Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mickey and Minnie Macarons, A Trip to So Cal

One of my favorite treats at Disneyland is
their fresh raspberry Mickey Macaron, found
at the Jolly Holiday Bakery, just at the far end
of Main Street.  My grandkids just can't
get enough of French Macarons, so I decided
to make some for a family dinner.

I used my macaron silpat and picked a spot where
there were three circles.  I started with the center
circle and piped it extra large and to the top of the circle,
and then piped the ears on, using the regular size
of the circle, but bringing it a little closer to
touch the center.  
For the complete recipe click here.
These were so large that I only got 5 double
sided ones out of a batch, so we had the kids
split them.

These are large, but they have to be to fit
all of those luscious raspberries in on top
of the buttercream frosting.

I added a little fondant bow for Minnie's.

I was thinking Disney, because we were heading
to southern California.

My niece and I were headed down to Los Angeles for a Laker's
game.  My friend's husband is one of the coaches
there, so we got to eat in the family room and
have our picture taken in the tunnel.  She is a huge
Laker's fan and we were lucky enough to see
LeBron James play his last game this season,
and Lakers won!!  

Our friend joined us at Disneyland for a day,
and we got to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine -
lacking here at home still.
(The castle is still wrapped up for repainting,
so disappointing!)

Of course, we ate our way through Disneyland.  
These were Butterscotch Beignets - one of their
best seasonal flavors so far.

We always have to enjoy something from
the Cozy Cone.  We got the Chili Cheese and
the Fiesta Cone.

But my new personal favorite is the
Lobster Roll from the Harbour Galley,
right across from the
Haunted Mansion, down by the water.
How had I missed this place for so many years.

The Food and Wine Festival was also going
on.  We tried fried artichokes which were lukewarm
and soggy and disappointing, and a Ghost Pepper
Mac and Cheese, which was hot and spicy, but
quite overcooked.  

But this little Mickey Mouse Chocolate Mousse
was fantastic.  I have to say that saved the Food
and Wine Festival, because we weren't that impressed
with the quality of the other two foods we tried.

Then my niece and I headed over to The
Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal.

We just completed a big 5 week Harry Potter competition
with our Young Single Adult Ward, which I will
post soon, if I ever stay home!!!  But that made
it a perfect time to stop and pick up some prizes
for our Harry Potter competition.

Of course, I had to be dressed in my
Gryffindor sweater, and
we had to eat at the Three Broomsticks.

My niece got Bangers and Mash, which had a wonderful
onion gravy on it,

and she ordered a Butterbeer Potted Cream.
Both were delicious.

I tried the ribs and some Butterbeer ice cream.

We awarded ourselves 150 points each for our
Harry Potter Cup competition, since we traveled
all the way to Hogwarts!

Spoiler alert, Gryffindor still didn't win, but
we picked up some fun prizes for the competition.

I will be posting our whole month's activities
soon, but now hubby and I are off to Highpoint,
for the furniture mart.  We have never gone to it
before, so I hope I have some things to share.

We are always off on some adventure!


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Jackie, you eat the best sweets ever! I would love a fresh raspberry Mickey Macaron right now with my coffee :-)

    You are going to LOVE Highpoint!

  2. Traveling troubadour! Your macarons look fantastic, but so does everything else food-related in this post!

  3. Those Mickey Mouse macarons look so cute and yummy. I give you so many kudos for re-creating the food you eat. Love your ad ventures. I am so looking forward to seeing your future posts.

  4. What a fun trip and those micky and minnie macarons are so cute!!

  5. I love Micky and Minnie and my grandson loves Disneyworld! Looks like a great trip and no shortage of good food. Happ spring Jacqueline........

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