Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tales of The Traveling Totes #27

Welcome to our June 2021 Tales of the Traveling Tote adventure. 
Join all of our lovely ladies to see where there totes 
have gone in the past couple of months.  It is summer, and it 
comes and goes so quickly, so I hope you have some fun things planned. 

As you know Miss Madi K and I have traveled back and forth 
to Cabo quite a bit this past year, as our house down there 
got finished, so this was the first trip we did besides Cabo.

Our 42nd anniversary was coming up in May and we 
decided to return to the Atlantis in the Bahamas to celebrate.  
As my Lunch Bunch friends and I were planning out our year 
of fun, someone mentioned going to the Atlantis. 
 Not everyone had been, and one lady 
had only stopped there on a cruise, so we decided to 
join our trip with theirs.  One of the five couples couldn't 
make the trip because of a death in the family, so we 
were a party of 8. 

We think the place is just magical in every way, inside and out, 
and they had a bonus of newly remodeled rooms in the 
Royal Towers.  Miss Madi K and I are checking out the 
reception area, which just takes your breath away.

Looking down from the foyer you can see window after 
window of their aquariums, which are called The Dig.  

You enter The Dig and are transported in a 
Disney-style experience as if you are part 
of the archeological dig to uncover the 
lost city of Atlantis, complete with sounds 
of archeologists digging.  

The aquariums are massive and you can even arrange 
for an opportunity to snorkel in them.  The tunnels of 
The Dig  are fun to walk through both day and night, 
and on occasion you may see a diver in amongst 
the fish.  

This iconic temple at Atlantis houses several slides.
Two of them go through shark tanks.  Don't worry, 
you are well protected in a plexiglass tube. 

The pools are open every day, but with Covid, the slides 
alternated days, except on the weekends.  
We were there for a week so that worked well for us.  
We weren't sure about how many restaurants would 
be open, but there were plenty to choose from between 
the resort and their Marina Village.  

We all love the ocean, pools, slides, sun and good eating, 
so the Atlantis is a perfect place for us.  

The weather looked like we might have thunderstorms 
every day, but we ended up having perfect weather.  I 
threw in a couple of decks of cards because I was 
worried about the weather, and we ended up playing 
King's Court every night.  We also ended up at the 
Ben and Jerry's store every night.  

They have a beautiful beach beyond their multiple pools.  
The water was incredibly warm so we were able to 
have fun playing and swimming in it.  I am cold blooded, 
so I don't like to play in the ocean if it is too cold. 

One of our favorite things was eating poolside.  These 
amazing shrimp were a dish they served at the pool.  Again, 
we didn't know if they would have food at the pool, as 
my friend had gone to Hawaii and their pool and hotel 
had no food.  They went across the street to an ABC 
store for breakfast and lunch!!  We were thrilled with 
the food and variety that were available.  Of course, we 
didn't know for sure, so we all brought snacks in our 

Behind us is the Royal Towers section of the hotel.  We 
were on the 18th floor, the top floor of our section and 
had amazing views of the entire property and ocean. 

Because of Covid restrictions we ended up not leaving 
the resort.  We were required to get an additional 
Covid test at day 5 free of charge, but that wouldn't 
cover our required test for our flight home.  The kind 
lady at reception said they would give us a one day 
grace period, so we used that and were able to use 
that test for returning to the United States.  To leave the 
property and go into town you needed a current negative 
test which we had the last two days of our trip, but 
everyone said the town was only half open with no cruise 
ships coming into port, so we didn't mind staying on the 

Give me sun, water, food, friends and of course my 
dear husband and I am one happy lady.  And that 
Miss Madi K is sure one spoiled lady - she gets 
to come along everywhere!

Happy 42nd anniversary honey.  

All in all, it was a marvelous anniversary with 
wonderful friends in a very magical place.  

The Bahamians are some of the friendliest 
people I have ever met, and they were so thrilled 
to be able to work again.  They made us feel so welcome.  

We all agreed we will have to make this trip again.  

Now for the MacKenzie-Childs giveaway:

Ricki Jill and the Countess de Monet
at The Sketchy Reader are giving away this adorable MC 
light switch.  The giveaways are always so cute, 
I always wish I could win.  

Visit the rest of our ladies to see where they 
have been off to this quarter.  I know a lot of travel 
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And then see how we enjoyed those short summer months, 
when we have another edition of Tales of the Traveling Tote 
in September. 



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  1. Absolutely wonderful reading all about this trip to Atlantis! When you said the Dig was a Disney-like adventure, I knew you were in a happy place. It was wonderful to read about the availability of food and amenities. You guys lucked out on basically having the place to yourselves. Miss Madi K is spoiled rotten! Happy Belated Anniversary and Happy June!

  2. We have talked about going to Atlantis and your post makes me want to look into going there even more so now! The pictures of you and hubby are adorable, especially in the water! So happy your Cabo home is complete and that you have such a lovely home to escape to! You have quite an exciting life and I am happy you can share it with us - happy travels!

  3. Atlantis sounds like such a paradise! How amazing to go there for your anniversary with close friends! Such cute photos of you and your hubby, and it looks like you had the place to yourselves, just like that restaurant in Mexico you posted about in March, you guys are always doing something glamorous! Happy travels Jackie!

  4. Atlantis is pure paradise. You travels so well. The Dig is wonderful and so special. I feel that I am being transported to such lovely places. The food is always so delicious looking and I know tasty. I always love that you make the food yourself and share. happy belated anniversary to your love birds. Such a sweet and adorable couple. So fun to read about your travels. Happy summer and happy June.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Atlantis is the perfect spot for celebrating: I've always wanted to go but have never been. I enjoyed seeing your photos: The aquarium is truly amazing! Our next door neighbors just returned from Cabo on Thursday, and they had a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing more of your posts from there!

  6. Ooh wowaz! I feel like I have been on this amazing trip too Jackie after reading about all the fun to be had here. How nice you were able to go with your friends, that's always magical! Such fabulous pics of your and your husband. Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary! Happy June and safe travels.......

  7. Jackie, hands down you and your friends take the best trips. Is this the group that you traveled with to Africa? Atlantis looks and sounds amazing! It was fun to read about all the details and see your photos.
    Your Cabo home is also magical. I know you are going to have a fabulous summer.
    Congratulations on your anniversary. You two are the cutest!

  8. Atlantis looks positively wonderful, Jackie! 42 years? You must have been a child bride!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Happy Anniversary Jackie! Your trip looks fabulous. You do have the most fun.
    Great post.

  10. So glad you were able to celebrate at Atlantis! You have so much fun, and I always look forward to your travels. You and Kirk are so photogenic, and your couples photos are great! Wishing you a belated anniversary, and many more.


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