Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cabo Birthday Table

Happy birthday to me!  
Since I turned 40 we have always gone 
someplace warm for my cold and dreary 
January birthday.  

Now that we have our home finished 
in Cabo, and since Mexico is so 
welcoming to tourists, we have been 
coming here for my birthday.  

This is my first tablescape that I 
have created at our Cabo home.  
This is out on our deck overlooking 
the ocean.  

If you follow me on IG you 
may have seen the surprise my 
husband gave me with a tub 
full of gorgeous roses.  

He was actually the one who suggested 
that I use the roses for a tablescape 
before they wilted. 

I asked him when he got the roses 
and prepared the tub filled with 
roses.  He had also gifted me a two 
hour massage at the house, so he 
slipped away to get the roses and 
filled the tub and the room with candles 
while I was having my massage.

What a guy!!! 

We tore down our old house and rebuilt on 
the same lot.  We had used the house for 12 
years and had originally planned on 
doing this within 3 years, but when the 
economy crashed in 2008, we put off 
the tear down and were glad we did.  

Friends drove a 15 passenger van down 
for us as the house was getting 
finished and we filled it to the 
roof.  That way I was able to bring 
down 6 sets of plates, glasses and 
flatware.  These plates were from 
Home Goods.  

I love the flatware, but I have to say 
that the white hasn't held up.  It has 
chipped off and now is actually peeling 
off and we have only had a year and a 
half of use.  

These gold glasses were purchased online. 

I placed the roses in gold 
plastic bins that I got from 
Home Goods.  They adorn my 
pantry shelves.  

The gold placemats were from Amazon. 

The built in granite table has 
soft blues and golds in it so it 
is beautiful near the ocean. 

And as a special treat for you, 
while I was taking my photos 
a cruise ship passed by.  

The marina has been filled with 
3 cruise ships at a time on most days.  

This time of year is whale season, 
so along with the cruise ships, 
we get a good show of whales 
with adults teaching young whales 
how to jump and to slap their fins. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit. 

I will be posting with 


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  1. This is just stunning!! The table, the view, the roses - so happy you enjoyed your birthday! What a great guy you have to surprise you with all the roses - so romantic! Enjoy your stay in Cabo!!

  2. Your table is gorgeous! I love it! And your view must be so entertaining as it's always changing. I would LOVE to whale watch! :D

  3. Looks like a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday. Your home is gorgeous with sweeping views. Kirk is so romantic. The roses are a wow effect. A tub full of roses and then a 2 hour massage sounds heavenly. Love your pretty table. I have that white flatware too. it's a shame it is peeling off. Love the gold glasses. Enjoy your paradise.

  4. Wow Jackie, you must have felt so loved and special! The roses are beautiful, and your table is gorgeous with that sweeping view and the white and gold tableware. I'm sure the view is ever changing with boats and whale watching...such a heavenly spot!

  5. There are no words for the beauty of this table, in this location, and for this special occasion, other than magnificent! I hope your day was truly as special as it appeared. You are one blessed woman!

  6. What a fabulous birthday celebration Jackie! Your guy is a sweetheart, love the surprise of roses in the tub! Your table and that view are stunning! You have such a special home in Cabo, thanks for sharing it..........

  7. Absolutely beautiful! The roses add the perfect touch to the tablescape. I love that a cruise ship passed by!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I know what you mean about the sad january birthdays..mine is the 8th and everyone is so tired after xmas and weather is usually yuk! But I've been wondering if ya'll finished your Cabo house. Do you have a tour of it on your blog? Would LOVE to see the finished product....watched along as you were building!! Your landscape is absolutely stunning!!


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