Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bunnies In the Grass Table

The bunnies all hopped in to say hello for this 
Easter Tablescape.  They are just relaxing on 
the grass before Easter arrives, and 
hoping to get a bite to eat. 

You may remember our Easter a couple of years 
ago where the kids all took pictures with 
my son and DIL's bunnies.  The bunny on  
these salad plates remind of their bunnies.  

They actually thought they had run away, but 
they had burrowed down into tunnels, 
and were happily hiding out. 

Everything in the plate stack is square, and 
embossed white.  Turning some on an angle 
gives the plates a little more interest. 

The napkins pick up on the pink of the blossom 
on the plate. 

I made these bunny ear napkin rings a few 
years ago, covering toilet paper rolls 
with burlap, and surging the edges of the 
ears, and then gluing the ears on. 

Garden green flatware goes so nicely. 

I used my Mother's pink stemware to go along with 
the pink accents on the table.   

Of course, my favorite part of the table, and 
the most delicious is the Ombre Bunny Mini Cake 
at the top of each placesetting.

The table really makes it feel like Easter in the 
dining room.

This will be an unusual Easter for us, with 
no little cuties running around collecting 
Easter Eggs and having a fun dinner, so I 
made some fun treats to drop by their houses.   

I will be posting the directions for the 
Ombre Bunny Mini Cakes in my 
next post.  (They are delicious!)

And so stinking cute!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Although your Easter celebration 
may be unique this year, I hope it brings you peace 
and finds you healthy.

I will be posting this with 


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  1. It will certainly be a different Easter for us, no Mass, no family, no egg hunts, but it will be one to remember - at least we have each other! I adore your little ombre cakes - - you are so clever and talented in the kitchen!! Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. It's the same here for the two of us, will be missing family. Thankful knowing everyone is safe and well. Love your pretty table with the bunnies and the grass. The plate stack is lovely. I'm sure your family will love the mini cakes. Happy Easter Jackie........

  3. I am such a sucker for bunnies so this table just grabs my heart and won't let it go. Those little mini-cakes are adorable too. I'm glad you're all well. Us, too. It will just be the two of us, no little ones this year. Well miss that so much. What a pretty spot to land here in Blog Land!

  4. Jacqueline,you make beauty everywhere.💗 I hope you will come back later today to share on Pink Saturday. It goes up at 3p EST today. We can always share our joy.

  5. So beautiful and sweet with all of the bunnies. The bunnies hopping around the grass have the sweetest faces 💕. The mini Easter cakes are adorable. So sad families cannot be together at this time. I am. Glad you can spend time virtually with the kiddos.

  6. Jackie, that's a beautiful table! Love the plate stack and color palette. The cakes are adorable, and I'm sure the kids will love them. Happy Easter!

  7. Such a sweet table and your ombre bunny cakes are the perfect touch!! I know you are missing all your little bunnies! Happy Easter Jackie!


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