Thursday, October 10, 2019

National Handbag Day and Table

Today is National Handbag Day and 
Patti, our amazing leader of 
Tales of the Traveling Tote 
challenged all of us to create a post 
using any of our favorite handbags.

Of course I have to make mention of 
Miss Madi K, who is named after my 
hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. 

She will introduce you to where I store 
most of my handbags.  Notice she is 
looking plump - she is already packed for 
our next big adventure - but that will be 
another post.

This large armoire in our bedroom holds 
most of my handbags.

Of course, I straightened it up to show 
it to you!!

I realized as I took the photo that I really 
don't have many black bags, which is 
curious, because I wear mostly black 
during the winter.

Hubby has given me an awful lot of the nice 
bags, and I do try to go through them fairly 
often and get rid of older ones.  I also have 
some in my closet.  

Today I decided to create a special tablescape 
featuring evening bags.  I think evening bags 
are my favorite handbags because they are just 
like little pieces of art - little jewels!

I think I became fascinated with evening bags 
when I was a little girl and my mother would 
use one when she went out.  I don't think 
people use them that much anymore, except 
the movie stars.

Let me digress here for a minute and say that I 
would someday like to own a Tonya Hawkes bag.

You can follow her on Instagram @tonyahawkes or
on her website

Those who have been with me for years remember 
that she is my husband's cousin and we traveled to 
Bologna to stay with her and her family and she 
asked a friend of hers who is a Countess and another friend 
to give 
my daughter and I cooking classes while 
we were there.

Tonya began designing her own clothes in high school
and went on to study design in college.  She worked in 
New York for Kate Spade, designing her accessories 
line - about 1300 items a season!!!

She later moved to Bologna and began her own 
line of shoes and bags.  Her bags are way over my 
budget but it is fun to see them on the runway and 
magazine covers.

So to celebrate National Handbag Day, I have used 
my inexpensive evening bags to decorate each placesetting.

White square wood chargers, which I use all of the time, 
were from Pier 1, and the fun square plates were 
purchased ages ago from Home Goods.  I thought 
the white would be a nice elegant backdrop for the 

I love the closeup showing you the bling of this clasp.

This elegant little number has a touch of diamonds too.  

This evening bag is all metal.  The grandkids always 
want to use this one.

This is the oldest bag I have.  It was my mother's, so I 
especially adore it. 

Haha, Chanel under glass!  And I just had to add a pair 
of shoes to the table.

Look at the fun heels!  Once the kindergarten teacher 
of one of my children asked them to count their mom's 
pairs of shoes.  After we hit a high number, I told them 
they could stop!!!

I think of all my evening bags, this is my favorite.

I pulled out my heritage silver to go with the elegant table. 

White goblets and pearl edged napkins are perfect.

And while we are being girly, let's throw in a faceted 
perfume bottle with amethyst stopper. 

Well wouldn't you know, something Halloween-ish had 
to jump into the tablescape.  

And look who has crawled out of the basement 
to join us for October and this table, Beaulah has arrived.

She kind of got sidelined by this little pumpkin, 
who arrived two weeks early and he and his mama 
have needed Grandma's help for over a week now. 

Nothing is better than a new little one and his mama's 
health is my top priority right now.

Hopefully Beaulah and I can fit in a little more
fun in this busy October!

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Thanks for visiting.  Life just seems to get busier and 
busier, so I appreciate your visits.

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  1. You win the prize for the most gorgeous purse!! What a clever idea to set a table with all of your treasures! I think your mom's bag is my favorite, but those Chanel bags aren't too shabby!! I love the idea of storing them in an armoire - great place to be able to see them all in a glance. Thanks for playing along!!

  2. Oh, and that sweet little pumpkin at the end was the cutest, nothing like a newborn to brighten up the day!

  3. This is over the top fabulous fun Jackie! I love all your unique and beautiful evening bags, what a wonderful table, so creative and beautiful! Hope Mom and baby are doing well, so nice that you are there to help!

  4. Jackie, of course you have a fab collection of handbags and shoes! You set the bar high. I could never show my bags and shoes. They are all pretty ordinary. Well, of course my CC bags are anything but ordinary, and I will say I do have a few evening bags that are a tad special.
    Keeping your sweet new little grandson and his mama in my prayers. Grateful that things are improving. They are fortunate to have you close by to help. Nothing like holding and cuddling with a new born.

  5. Congratulations on the new grandchild. Such a gift from God. I too love evening bags and have my mothers. Use them whenever we go to the theatre. Thank you for sharing. Mary

  6. Oh my, this makes my purse collecting heart skip a beat, Jackie! And how wonderful having your niece as a purse designer - much talent there!
    Congratulations on your newest grandson, and how blessed his mama is to have you to help her.

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild. She is adorable.
    I love your tablescapes with the evening bags. They are all adorable. My favourite is the Chanel under the glass dome. I have a collection of vintage ones. Happy Fall xo

  8. Congrats on the new grandson. I hope he and his mama continue to do well. Jacqueline, your collection is awesome. The way you styled your table is gorgeous. You have some fabulous handbags. I think you deserve that custom designer handbag. Your niece is very talented.


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