Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Blushing Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving for those who live in the 
United States.  We always travel for Thanksgiving 
but I like set a fun table as part of my decor.

This year I purchased a few new pumpkins in 
pink tones, and loved decorating with them.

My iconic turkey bowls were purchased over 
20 years ago, and I remember thinking I needed 
16 of them - for as my family grew!  Now we 
are at 26, so that number was overshot a long time 
ago, but we still love using them.

I set the table in the formal dining room 
with my heavy whitewashed oak table.

Master Tom is the focal point,

and I layered the stack with silver and pink.

I use these napkins a lot, as I have enough for our 
whole family and they are elegant yet go with 
just about everything.

My mother's pink goblets are lovely with the table.

When I do a really elegant table, I love 
using this fancy silverplate.  I got these 
years ago on a sale from Horchow. 
Many of you have asked for them, but 
they were being discontinued - sigh!

The pumpkins in pink are clustered on a tray, and 
flanked by some glittery silver pumpkins.

Most of the pumpkins were treasures found 
at Home Goods.  I just love the curl of 
the handle on this one.

This one is pale pink with glitter and rhinestones.

All of the turkeys are lined up in a row for 
pumpkin soup, or even a salad. 

I am not a fan of turkey, and it has been nice 
hearing from some of my relatives that they 
don't love turkey either - must be in our 
tastebuds - but there are always the wonderful 
carbs to enjoy - I love the mashed potatoes, 
stuffing and homemade rolls!  

I hope you can gather with family and celebrate 
all there is to be thankful for at this time of year.


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  1. Wow, love the blushing Thanksgiving. So pretty and unique. Great to think outside of the box. Those turkey tureen are gorgeous. It is too sad when they discontinue something so beautiful. Even the flatware is too gorgeous to discontinue. I don’t get it. Your new pumpkins are lovely. Love the bling. How special to have your mother’s goblets. Happy Thanksgiving Jacqueline to you and your beautiful family.

  2. The blush sets a lovely table Jackie. Love the turkeys........Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  3. So pretty and so you! Happy Thanksgiving Jackie!

  4. Very pretty and the turkey bowls are so unique! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  5. Absolutely charming, and in my favorite color! You and your artistry and skills are amongst my THANKFULS every time I tune in. Happy Thanksgiving and Traveling Grace on your adventures! rachel


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