Sunday, March 15, 2020

Easter Mantel 2020

I brought out a little Easter this week to brighten up 
the home and bring joy to a crazy week full of 
life altering changes.  Hubby and I journaled about 
it on Sunday, and even as we did, we had to look back 
at texts and news articles to see how quickly everything 
was moving and changing.

Everything on the mantel is in blush pinks and florals 
this year and I love it.  It is fresh and pretty and 
feminine.  Once I had a young woman come over 
and she wondered how my husband felt about 
everything being so feminine in my house.  I told her 
he loves it all.  He does have his office which is in darker 

I started with one of my MacKenzie-Childs urns as the 
centerpiece of my mantle, and I filled it with silk 
peonies and roses that I already had.  

The pink flower garlands are new this year, and I 
used a cluster of pink ribbons to dangle down the front.

These very feminine and sparkly bunnies were from 
Pier I a few years ago.  I saw yesterday that ours was 
going out of business.  That is so sad, as we have loved 
decorating from their store over the years.  

Here is a companion bunny on the other side of the 
mantel.  I used a crystal garland and another garland 
with pink and silver balls to create the base of the 
mantel decor.

The blown glass vase always tops the mantel.  We inherited 
it with our Cabo home, and had it shipped home.  It is 
secured up there with some sticky clay.  We found the artist's 
name on the bottom and searched every gallery we came across, 
until we found his work in a gallery in Wailea.  We were 
shocked at how expensive it was, so it rests permanently, 
up high and hopefully away from little children or thrown 

The other vases flanking it were from Home Goods 
years ago and I filled them with more blush pink 
peonies from Amazon.  Click here to find them.
Click here for the cherry blossom garlands. 
Click here for the rose bouquets.

Thanks for stopping by for a little Easter decor today!
Hope we all can weather this pandemic together 
and come out of it healthy and well and getting 
back to normal.  

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  1. This is the epitome of spring. It's just delightful!

  2. Take care This terrible time...pray for the Ria ❤️๐Ÿ™❤️๐Ÿ™❤️


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