll out 1 sheet of puff pastry.  Cut the sheet into
4 triangles.  On the triangle place a few (about 20) 
semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2-3 fresh raspberries.

Moisten the edges of the pastry and roll up from wide end
to pointed end, stretching over the filling.  Curve the ends
in toward the center.  

Brush with butter or spray with butter flavored Pam.

Place in a preheated 400 degree oven for 15 minutes or
until the pastry is puffed and golden.

Enjoy as the French would do for breakfast.  When
we were in Paris last time we would have these
for breakfast and dip them in hot chocolate.

Each bite is so flaky,

and filled with a burst of chocolate and raspberry flavor.

Joni, hope you enjoyed your birthday breakfast!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty In Purple - My Love For Lilacs Table

Purple has been my favorite color since I was little
and when we got married, the reception at the 
church was filled with purple lilacs

Last week we celebrated 
32 years
of marriage so
a post filled with lilacs is a perfect way to celebrate
our wedding anniversary.

When I was growing up my parents property had
a huge row of lilacs in different shades.  I
would cut a huge bouquet of lilacs and bring
them into my bedroom.  The heady smell of 
the lilacs would fill my bedroom.

Cutting this large bouquet reminded me of those times.

I found these beautiful plates at Home Goods and 
just had to grab them.  I love the dark purple flowers
mixed with the delicate sketched flowers.

Here's a closeup of these rich beautiful flowers.
It is almost a shame to layer these under a cream
colored textured plate and a deep purple leaf shaped
Everything is set on top of a damask purple
table cloth that was custom made.

A black textured and scalloped charger anchors
the setting and is set off with black flatware.
I love the details on this flatware from Horchow.

The beautiful deep purple flared vase was
a gift from a friend years ago.
This shot shows all of the pretty textures involved.

Purple beaded napkin holders top a dark purple
cotton napkin.

A wooden Fresh Flowers sign adds more interest 
to the table.

I had to add my last purple tulip and
a few violets to the table.

I love all of the different spring purples
on this table.

This overhead shot shows the leaf shape
of the deep amethyst plate on top.

These are my favorite goblets, their deep
amethyst color with the twisted stems are

I paired the amethyst goblets with a black
goblet for added drama.

The black goblets go so nicely with the 
chargers and flatware.

If you still have lilacs blooming, 
gather a large bouquet and bring
them in. 

They will fill the house with their
heady aroma.

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Purple goblets and leaf plates - Spiegel Catalog - years ago
Black Goblets - Pier 1 - years ago
Cream textured plates - Tai Pan
Wooden sign - Tai Pan
Cream and purple dinner plates - Home Goods
Black chargers - Tuesday Morning
Black flatware - Horchow
Purple napkins - Bed Bath & Beyond - years ago
Purple damask tablecloth - custom made


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