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Tales of the Traveling Totes #38 and A Giveaway

Welcome to our 38th edition 
of Tales of The Traveling Tote, 
where our MacKenzie-Childs 
totes take you to all kinds of 
places and on all kinds of adventures.

We spent most of January and 
most of February in Cabo, again, 
so Miss Petit Four, who stays 
down in Cabo, and I will bring 
you along with us, 

Where the weather is amazing 
this time of year and the sunrises 
and sunsets are spectacular.  

Miss Petit Four and I did a little
refreshing of our flowers in 
the kitchen as they had yellowed 
with time. 

We spent New Years by ourselves 
as we watched fireworks from 
all sides coming from resorts 
and private homes. 

We enjoyed a lot of good food 
together like this shrimp molcajete,
from one of our favorite Mexican 
restaurants, Guacamayas,
before our guests arrived. 

We entertained three separate 
groups, the first one was our 
oldest daughter and her family 
and one of her brother in law's 

With this many teenage mouths 
to feed I made three batches of 
ice cream a day to treat them.  
This was a chocolate Oreo.  
I brought down an ice cream 
machine in my biggest suitcase 
and it gets used and used. 
Click here to see the ice cream 
machine I am in love with.
We have one at home and in 
Cabo and at Lake Powell.  They 
have more than paid for themselves. 

One of our grandsons caught this 
big Dorado.  He brought the meat 
home and we made fish tacos and 
fish in a lemon sauce.  It was fun 
to see the kids want to eat it.  
We were able to freeze the rest 
and bring it home for him. 

They spent most of the day in 
the pool and a lot of time at 
the swim up bar. 

We celebrated my birthday at 
The Montage Resort at Marea 
with a cold seafood tower and 
the best lobster I have ever had. 

Our next group of friends 
arrived a few days after my birthday 
and we were off to breakfast at 
one of our favorite places, The Office. 

The Office is where you can 
take your shoes off and run 
your toes through the sand.  
Miss Petit Four got to come 
along, carrying my beach 

She also got to come onboard 
while I played photographer 
for one of the couples that 
wanted to parasail. 

We had dolphins swimming 
in the pool, 

and whales breaching!  
These guys are a lot of fun! 

Why not celebrate all month 
when you are born in January?!!

Our architect and his wife arrived 
the next week on her birthday.  
We celebrated by going to a couple 
of her favorite restaurants for two 
days and also going to the spa 
at Villa La Estancia resort.

Lucky Miss Petit Four got to come 
along too.  Even though it wasn't 
our architect's birthday, we gifted 
him some lobster sandals, 
since he loves lobster as much 
as we do.  His wife, the birthday 
girl, doesn't like seafood at all. 

Happy Valentine's Day and hubby 
gifted all of the rest of the 
incoming guests with heart shaped 
sunglasses and chocolates.

We ate Valentine's Dinner at 
one of our favorite Italian 
restaurants in Cabo, La Dolce. 

The women held their roses 
from hubby and wore the 
pajamas I had gifted them 
at Christmas. 

Meanwhile back in Utah, 
our oldest granddaughter 
opened her mission call for 
our church, The Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
She is leaving in June for 
Lima, Peru!  She will serve for 
18 months and will pay her own 
way.  She is posing here with 
her siblings and parents.  They 
were the family that were our first 
group of guests here in January. 

Our last couple joined us on 
two days later.  They are the 
couple on the left.  We attended 
Church on Sunday and experimented 
with Google Translate.  I took 7 years 
of Spanish, but have forgotten so 
much over the years.  I can speak 
enough to get us around, but 
listening to talks at church is a 
little harder.  We had great success 
with Google Translate.

We had fun every morning 
walking through the neighborhood, 
which is all hills.  One morning I 
even took them downtown, which 
is downhill all the way, but then 
uphill going back.  They all made it!

Half of us went up to 
Los Cerritos surf beach 
one day, and then while 
the most avid boogie boarders 
stayed at the beach, we went 
on to Todos Santos to the 
Hotel California.

It is a beautiful restaurant, and 
not associated with the famous 
song, but worth the drive 
for these massive nachos.

We always have to take our 
iconic photo in the pool 
with the ocean behind.

Although we entertained 
three groups and had a lot of 
fun, January and February 
had five funerals of close 
friends and family.  We were 
able to attend most of them.  
Our hearts were heavy for 
those who lost their loved ones. 

So glad Miss Petit Four and I 
could entertain you too.  
We always have lots of fun 
visitors for our 
Tales of the Traveling Tote 
posts. Now for our giveaway: 

Please visit Debbie 
and leave a comment 
to win this To Go Tote - 
how cute is this?  

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. You certainly know how to entertain and I am sure all of your guests enjoyed staying in your lovely Cabo home! How exciting for your grandaughter, I wish her success in Peru! Your food photos are amazing as well as your "fun in the sun" pics - you are one blessed gal!!

  2. You and your hubby entertain with ease, and have created lifetime memories for your guests. How exciting for your granddaughter and that she is paying her own way to Peru. You share the most well presented food of anyone I know! We love those seafood towers. Happy March!

  3. Jackie, you and your hubby are quite the hosts, how special to entertain three different groups. Your kitchen is so beautiful, the pool area and those fabulous views. You look so cute with your pretty hats. How special hubby bought the heart shaped sunglasses and Chocolates. The pink pjs are so cute. You girls know how to be fashionistas. The food looks amazing. Very exciting news for your granddaughter. I wish her a safe journey while in Peru. Always fun to see your travels.❤️

  4. So good to hear from you Jackie! Cabo is indeed magical and your home is like a 5 star resort! The sunrise/set photo is gorgeous! The swim up bar is amazing, how fun! You always entertain on a grand scale, I know your family and guests love to visit~ you amaze me with all your cooking with ease, and showering your guests with wonderful gifts! All your pictures are great, what a wonderful way to spend the winter! I hope you'll share photos of your new house in Utah soon. Happy March!

  5. Jackie, I think you and your hubs are the hostess with the mostess! You certainly know how to entertain and prepare delicious foods to serve your guests. I love all the peeks of your beautiful Cabo home and town. Great fun for all. I think you and the girls are always into having a great time. A great pic with the jams, love those. I know you must be so proud of your granddaughter, so exciting for her! A fabulous post Jackie, loved seeing all your photos. Happy March.......

  6. WOW!! What a wonderful adventure!!! Your TT must've had a wonderful time. My sister went to Cabo last month too. I sure wish I could've gone too!!! What a beautiful area.

    Your grandson's fish = WOW!! I loved you all enjoyed that fresh catch. And it is a brilliant idea to make ice cream for the family. You'd save a fortune not getting elsewhere - and nothing is better than freshly made homemade ice cream, right?

    So glad you enjoying your get-away for your birthday. Had to be a fabulous one! : - )

  7. Jackie, your life is but a dream! So many good friends, good times, and family fun. I love it all! The food at Hotel California looked amazing, as did your birthday meal. I know you love having all that construction behind you so you can enjoy it immensely. Congratulations to your granddaughter with her mission challenge. I wish her all the safety and success I know she will have.


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