Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Happy Valentine's Table and Surprise Giveaway

Happy Valentine's to the cutest couple I know!
They turned 90 this last year, and they are
still romantic, and kissing, and holding hands,
and even dancing together.

I created this surprise tablescape for
my husband.  He loves to come home to
a romantic table for two in front of the fireplace.
It makes him feel special, and I always
get just a little giddy setting it.

It is easy now that there are only two
of us at home, but we used to pull the
coffee table in front of the fire and
do a fun dinner for the kids too, as they
sat on the rug.  There are so many ways
to create special memories around food.

Since we just got home from a Valentine's
celebration Disney trip for the two of us, 
I decided to create a Mickey and Minnie
Valentine's Day table for us in front
of the fireplace.

Everything is set in signature red and white
with heart placemats, one of my favorite white
wood chargers, red and white alternating plates

and Minnie's signature red with white polka dots.

I have several red goblets to choose from,
but I chose these that I bought years ago.

The table is featuring my new Mickey Mouse flatware
that I purchased at Disneyland.  As much as we 
love Mickey and Minnie, these are a perfect 
addition to our home.

Despite pouring rain that I mentioned in my
last post, we ventured out to get these on our
last day.  I could have bought all kinds of 
dishware.  They had some new plates - maybe
next time!

The Mickey flatware looks cute on top
of a heart-shaped napkin fold.

Also brought home from Disneyland this time
were these wonderful Disney "Kitchen Sinks"
that we had sundaes in.  I just had to feature
them on our table.

Of course I ordered Minnie's,

and hubby ordered Mickey's.  

They are large and make quite the sundae.  
We got them at Clarabelle's in California Disney.

I had actually been wanting them for some time,
but we were always too full to order them,
so we had them for our lunch.

Hubby hasn't seen the table yet.
I can't wait to see his face when he
walks into the living room.

He is so cute - he sends me pictures
via text to remind me of a fun vacation,
or to say, "Let's get away" again.  He
really does appreciate things like this.

Now on to the giveaway mentioned in
my post last week

The surprise giveaway is this great
MacKenzie-Childs 9.5" pie plate (or serving bowl).

To qualify to win just click here,
leave a comment on that post, guessing
where my MacKenzie-Childs pieces
traveled to for my birthday in January.
Be sure to enter before midnight February 8, 2019.

The winner will be chosen from the correct
guesses - pretty easy - you can even look at
the other comments (haha).  If you don't have a
blog where I can contact you, leave your email.
Remember you can't win if I can't get ahold of
you to get your address!!!!  Then another random
winner will have to be chosen.

I will be posting this with


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  1. What a great getaway to visit your friends Mickey and Minnie. I know you love your desserts! You and your hubby are too cute, love that he texts you to say "let's get away again". Love the table that you set for the two of you. I'm planning something special for Joe on Valentine's day which is also our anniversary. He appreciates it like your hubby!

    What a sweet giveaway! Atlantis looked like a fabulous place to relax and enjoy meals on your MKC dishes!!

  2. You always amaze me with your wonderful, beautiful ideas. I always look to you for inspiration no matter what the occasion, I would venture to guess that you traveled somewhere warm such as your vacation home or maybe even to the Greek Isles or Maldives. Just guessing but I know wherever it was had to have been fabulous!!!����������������

  3. This is so adorable and with your history of going to Disneyland there will be romantic memories to reflect on! Love the red and white dish stack and that new flatware and it looks like it’s nice quality too! The little Mickey and Minnie sinks are adorable and even more so with the desserts in them! So glad you visited today and left a comment. I am ready to enjoy some Valentine’s Day fun too!

  4. I've alway love Minnie and Mickey, since I was a child! What a great surprise for your hubby with this darling table in front of the fireplace. Those sinks are so cute and what a treat! Love the red and white Jackie, especially the white chargers. This is such a special way to celebrate Valentine's Day. I do this once in a while but not nearly enough. Thanks for the inspiration......and I loved seeing Minnie and Mickey!

  5. The flatware is adorable! Your table is so cute and those sundaes, my oh my! Your hubby will be smiling for sure! Nice giveaway!

  6. What a sweet table Jacqueline. The Minnie and Mickey table theme is the cutest! What great little treasure you have included in your tablescape. The sundaes look so yummy in their cute little sinks. The new flatware is so fun. Your hubby sounds like a wonderful and romantic man. Kudos to him. Love seeing Minnie and Mickey kissing.

  7. Love your Minnie and Mickey table. I need to go back for another visit since it's been so long I can't remember it very well!
    Your trip to Atlantis looks like fun. Will need to put it on my bucket list!

  8. Jackie, this is adorable, but nothing is as adorable as the couple who will dine there. You two are so in love, and it's obvious in the way you two do these special things for each other. As I've followed along with your blog all these years, I've noticed!
    Your Minnie and Mickey details are cute. I didn't know they had been a couple for 90 years. Amazing! Love the new flatware that is perfect for you. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Charming, as always! I really love those XOXO pillows on your white chairs ♥

  10. What a nice setting for a romantic dinner for two! I love the Mickey and Minnie Mouse table theme. So cute! The kitchen sink bowls are AH-dorable!


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