Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Valentine's Mantel and Tree

Valentine's Day always seems to come too soon, 
with it landing in the middle of the month.  

We were gone for quite a bit of January, 
celebrating my birthday, so that makes 
the celebration seem even shorter.  

this year I did something completely different.  
I left up the garland and the champagne 
trees, and added the Valentine's decor on 
top of it. 


The mantel transformed magically from 
Christmas to Valentine's Day! 

I love how full the garland and 
trees make the mantel look, and it was a 
great transition from Christmas to Valentine's Day  
by just removing the nutcrackers and reindeer.

I also left the pink draping ribbons on each end 
of the mantel display and added some red ones.  
Garlands of red lights and hearts went on top of 
the chain and bead garlands from the Christmas 
mantel, and fancy chocolate boxes were tucked in.  

A flip of the light switch and the mantel just sparkles.  

I decided to do the same thing with the tree.  
In the past, I have set up a smaller tree in the kitchen 
for Valentine's Day, but this year, I decided to transform 
the Christmas tree, which featured metallics and pale 
pinks, by again, just adding the Valentine's decor 
in and around the decorations, but removing the 
reindeer and anything that was more Christmas 

A big pink fur pillow I got from Target a few years 
ago is great on the chaise lounge.  

These are a few of my favorite things - new from 
Hobby Lobby this year - 

and even a mini mailbox filled with old Valentines.

Three kinds of ribbons just drape all over the tree 
to take it from Christmas to Valentine's Day. 

See how the Valentine's decor goes so well with the 
metallics that were already on the tree?

I think my favorite part is how pleased hubby was 
with the transformation.  He hates going from fully 
decorated to plain, and it has brought a lot of 
compliments from friends and family too.  I think 
this will be our new way of decorating for 
Valentine's Day.  

We have a fun sleepover planned at a friend's cabin, 
but we have had our Young Single Adults over on 
Valentine's Day in the past - since many of them don't 
have dates, so my niece is hosting the party at our 
house this year for them.  They had a blast last year 
making pizzas and hanging out.  

The template for the invitation was from PicMonkey.  
It originally said "Stupid Cupid", but I thought 
Elusive Cupid was a little kinder!!!

Hope you have something fun planned.  
Thanks for taking time to stop by.  It is 
always fun to hear from you!!!

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  1. Jackie, your valentine mantle and tree are stunning! I love the trees you used for Christmas and the ease of transforming for Valentine's Day. The big tree is just dripping with beautiful valentine's and has me smiling this early AM. I will be pinning. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.......

  2. Jacqueline, I love your tree, mantle and that pink cushion, Wow!.
    I have to look at your post, again and again. An inspiration.
    Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. Thelma.

  3. I love the transformation. I started doing this a couple of years ago. So easy and pretty.

  4. Your mantle and tree are so pretty and romantic - I barely put up a paper garland - that keeps falling down!! I still have a snowman and reindeer on my mantle and I shoved a heart on his lap.....guess that's a as far as I will get this year......I will just pretend I live at your pretty home!!

  5. The transformation is lovely! I should be the one decorating for Valentine's Day since we were married on that day! I Love the 'xo' pillows that frame the fireplace. Enjoy your time at the cabin!

  6. Swoon worthy~ I love this idea. how sweet to keep the trees and just decorate for February. The xo pillows are so cute. A lovely vision for those Winter's days. Happy Valentines.

  7. Isn't it nice that Valentine's Day and Christmas use much of the same palette? Like you I still have small "Valentine" trees up and they're so cheery on the dark days. Yours is beyond cheery but simply elegant! It's a gorgeous switchover!

  8. Oh la la Jackie, it is all gorgeous! I agree with your hubby, I don't like going from December decorations to plain, and I did incorporate some trees with my winter and Valentine decor too, a girl just has to have sparkles! Beautiful!

  9. Jackie, that's gorgeous! I LOVE the mantel! The tree's beautiful too. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Jackie, your transformation is genius! First off, I have to say the mantel is magnificent! Love the trees atop the mantel, and it all transitions perfectly. Love the valentine tree idea too. I've just barely put away Christmas this year, so I admit, I didn't really bring out Valentine thinks. It's the first time in many, many years. Setting a few tablescapes is about all I've done Happy Valentine's Day!


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