Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fall Elves for Thanksgiving

The elves have invaded the house to
begin preparations for Thanksgiving
and fall.

I just love my fall elves and am so
glad that they want to come back 
each year for fall.

They have just hopped right onto the
dining room table to participate in
decorating the table for Thanksgiving.

I love having tables set throughout the
various holidays as part of the decor.
It just makes the house festive, no matter
what holiday is coming up.

This table was also inspired by these
new burlap placemats from Home Goods this
year.  I love their rustic yet elegant appeal.

They work perfectly with the rustic, yet
elegant table and the gold flatware.

The table is set with gold and and white.

These gold rimmed china plates are 
ones I bought years and years ago and
are my only real china plates.  I still love
their elegant rims.

I stacked them with gold beaded salad
plates and gold and white chevron snack plates.

Extra Thanksgiving plates are added
to the sides of the setting.

Rather than use gold rimmed goblets,
I decided to use my bubble goblets
to go with the rustic quality.

Whitewashed candlesticks are topped with
pumpkin candles and gold candles.

More fun pumpkins and pumpkin candles
add to the center of the table.

This is one of my favorite pumpkins.  I love
the stem and the details on the top with
the soft orange mercury color.

We have so, so much to be thankful for.
The family is coming this Sunday for 
a Thanksgiving Dinner as we usually go
down south for Thanksgiving Day and
not everyone can come.  

Food assignments have been made and we
will get the holidays started this Sunday.  
Can't Wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  It is always so busy from
the beginning of school to after New Year's - 
it seems to just fly!  I appreciate you taking time
to visit.

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  1. Oh, what gorgeous tablescapes! I want those burlap thankful place mats. So pretty. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving meal this Sunday.

  2. Jackie, this is full of ellegance! I love the stack of plates with gold detail. The gold beads and the chevron really work well with your fine china. Of course the eleves are adorable! Enjoy your weekend with your family. I smile when I think about your large family sharing times together. As it should be!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Sometimes it gets crazy with all of us together - really loud too! But I know the little ones appreciate it when they tell me that they love coming to Grandma's for dinner.

    2. Yes those placemats just jumped into my cart!

  3. Such a "glittzy" table! Love your elves! Enjoy your holiday dinner

  4. Gorgeous table and vignette. The elves are so adorable and fun. I have some burlap round placemats as well. Yours are so cute with the lettering. Isn't Home Goods the best? Loving the gold accent. Those plates are so lovely. What a blessing to share with your family a Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. Yes, Home Goods is our favorite - we treasure hunt there.

  5. Your elves are simply adorable! Your tables look beautiful as always, and keeping tables set during the holidays is such a fun and festive idea, plus you're always ready for an impromptu dinner! I know your early Thanksgiving will be wonderful!

  6. Jacqueline, love the sweet table with pumpkins and elves. I have two elves and a few glass pumpkins, not enough for a beautiful table like yours but you've inspired me to do a vignette. Love this............Happy weekend.

    1. Yes a vignette would be perfect. Now I am thinking of a vignette with Christmas elves too! Thanks.

  7. What a pretty table. I would never have thought of elves for Thanksgiving. Now I want to dig out my Christmas elves and incorporate them into Thanksgiving. What fun and whimsy.

    1. I think I do most of my decorating for the grandkids!!! So we are all about whimsy and magic here!


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