Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dreaming of Summer Table

The weather is heating up and it has me dreaming 
of summer and swimming and fun, so today's 
table has all of the elements to bring summer 
into the home.

We have been holed up in St. George, Utah for 
three weeks now.  We came to help our youngest son 
and his wife make it through finals weeks, and take 
care of their 16 month old while they were working 
and studying.  Almost everyone in our family has 
been able to continue working from home.  Two 
lost part-time jobs, but are doing ok.  

The aqua and shell and fish dishes just make me feel 
like summer.  St. George is three and a half hours south 
of where we live and tomorrow it is supposed to reach 
98 degrees.  That is a little warm for this time of year. 
Because St. George is warmer, we have lots of 
summer dishes here. 

I have had these shell embossed plates for over 20 years.  

The star dishes are something we have had for awhile too.  

The star plates and fish plates are from Home Goods.  We 
wonder when that store will open again.  

These glasses were from Tai Pan.  

A simple silver knot napkin ring goes with the 
silver and cream placemats. 

I just love these seahorse plates.  

And this lobster bowl.  They were both from Home Goods. 

These large candle holders always stay on the dining table. 

The view from our place is of the pool.  It is there to tempt us, 
but is closed.  Rumor has it that it will open May 1st, but not 
sure how we will feel about being around a lot of people yet.  
St. George has had only one death and has had 48 cases of 
Coronavirus, but we are still a little unsure about being 
around many people.

Of course, there is more yummy food being made around here.  
We hadn't gone out for anything since isolation began, 
but we felt a little safer down here, so we have visited 
Nielsen's Frozen Custard a few times.  

I imagine you are looking forward to summer and 
a little more freedom, although careful freedom, like we are.  

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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  1. What a pretty table - and that view, I would want to be swimming, but it certainly is a different world now, isnt it? Enjoy taking care of the little one!

  2. Lovely spot to spend time now during the quarantine. I know you were happy to spend time with the baby. Your dishes are gorgeous, love the shells, starfish and seahorse, so perfect for welcoming summer. Enjoy your stay, the pool is calling :) Stay safe......

  3. Your St. George condo is lovely with the view of the pool. Hopefully things will open up and get back to normal. I always enjoy a coastal beachy table, because it is calming. The seashell plates are pretty and I do adore the starfish and fish plates. How sweet to enjoy time with the precious little. Continue to stay safe.

  4. Pretty tablescape, Jackie. With temps getting that warm, I would certainly be dreaming of summer too, but we're still really enjoying the sights and weather of a nice spring. I'm dreaming of being able to actually go retail shopping again. You have some great pieces on the table. Take care to stay well.

  5. I love your beachy table Jackie! Beautiful shell plates! When you mentioned going to St. George in a recent TTT email I was thinking you went to St. George island in Florida, which happens to be very close to me in Orange Beach! But I get it now, there is a St. George Utah, is that where you keep your boat? Anyway, so nice you could go down and help out, plus enjoy some hot weather...I'm sure that pool is quite a temptation! Hope you can enjoy it soon!

  6. Jackie, this is such a happy table. Love the white dishes with embossed details. I admit I don't like to swim in the ocean, nor lay out in the sun, but I do love to walk the beach. The sand between my toes, the seabreeze on my skin, it is all so refreshing to me. Hope you get your beach time soon.


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