Monday, December 16, 2019

Santa's Village

Welcome to our entry, where our two life-size 
nutcrackers stand guard over Santa's Village. 

For some reason I have never blogged about 
my Dept. 56 village - North Pole Series, but 
it is definitely the favorite of the little ones.  

They climb up on the piano bench and look 
in fascination.

I have had these working nutcrackers for over 
20 years, and the Santa's Village has been a 
collection for over 25 - since the children 
were little.  The white piano creates the perfect 
snowy backdrop for the village.  

The centerpiece of the village is Santa's castle, which 
actually wasn't from the North Pole collection, but 
from another of Dept. 56's collection, but it was 
sparkly and covered with glitter like the North Pole, 
so I purchased it.  Hubby liked it so much that 
he wanted me to get one for each of our children
so they could each have one before they were 
discontinued.  So when they were all still living 
at home, they received one for a Christmas present.  

Mrs. Claus is busy everywhere.  She skates with 

and hands out cookies to the elves,

and even working in her greenhouse. Elves are working 
furiously everywhere in preparation for Christmas. 

Minnie is busy baking too,

baking and delivering pies,

and Mickey-shaped cookies.

My Patience Brewster house is one of my 
favorites, with it's whimsical high heels 
and boa accents. 

The favorite of the little ones is the gum drop factory, 
because the row of gum drops move. 

There is something magical about the details of the 

I used to get a new one every year, but I ran out of 
room on this snowy landscape.  I have added some of 
the gingerbread themed houses to my kitchen display, since 
they were so adorable, and I couldn't resist!

My daughters love receiving new ones each 
year, but the one that makes me smile the most 
is my youngest son, who is now 25.  He loves 
them the most of my boys.  He remembers climbing 
on the piano bench and staring at them for hours, 
just like the little ones do now.  

There is something magical about miniatures. 

I love my peppermint walkway leading to the castle, 
and the little bridge that goes over it. 

Another of my favorites is Santa's balloon trying 
to escape.

And the one the kids find the funniest is 
this one with a reindeer sitting in the hot tub.  

If you haven't figured me out yet, I love whimsy and 
magic, and creating magic for my little ones in my 
decor and entertaining.  I love watching them run 
into the house, delighting in all of the fun.  

Even though they can easily reach the village, for 
the most part they are very good not to touch or 
break it.

They love this one too with the spyglass 
circling around and around.

For years, when the kids were younger, I didn't 
always put it out because it was so much work getting 
it out of the boxes, but then I decided these weren't 
collector items, but family items, so I removed them 
from the boxes, threw the boxes away, and stored them 
in under-the-bed type storage boxes with paper towels 
between the boxes.  So now, I can set the whole village 
up, and light it in 45 minutes.  Now it is the first 
thing I set up every year, and it is the first thing 
the children see when they walk through the door.

Just one note about my giant nutcracker soldiers - 
they were sold at Costco all those years ago.  I bought 
them and didn't have a way to get them home, so my 
sister Joni ran home to get her truck and we brought 
them home.  Costco has never had them again - they 
have had ones that don't actually function as nutcrackers, 
but in almost every Hallmark Christmas movie, you can see 
these big guys!


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  1. Wowwww...beautiful ....merry xmas love Ria 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄

  2. I love this so much! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful village!


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