Monday, March 1, 2021

Another Tale of the Traveling Totes and a Giveaway

Miss Madi K and I want to welcome you on another 
adventure of Tales of the Traveling Totes as our 
group of MacKenzie-Childs loving women take 
you along with our totes to places near and far!
This is our 26th trip of fun.  I feel so lucky to 
be a part of this great group of women.  

Stay with me to the end to enter our 
quarterly giveaway.  Leave a comment on 
my blog to enter, as I am in charge of the 
giveaway this time!

Today is a real adventure as I take you out into 
the desert of San Jose del Cabo.  
Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo 
are called Los Cabos - two neighboring cities, 
and if you fly in, you actually fly into San Jose 
del Cabo and drive for 35 minutes to reach 
Cabo San Lucas.  Now we are heading back that 
direction and going out into the middle of 
nowhere - really - to have an amazing experience. 

We are headed to Acre (ah-cray) for a 
farm to table experience, and here the farm is, 
the cattle were just along the side of the dirt 
road on our way there.  (They have been 
wandering the roads by the airport the 
last two times too! 
I just love cultural experiences.)

We had heard about this farm to table experience from 
my friend's daughter, who had gone here on a 
business trip.  We looked it up and decided we weren't 
that interested, but residing here for quite a while 
this winter, hubby and I decided we wanted to try 
something new. 

So we got dressed up, and off we traveled 
to the middle of nowhere - only getting lost 
using GPS for a few turns - sometimes GPS 
can't navigate in undeveloped areas. 

We had been to a similar farm to table experience 
at Flora Farms, and had we known it was literally 
right next door, we would have had an easier time 
finding the place.  We wanted to arrive while it was 
still daylight so we could have a tour around the 
25 acre property. 

They kindly take you around the property in a golf cart, 
and imagine our surprise when after we have passed 
vegetable gardens, rescued animals, mango groves, etc. 
when we walk down paths to the restaurant that 
turns the desert into a literal jungle.  I felt we 
had been transported to a tropical botanical 
garden with palms and plants that I had 
never seen before.  

Tucked in along the path to the restaurant are 
tree houses that you can stay in.  You can barely 
see the treehouses with all of the lush vegatation - 
follow the path to the black poles and look up!

Now that sounds exotic!

We were told the property was purchased in 2012, and 
the lush jungle was planted in 2014 - so six years 
later it has gone from that sandy desert you saw in the 
first pictures to a dense jungle.

This is a huge upgrade from Flora Farms, 
where you sit at picnic tables.  It was so beautiful 
and lush and romantic. 

We started with sparkling limades.  We got the 
rose from a vendor at a stoplight before 
we got off on the dirt road.  He only wanted 
a dollar, so we bought one.  

I love the embroidered napkins - everything 
was just top notch. 

Everyone begins with this herbed bread 
that comes with a spicy eggplant spread.  
Talk about presentation!  

I also ordered their cheddar biscuits - 
literally a pocket of melted cheese inside. 
I probably didn't need that much bread, 
but we really enjoyed both. 

There are beautiful peacocks wandering the grounds, 
and he happened to pass right by our table.  

As the sun started to go down, Miss Madi K 
happily held my hat, my wrap and my rose. 

I ordered the burrata appetizer, but honestly, 
with the breads and the size of the burrata and 
fresh tomatoes and greens, I shouldn't have 
had anything else.  It was beautiful and delicious. 

Kirk ordered this pear and gorgonzola salad 
which was also huge and amazing. 

At that point we should have just moved 
on to dessert, but since we had more 
food coming....  We have both been taking 
photos of food long before I ever started blogging.  
It is such a big part of our life and adventures, 
so I thought this captured his love for food 
photos just as much as mine! 

I ordered brussels sprouts and they were topped 
with sugared nuts and seeds and it was more 
like a dessert than anything.  It was amazing.  
The beautiful girl who had taken us on our 
tour had recommended it, saying that she 
didn't even like brussel sprouts, but this was a 
must try.  She was right.

Although Kirk was full by now too, he had ordered 
a lobster salad.  It was so fresh and light and it 
was a piece of art, that we both enjoyed it  

Our peacock decided to get a great view of 
everyone enjoying their evening as he hopped
 up onto the roof.  It was magical seeing the 
lights begin to turn on creating an even more 
romantic setting.  

The evening sky was spectacular in one direction, 

while in the other direction we spied a 
full moon through the vegetation. 

I know, we were too full, but there is something 
magical about dessert - it just kind of fills in 
the cracks.  This Frozen Key Lime pie with a 
smidge of meringue was out of this world. 

Then it is more magical as you walk back down 
the paths to your car. That Miss Madi K was 
a lucky girl to get invited along on such a 
magical adventure!

I immediately texted my friend and told her 
we had made a mistake by not going there - 
next time!!!

Now for the fun giveaway! 
I am hosting the giveaway 
this month.  I always love the 
MacKenzie-Childs gifts we give 
each time and wish I could win - haha.

Leave a comment below and the winner 
will be randomly chosen and announced.  
Good luck!  I just love giveaways, and 
we don't have as many in the blogosphere 
as we used to! 

Visit all of our TTT friends to see where 
they were off to this quarter.  I love seeing 
a lot of the fun places they get to.  

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Join us June 1st for our next adventure of 
Tales of the Traveling Totes.  Hard to believe 
summer will be here that soon!


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Hi Jackie, I was so hoping you would take us on a trip to Cabo! Acre is simply stunning, the creative food and presentations, WOW! The icing of it all is the gorgeous peacocks strutting around! How wonderful to have spent so much of your winter in warm Mexico. Thanks for taking us with you!

  2. Wow, Jackie! What an outstanding venue and food fare! Miss Madi K is one lucky bag. You & Kirk look like you reached the heavenly gates of meal enjoyment in Acre! I am happy for you both to be able to enjoy these pleasures and to share them with us!

  3. I love your post! This farm to table experience is so luxe....and delicious, apparently! I can't believe that the jungle grew so quickly, but I guess if watered enough, anything will grow in the desert. This is so cool...I want to be you when I grow-up! :D

  4. The farm looks incredible and the food just not words! I love reading your blogs, please continue to share your adventures and decorating. Did you see the Mackenzie Childs special plates for St. Patrick's Day? Have a wonderful time and stay safe. Mary

  5. What a beautiful place to have dinner. Thanks for all the pictures. Love, love, love your shoes. I am a shoe person. They sort of look like some Valentino shoes, I have.

  6. Jackie, I couldn't leave a comment on earlier visits, so happy to see this box pop up.
    Your Cabo life looks wonderful. You adventure to desert of San Jose del Cabo looks like a magical outing indeed. Perfect for you two! It's fun to see all the wonderful photos of Cabo, from your home to the interesting spots to the incredible food. Like you, we take food photos too! 😂😂😂 Enjoy the respite in Cabo!

  7. Jackie, this must have been a very special night out! This wasn't just dinner it was the experience along with the food. Such lovely presentations and I'm sure everything was delicious. I would love the walk to enjoy the atmosphere there. The peacock added a purely magical touch to the evening. Thanks for sharing a special evening from your getaway. Happy March!

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your amazing journey! The food looks over the top amazing!1

  9. Oh, Jackie, this looks heavenly and romantic! What a wonderful find and the food presentation is delectable! Love your sunglasses and you look so adorable dressed up with miss maddie k!

  10. Looks like a magical trip with the tropical looks and wonderful food. What lovely presentation too.. It must feel like you are being pampered with all of those fabulous courses. you look darling your black Dress, black hat and of course miss Madi K. The sky looks amazing. So glad you are having a lovely time in Cabo. Happy March.

  11. What an interesting adventure, and what amazingly lovely food! Thank you for taking us along, and for hosting the give-away.

  12. I always enjoy seeing foodie pictures, Jackie, and wow, these were spectacular! What a wonderful trip you and your hubby had in Cabo.

  13. What a lovely meal in the most gorgeous setting! I have that exact same tote, but yours has A LOT more fun than mine!!

  14. Thank you for sharing everything about ACRE. The brussel sprouts sound delicious, the key lime dessert divine, and I enjoyed the feeling of the lights slowly coming up, with the peacock in silhouette. I always enjoy the stars as I move my arrow!

  15. That sounds absolutely amazing!

  16. Thank you for taking us along on your trip to Cabo. Gave us all a moment of adventure from a year of no adventure. Soon we will be able to have our own adventures

  17. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of our travels with Miss Madi K. Your pearl shoes in the first photo are adorable! :)

  18. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  19. Wow that looks absolutely amazing!!!

  20. Wow the food, the peacock, the sunset, the jungle!

  21. So nice to see Miss Madi K enjoying life! You & Kirk are looking tropical at Acre! I am happy you are enjoying Cabo, and sharing your adventures with us.

  22. The Farm to Table in Cabo is so pretty! The cheese biscuit looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  23. What a lovely, magical oasis in the middle of the desert. Definitely adding this one to my bucket list. Thank you for sharing another fabulous adventure

  24. Love it. The food looks so beautiful. I can almost taste it. Reading about your travels is almost as good as going myself.

  25. Just wow! I want to go and enjoy the foods. Thank you for sharing.

  26. That cheese biscuit...oh my it looks so good. I am love that you are sharing your Cabo adventures.

  27. I am delighted to be the winner of the MacKenzie Childs tea towel! Thank you so much, Purple Chocolate Home!

  28. The MK tea towel arrived. Love it!! Thanks again Jackie at Purple Chocolate Home and Patti at Pandora's Box.


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