Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Butterfly Cake for Baby's 1st and Baby Shower

Sweet baby Emery turned one this week,
so I made a Butterfly Smash Cake for her.

We set the cake up in her bedroom under
her darling canopy that she loves to go
play in.

At first she was only interested in playing 
with her pearls.

We had to introduce her to the cake.

It is amazing how quickly they grow and
how much they change in the first year.

We decided to move the cake to the
floor.  Just like the darling little lady
she is, she delicately ate her cake.

But it didn't take long for her to let us
know she had had enough sweets.

I had made the same cake a few days before for
a baby shower for Amy from our craft group.

Everyone in the craft group helped.
Laura hosted it and set this stunning table,
 Joanne created the beautiful balloon
garland, Karen did the flowers, Brenda
organized us on the food.

It was like a giant charcuterie table.

I love this shot with the table reflected in
Laura's mirror.

Crafty and meticulous Brenda and Karen
made this gorgeous quilt for Amy's baby.

It was fun using the same cake inspiration
for two baby events in the same week.

There is nothing like celebrating darling
little girls!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Amazing. That cake is darling. How awesome to make this cake for two different events. She is just as sweet as pie, darling little princess. The photo shoot captures such precious moments. They do grow up fast. The baby shower looks like a big success. A beautiful table adorned with yummy food and your masterpiece cake.

  2. Oh Jackie, How wonderful it must be to have your special talent. Your cakes are just amazing as are your party design and tables. The cake is just perfect for both occasions. Your precious little Emery is so dainty and eats her cake that way. I love the photos of her and her special canopy. The shower was lovely as well, your cake exquisite! The quilt to be cherished by a sweet baby girl. Yes, they grow up so fast! Hugs........

  3. Oh my, how precious! I love the photo of Emery with the pearls surrounding the 12. Beautiful cake, beautiful quilt, beautiful life events! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jackie great minds must think alike. Even though I like planning separate celebrations, many times I will repeat elements that were favorable at one event. Example: I felt we "owed" dinner invitations to four couples from church...I did not want to host them all together because I wanted to spend quality time with each couple. So I used the same menu which was a very decorative Mexican Fiesta for all four dinners...and yes, they were all within a 14 day period. Of course, the Captain agreed because he really likes Mexican food. LOL . If it ain't broke...don't fix it is my motto.

    Your little Emery is adorable as is your cake. Your attention to detail is a sight to behold for your little princess. I used to have a nylon netted canopy over my bed and my grand daughters loved to pull the sides around them and play on my bed. Sadly, I removed the canopy in one of our moves and never put it back again...sigh!! but I find other ways to bring out the romantic in me. I can see Emery loves her special area too.
    Great job as always, you never cease to amaze with your creativity.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  5. What a fabulous cake for your little princess Jackie! It is always so much fun to watch a 1 year old discover their first cake! And wowza what a beautiful baby shower, I love the balloon garland!

  6. What a sweetie.....💕💕 What a amazing beautiful cake wowww!! 💕💕 love Ria x

  7. First, she is the sweetest one year old (I have 2 grandsons and hope to have a granddaughter one day!!) The photos are adorable....and secondly, the cake is so amazing - you are so creative! The baby shower buffet table was so inviting that I wanted to crawl into my computer to help myself!!

  8. Your talents always amaze me. I love the sweet photos of Emery on her special day and the photos of the lovely shower. I love the gorgeous table, and the refreshments look delicious. The cake(s) are amazing!!!


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