Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Pizza Dip Ring (or Wreath)

It has been one party after another, and I wanted to make 
something for our Craft Group Home Tour that I hadn't made before.  My daughter made this for us last year, 
and we all just loved it. 
Since I was the first one on the home tour, I figured I 
could have something hot out of the oven.  

So, so easy and fast!

This is super simple using either flaky biscuits or Rhodes 
Bread Rolls.  The bread is placed around the outside and 
brushed with garlic butter.  In the center you place the 
cheese mixture, 

then top it with pizza sauce, more shredded mozzarella 
and pepperoni.  We just love these mini-pepperonis and 
they are perfect so that everybody gets a little bite of pepperoni 
in their appetizer portion. 

Pizza Dip Ring Recipe

1 can flaky biscuits
1 C. mozzarella cheese, divided
1/2 C. ricotta cheese
1/2 C. cream cheese
3/4 C. pizza sauce
Pepperoni to cover
Prepared garlic butter

Grease a round baking dish.  Split biscuits in half 
and place around the dish.  Mix together the cheeses, 
using only 1/2 C. of the mozzarella for this part.  Spread 
in the middle of the ring.  Top with pizza sauce, remaining 
mozzarella and pepperoni.  Brush the edges of the dough 
with garlic butter.

Place in a 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes, or 
until you can separate the biscuits and they are not 
doughy.  Serve immediately.  

If you use frozen Rhodes dough instead of the biscuits 
(which my daughter did last year) place the dough 
balls around the edge, and let thaw about an hour, 
then proceed as above.  

Yum!  This gets gobbled up right away.  

I had planned on garnishing it with a sprig of holly, 
to make it look more like a wreath, but the night 
got away with me and so that got left off!

So here is my virtual holly!

I know your week is busy too, so thanks 
for stopping by!


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  1. This looks delish - do you slice it like a pizza? or just pull it apart?

  2. What a fun idea and delicious dinner!

  3. This looks delightful, Jacquline, and something the whole family can enjoy together, big and small ♥

  4. Love this idea. What a tasty treat for all to enjoy.


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