Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Harry Potter Tree and Mantle

I saved my favorite new Harry Potter
decoration for last - my new Harry Potter Tree!!

Hubby went on a backpacking trip and left
Beaulah and me to our own devices, so
we had a lot of fun creating a Harry Potter
Tree for the living room.

I already had a lot of collectibles,
but I purchased quite a few more,
all off Amazon to complete the tree.

There are so many fun collectibles out there,
of course we had to have a Dobby and a

I already had a sorting hat from a visit to
The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter,
both in Orlando and California.

I got this Monster Book of Monsters a 
few years ago at Barnes and Noble.

Hedwig is new because our old Hedwig
had been loved a few too many times.

I found a great pair of socks for
Dobby and glued this one to his hand.

Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem was new this year.

As was this Gringott's bank that
lights up.

I ordered a kit and it had Dumbledore's Army,
a Marauder's Map, a ticket to Quidditch World Cup Finals,
and a letter from Lily Potter to Severus.

The cup was also purchased years ago at The 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

This Wizard Chess piece talks when you
press a button.

The skeleton of a dragon was one of
my old Halloween items, above it is the Quidditch
Finals ticket.

This Honeydukes store lights up also.

Of course I needed a Golden Snitch.

And of course we can't forget Nagini, as she is
critical to the end of the story.

I also decorated my Mantle this year with
a Harry Potter theme with a banner I had
from a previous party, letters to Harry from a
previous party, and new Harry Potter themed

Now what are we going to do with all of this
Harry Potter stuff you ask?  Beaulah and I
asked ourselves the same thing.  We came up
with a brilliant plan - when my daughter gets all 
of her furniture for her new house out of my
basement, I am going to turn my TV area into
a Harry Potter themed area, that way I have
room for the tree and the cauldrons!

I will be posting this with 


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  1. I am amazed. My daughters LOVED your Harry Potter party post. :D

    1. The kids really enjoy it! All the adults in our family do too, so that makes it fun.

  2. I love everything you did here, being a huge HP fan myself, and collector of anything related to...now I will have to look for some of the things you used, especially those awesome pillows!

    1. It was almost all off Amazon, or from Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  3. This is a super fun tree Jacqueline and how great to have a HP area! I pinned along with your Diagon Alley post and forwarded both to my friend and daughter who are Harry Potter aficionados. Happy Halloween!

  4. Wow, this is just amazing! I think it's a brilliant idea to make a Harry Potter themed area, as much as your family loves HP you will have so much fun with that!
    We have a putting green and a music lounge in our basement!


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