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Fun in the Sun Tales of the Traveling Totes

Welcome to a special edition of
Tales of the Traveling Totes
Fun in the Sun.

I am a sun girl!  I always say I was dropped by 
the stork in the wrong state - I was meant to go 
to Hawaii, or someplace tropical, not Wisconsin! 

Sun is in my blood and I am happiest when I 
am somewhere sunny.

As many of you know, we had a home in 
Cabo, which we tore down two years ago, 
and it has been under construction since then. 

There is nothing fast about building in a 
foreign country, but we have tried to make it 
fun by staying in a lovely place when we go 
down to check on construction.

Miss Madi K is always invited along for 
the plane ride.  She quite enjoys the sun too.  

We lucked out by choosing Villa La Estancia on 
Medano Beach in Cabo.
 It is 
beach front, which is easy to find in Cabo, but it 
looks out at the famous arch and is convenient to 
our construction site.  What we really love about it 
though is that it is a fractional ownership resort, 
so it isn't overrun by timeshare owners.  It never 
seems crowded, and they keep the pool at a wonderful 
90 degrees! Nobody does that.  I love it.  

There are three properties right next to each other 
that make up The Villa Group, and we have checked 
out all of their pools - the other two are much colder, 
and they are much more crowded.  They are both 
timeshare properties.  

Hubby beware - because I have gotten used to 
someone else taking care of me, rather than me 
taking care of a houseful of people, and I really, 
really, really like it.  There is something magical 
about swimming up to the bar, or motioning over 
a waiter and having delicious shrimp nachos 
served to you.  There is no making the pico or 
guacamole, grilling the shrimp, shredding the 
cheese, or blending the smoothies!!! 
I could get used to this kind of life down in Cabo!!! 

Every room has a view of the ocean, which we love.
I just couldn't resist creating a tablescape
with a view like this!
I just grabbed the tableware and table decor
 in the condo
to create this fun summer table. 

Of course Miss Madi K wanted in on the party!

Notice the checked ball on the table; that looks 
a lot like Courtly Check.

Imagine my surprise to find this cute ball 
in the condo that coordinated beautifully with 
my traveling tote.  

Even the plates coordinated perfectly with 
Miss Madi K.

This is the view from our lot!  It still takes my 
breath away, and I am sure 
it will end up being worth it.  

Here are a couple more sneak peaks - 
this is the garage.

This is part of the slide.  It is being covered 
with rocks and steps are being added to
reach the top.

Although the construction has been painfully slow, 
we have had fun along the way, and 
Villa La Estancia has made it a great journey. 

Of course, several full weeks of our summers are spent 
in the sun down at Lake Powell, and Miss Madi K 
always gets invited along.  She really loves to 
carry so much for me!!!

But we are getting ready for a backpacking trip 
to Havasupai in Arizona, and she just doesn't 
qualify weight wise for backpacking, but I 
might be able to sneak along a MacKenzie-Childs 
mug, even though it weighs a lot more than my 
backpacking cup - we will see.  
My pack is getting heavier by the day.  

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as it has 
become almost impossible to secure a permit 
to hike Havasupai, but we were lucky enough to 
get permits, but I won't be back in time to 
include it in this post.  Stay tuned for more 
Fun in the Sun!  I hope you are having lots of 
fun in the sun!  Summer always passes too quickly.

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Come back again on September 1st 
for our next adventure of 
Tales of the Traveling Tote
and a fun MacKenzie-Childs giveaway.


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Your new home looks like a 5 star resort (I think it would be a great spot for a TTT reunion!) You and your hubby are certainly patient, but your "back up" resort is a gorgeous place!! Love your table design and that cute checked ball - isn't it funny how we are drawn to checks and find them in the leatst expected spots? Enjoy your hike - I look forward to hearing about it!

  2. Jackie, you may be a sun girl, but I know for a fact that you find the fun any time of year. Your Cabo home is going to be fantastic. Yes, with that view, it will all be worth the years of construction. I look forward to a report of the hiking trip. I know you'l have advernture stories and fabulous photos to share. Happy August!

  3. Jackie & Madi K, your lifestyle is one many only dream of! What a fabulous build going on in Cabo, with the boating on Lake Powell a close runner up. And that backpacking trip sounds incredible. I absolutely love the creativity the dinnerware and decor sparked in you while in Cabo - it's adorable! Safe journeys!

  4. Your house in Cabo is sure to make the cover of Architectural Digest! I know you can't wait to move in, but I see what you mean about relaxing in a beautiful hotel and being waited on! I am getting lazier and lazier in the hostess department myself! I can't imagine the hiking, but I do look forward to hearing about it and your beautiful Lake Powell is always a treat. You have found some wonderful sunny spots to enjoy this summer!

  5. Wow Jackie, what a wonderful summer so far for you! I agree, I could also get use to pool side service! Your Cabo home will be so worth all the planning once you are sitting back enjoying your view. An amazing site for your home. Lake Powell is beautiful and must be so much fun. I know you are excited about your backpacking trip. Have fun and don't pack the backpack to heavy!

  6. Wow, how awesome your newly constructed home will be. The views are spectacular and so worth the wait. I can imagine the extra time it is taking to build your beautiful gem. The resort looks fabulous. How sweet to find the checked ball and how lovely it looks next to Madi K. The dishes are a perfect match. Lake Powell is also a lovely place to party and enjoy family time. Hiking sounds interesting. I am so looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Looks like a very busy summer and lots of fun in the sun. Don’t forget the sunblock.

  7. Jackie, your adventures are always so much fun to read about! And your home in Cabo is going to be spectacular! It looks like construction is moving right along. I like poolside service, too, when I can get it! ;P

    I love Arizona's lakes. That's one of the things I miss most about being a Zonie! I loved seeing all your photos, Jackie. I hope you enjoy the rest of the's almost gone, which makes me sad!

  8. Happy August Jackie, I can't wait to hear about the hike! I can imagine your surprise to find the cute checked ball in the condo that coordinated beautifully with your traveling tote. I think they had ESP :-) Your construction in Cabo will be worth the wait, especially since you love the sun! Have a wonderful August!

  9. Oh, Jackie! What an amazing home you are building!
    Your accommodations sound absolutely wonderful! I could get used to being served in such style also.
    Love your tablescape. That came together very nicely.
    You have had several wonderful adventures. Your posts are always fun.

  10. Your Cabo home will be well worth the wait, Jacqueline! We love Arizona too and can't wait to see photos of your hike!

  11. I'm back for another peek. You've had a full summer.


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