Sunday, March 1, 2020

Disney Cruise for Adults - Tales of the Traveling Tote

Welcome to our March 2020 edition of 
Tales of the Traveling Tote, where a group 
of MacKenzie-Childs loving women travel 
around with our gorgeous totes and live to 
tell the story.  

Keep reading to the end of the post because we 
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Is a Disney Cruise great for just adults?  I would say a resounding

Let me tell you how I described a Disney Cruise to friends 
and family when I returned - 
"It was like Walt had invited you onto his private yacht, 
and thrown at you his best food, his best staff, and 
his best entertainment!"  Now with that in mind, come along 
with me and Miss Madi K (my MC tote) for my 
birthday celebration!

To celebrate my birthday in the dreary month of 
January, we have left the cold and snow and 
traveled to somewhere warm and wonderful for 
the past 20 years.  One of my bucket-list items has 
always been to take a Disney Cruise (researching 
to see if we want to take the whole family.)

So this year we decided to head to Orlando, 
hit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, 
and then get on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship.

We had a wonderful cabin with a balcony, that 
Miss Madi K loved.

The cabin was very spacious and even had a sitting 
area.  I took a cue from my oldest daughter, who 
also loves Disney, and brought a Mickey and Minnie 
with me.  The room stewards have fun arranging 
them around the room for you every night.  He 
had fun arranging Miss Madi K too!

Hubby was so cute, he had a gift for me every day, 
and he wrapped them all in Disney paper.  
Definitely a keeper!!!!

From the minute you entered the cruise, where 
your names were announced, and the staff all clapped 
for you, you just can't take in all of the magical 
Disney details!

I can't even begin to show you all of the 
amazing touches that the Disney Imagineers 
have throughout the ship.  

Every nook and cranny of the ship is elegant 
and has a touch of Disney. 

Even the carpets and flooring are magical.

We took a tour where they explained the effort 
going into creating that Disney Touch.

Wish I could have brought some of these chairs home!

Even the tablesettings have the Disney magic!

We all wanted to purchase these gorgeous plates 
and butter knives.  

On a Disney Cruise you rotate with your servers 
to three different restaurants.  This is Animator's Palate, 
where screens built into the walls around the room 
play videos from various movies.  The most common 
is from Finding Nemo, where they even have 
interactive conversations with guests seated 
near the screens.  On the final night they surprised 
us by having us draw a figure and then everyone's 
figure becomes animated on the screens at the 
end of the evening.  It was very entertaining. 

The Royal Court Dining Room features 
exquisite mosaics of the Disney Princesses 
circling around the room.  

Can you see the bread baskets set on the tables?  
They are Cinderella's carriage, 

and so are the lights as you enter this grand room.  

The food selection changed from night to night, 
even when you repeated a dining room, as 
you would on a seven night cruise.  Everything 
we ate was amazing, 

and the presentation had that Disney touch. 

By the time we booked, there wasn't an option for 
the early dining.  We were seated with other couples 
without children, but we noticed that during the 
late seating there weren't that many children there 
in the dining room.  Actually we never felt overwhelmed 
by kids, and there were always places to go if you 
wanted to be in adults only spaces.  

We ate breakfast at the buffet most days.  Of course, they 
have the iconic Mickey waffles at the buffet.  

The buffets are laid out so well, that there was never 
a wait in line for items.  

And the variety was amazing.

Lunch at the buffet was a never ending seafood 
buffet for us!  Of course they had lots of other food, 
which we tried on the first day, but after that 
we indulged in huge shrimp 

and crab claws.  

We thought that maybe the shrimp and crab claws were 
just for the welcome aboard buffet, but no, they were 
there every day. We were delighted.

Maybe we threw in a little chocolate for lunch as well!

This is the first cruise I have been on where they 
have free soda with machines at the buffet and on 
the pool deck.  

Of course, there was free-flowing soft-serve ice cream, 
which we indulged in as we were waiting for the late 
seating - we needed something to tide us over!

They also had hand-scooped ice cream at the buffets 
every day.  

And I ventured out one day and enjoyed their sushi 
for lunch. 

You can dine inside or out when you eat at the buffet. 

There seemed to be plenty of lounge chairs around the pools, 
and an abundance of them in the adults only area.  We liked 
being a little closer to the action, as we had fun on their 
water coaster slide. (The shorts and a Minnie swimsuit were 
two of the gifts hubby gave me on the cruise.)

Meet the Aqua Duck - a thrilling yet smooth water slide, 
that circles the pool deck.  This was why we were hanging 
out in the pool area.  

By the time you reach the far side of the ship, you 
are going pretty slow and can wave to the people below you.  
Don't be scared by the posted "wait time" - we never 
stood in line for more than 15 minutes, even when it 
said the wait was 60 minutes. 

A seven night cruise allows you to have a Pirate's Night.  

Hubby is so fun, he always goes along with me when 
it comes to dressing up.

In the afternoon there are always characters you can 
get your picture taken with.  

So again, don't be scared off if you weren't able to 
sign up for a time for character meet and greets. 

How about this for a room steward creation on Pirate Night?

The evening ends with a Pirate show on the pool deck, starring 
Mickey and Minnie, and fireworks and a dance party.  

They can pull the dance floor right over the kiddie pools 
for the dance parties.  That is so cool.

On select cruises, they have a Star Wars day, that goes on 
from morning to midnight, also ending in fireworks and 
a dance party up on the pool deck.  

Darth Vader makes his grand appearance flanked with 
Storm Troopers, and you will see them around the ship 
during the entire day.  

Of the two days, I liked Star Wars Day the best - probably because 
it wasn't just an evening event.  Many people dressed up 
during the day and for dinner and the party, but I would 
say most just wore their regular clothes - so you can choose 
to not dress up and be just fine. 

Even the menu and food were Star Wars themed.  

Oh and did I mention that they had a late night 
Star Wars buffet that was delicious and perfectly 
decorated and themed?  I loved this day!

The last fun of the Disney Fantasy Cruise was a day 
on Castaway Cay, their private island.  The day was 
a little overcast and windy, but we heard they hadn't 
even been able to pull into the dock for the last three 
weeks, so we felt lucky we got to go.  

We stood on our balcony and watched as the captain 
backed this huge vessel in to the dock.  Then lines were 
shot out to the dock for people to catch.  I wouldn't miss 
watching that feat if I were you.  It was quite amazing. 

Two little castaways we found on board came ashore with us 
inside Miss Madi K!  

What a magical island with plenty of space to spread out.  
I have to admit as we stood on our balcony and watched 
all of the people flooding out we wondered where everyone 
would fit.  

They have trams to take you to the beach if you don't 
want to walk that far (oh those Disney people!) and 
we went over to the adults only beach.  It is quite a bit 
farther, so we took the tram.

Lunch at the adults only beach was wonderful.  It was honestly 
the only time we had much of a wait in line.  

We had dragged our snorkeling equipment 3/4 of the way 
across the nation, but as Olaf might be suggesting - it was 
too cold to get in.  Miss Madi K took a minute to pose 
with him though, as she had done the work hauling 
the snorkels and fins.  

As we wandered over to the family beach, we were 
entranced by these fabulous drink containers, so 
we each ordered a smoothie.

By then the sun was out a little.  Olaf is enjoying being 
up against the not so burning sand!

As the ship sailed away, of course the day was the most 
beautiful it had been.  I would definitely love to come 
back and try the private island again with a drink in my 
hand and my skin up against the burning sand, probably 
getting gorgeously tanned....

So in conclusion - Does a Disney Cruise work for adults only?

A glorious yes!  There were at least as many people there 
without kids as there were with kids.  I wouldn't suggest 
trying it over Christmas or Easter, and maybe even summer, 
but at other times of the year it was incredible.  

Oh I haven't even mentioned the wonderful 
evening entertainment 
with theaters big enough 
to hold everyone (this is the smaller 
of the two theaters), even if you are 
coming in five minutes before the show starts, 
and first run movies being played in the theaters
 during the days, and 
Disney movies in your room all day long! 

We had two original Disney productions at the 
beginning and ending of the cruise, and a stage 
productions of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

 Plus there are 
wonderful shops that are the same prices as at Walt Disney World.  
I know, since I had just been there days before.  Captain Kirk 
now has a new sweatshirt to wear houseboating that will bring 
him back to the joy of our Disney Cruise.

Now what you waded through all of my cruise for -
the giveaway of this adorable MacKenzie-Childs whisk 
in the fun Flower Market pattern hosted by 
Jenna at The Painted Apron.  Leave a comment here 
and go visit her and leave a comment to be entered in the 
giveaway.  Then visit all of our other wonderful 
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and stay tuned for our next episode June 1st to see 
where the totes have traveled. 


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. WOW...what a great recap of your cruise...I felt like I was there with you!! You and your husband are such great sports about dressing up and getting into the spirit of a celebration!! We love cruises, but have never been on a Disney cruise - we always went to the Parks yearly when the girls were young and enjoyed every minute! he guy who designed Olaf went to school with a friend of mine (his son shared "how to draw Olaf" with his class recently!! You can't even explain the magic that Walt Disney and Co. has given us throughout the years! This was a great post and I am going back to read it again!!

    1. They are truly the magic makers! There is a series on Disney+ that shows the story behind the imagineering. We have watched a few! They are always having to keep creating to keep people employed! I never thought of that.

  2. Holy moly, Jackie! What an epic cruise! You two are the BEST at getting into character for adventure. I can only imagine what this trip will be like when you take your entire family! I honestly can't imagine the crews it takes to keep these ships sailing. And I think I gained 5# just reading about all the food (and Coke products, yay!). What a great way to spend your birthday. I'm sure Madi K didn't mind all the hauling, she was one lucky tote!

    1. I know, I still have a few to lose, but we have still been running and I am not good at cutting back when I am tempted! The food was amazing and yes it was fun to have the soda!

  3. Oh goodness, I'm exhausted just reading about all you did Jacqueline! Wow, they really kept you busy on that cruise! You looked great dressed up in pirate gear and Princess Leia! What a birthday celebration! I have a friend that took her daughters family on a Disney cruise and she said it was fun to get away to the Adult areas whenever they needed a break :) Thanks for sharing your incredible adventure!
    ❤️ Jenna

    1. Yes, they have so many adult areas. I felt like more than half the people were couples only. Of course, since we weren't watching kids, we didn't mind being around others kids and they all seemed so well-behaved.

  4. Oh WOW Jackie, what a fabulous trip on the Disney cruise ship. Seems you and hubs were able to have time for everything, relaxing, entertainment and the food, gracious it looks wonderful. I think this is a great way to spend one's birthday! I'm betting you will decide in favor for this cruise for your family as well. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Miss Madi K was partying while you were out of your stateroom :) Happy March Jackie.......

    1. Yes, we would love to take them all! A cruise just sounds a little iffy now - imagine being quarantined on a cruise ship - confined to your room, and our friends said they always pick an inside room! Oh my, my heart goes out to the Princess Diamond cruisers.

  5. What a wonderful cruise! And it had to have been the best way possible to celebrate your January birthday! I loved seeing your photos....and the food! Wow, the presentation is everything one would expect from Disney. DId you go to the new Star Wars park at Disney? Shanley Belle's new sister-in-law is the dance choreographer for the park (she was a former Broadway dancer).

    I enjoyed your post. Have a Blessed Sunday!

    1. Yes, we loved it! We went before the cruise and then I just took my daughter and SIL this week. They had a baby in October so couldn't go with the family. They loved it. He said he could just live there! What a fun job to have being the choreographer, but I bet it is tons of work as the dancers are probably changing all of the time!

  6. So much fun! So glad you posted about this amazing Disney cruise. They left no stone unturned. The dcor and the food look amazing. How fun for your hubby to surprise you each day with a gift. Looks like a fun and exciting adventure. I also loved how you both got dressed up. What a trooper your hubby is. Miss Madi K was also having lots of fun. I am sure in no time, the whole family will enjoy this fabulous cruise/

    1. It really was magical! Funny how vacations go so quickly and then you are back to real life! Aren't our phones wonderful in being able to capture memories that our brains can't!??

  7. Oh Jackie, this cruise was fabulous! I love how you and your hubby dress up, and get into the theme. Your hubby looks great in his captain shirt! Looking forward to meeting you in July!

    1. He will love that shirt for Lake Powell! Yes, I am hoping this virus doesn't stop travel by then!!! We are a little worried with all of our upcoming travel plans.

  8. Jackie, I appologize for late arrival. This post is a fabulous account of your special birthday cruise. I think you and Miss Madi K win the prize for best trip! This looks amazing. I love all your creative shots, and I admire you and your captain for your enthusiastic travel spirit.

  9. What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday! That sounds fabulous!! Pinned.

  10. Interesting blog. You are posts are just amazing and very creative. Keep on share it. custom decor

  11. I think a Disney cruise sounds wonderful! Happy birthday to you!

  12. I've heard the Disney cruises are great fun and they take wonderful care of their passengers. Every photo made me want to call and sign up right away! Just glad you didn't get stranded with Covid19!

  13. Oh my Jacqueline, that would be my dream cruise!! What a wonderful time that you and your hubby had. You and your hubby make the cutest couple and he is a good sport to dress up. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

  14. What an amazing cruise! Very nice birthday celebration.
    You are the best tour guide ever! I don't know how you stay so slim and trim with all the amazing food.


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