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Tales of the Traveling Totes and Giveaway

Welcome to our September Issue of 
Tales of the Traveling Totes where
twelve ladies explore the world
with our MacKenzie-Childs' totes.

As part of our traveling tales we always
include a giveaway, so stay tuned for that
at the end of this post, and take time to
visit the other travelers to see where they have
been off to.

Miss Madi K and I had lots of fun this

Our adventures together started out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming,
where Madi K and I took to the river for a river
rafting trip.

We stayed at a charming place called
Carlisle Ranch about 45 minutes
outside of Jackson where they have large
bunkhouses and these charming sheepherder
cabins.  There is a pond with a paddle boat 
and lots of space for kids to roam.  

Our friends are experienced river runners
and have invited us, our children and even
our grandchildren for several years.  Even
the three year old went down the rapids.

They have three boats and can take 30 at a time,
so we take turns running the river for two days.

It is a blast!!!  This is my oldest granddaughter
taking a fabulous splash in the boat.

In July Miss Madi K and I had a calmer
experience as we traveled to Cabo to check on
the progress on our construction.  She and I
especially enjoyed swimming up to the pool
bar and ordering shrimp tacos and shrimp
nachos and smoothies.  We told hubby we 
really liked being waited on at the pool!

This 20 foot tall rock had to be removed to fit the pool
in and we had fun watching as they drilled into the
rock, filled the holes with an expanding substance to
crack it apart.  Later we received a video of it falling
down the cliff.  LOOK OUT BELOW!

It's a slow process, much slower than we were promised -
surprise, surprise, but one of our favorite surprises
was this suspended circular stair outside that connects
the upper pool deck with the lower pool deck.

This is the main level, still not a lot of progress here,
but we return in October and the walls should all
be up.  

Not much to look at yet, but we are starting to 
see it shape up.

In August Miss Madi K and I flew to visit my sister
Jean in San Antonio.  We were joined by two of my
girlfriends that I grew up in Wisconsin with.  They 
had never been to San Antonio, and one of them
requested that we take an overnight trip to
Waco to visit Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia

Of course we were hoping to see the lovely Joanna,
and I did, on the cover of her book, so of course
I had to add her cookbook to my collection.

The store was delightful.  I just had to include
a tablescape from the Market.

Everything was so beautiful

but rather pricey.

I also had to pick up this gardening pad to use
at home.  (It ended up being a nice airplane pad
too - haha!)

We spent the night in a hotel, but if I had it
to do over again, I would stay in one of the Air BNB's
homes that were featured on Fixer Upper.  It would have
been about the same amount and we would have
had the whole home.  

The next morning we were hoping to get a chance
to experience Magnolia Table.  Reviews online
said that you could experience a wait of an
hour or more.  The end of August turned
out to be a great time to visit!  Baylor University
had just started and I guess most moms were home
getting their kids ready for school the next week.

We were given a wait time of half an hour.  Miss Madi K
loved the decor in the waiting area, actually she loved all of
the black and white checks on everything Joanna and
Chip have created.  After a lengthy 13 minute wait - 
yes, only 13 minutes - we were seated.

We had to start our breakfast with Joanna's
famous biscuits.  They are featured in her cookbook,
so I can't wait to try them.  You could choose them
with strawberry butter or sausage gravy, but
we asked for a side of both.  

The controversial avocado toast - Chip said it was too frou frou,
was amazing!

Most of the breakfasts came with their signature
Tater Tots, presented in a small cast iron pan.

They tasted more like Hush Puppies to me.  I
am not a huge fan of Tater Tots, but I loved these.

Every employee we encountered at the Magnolia
spots were utterly charming.  I finally had to ask
one if they all had to attend charm school.  We
had a delightful time in Waco.

If you visit, you have to take time to find some of
the charming furniture stores that have sprung up
around Waco featuring a similar style.  I just had to
take a photo of this gorgeous tablescape.  Made me anxious
for fall.

You know me, I can't resist taking photos of
gorgeous tablescapes.

  This one was at Simply Irresistable.

Check out Simply Irresistable
and The Findery. I am sure there are more wonderful
stores here in Waco. Wow if only I had a truck and
trailer to haul things home.  I did bring home some
compotes in Miss Madi K that I found at the Findery.

It was a great summer of travel and fun.

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Now for the fun!  This is our giveaway for this month.
I wish I could win!  Aren't these the cutest MacKenzie-Childs's
towels.  Makes me excited for Halloween.

Visit Linda at Life and Linda and leave a comment to
be entered to win these adorable towels.

Join us in December for another edition of
Tales of the Traveling Totes 
and for another giveaway!

Yikes this gives me chills!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Oh, your home looks like it is going to be amazing - count your blessings!! And I loved that you shared your trip to Waco - looks like an area I should put on my bucket list!! The food looked delish! I am not sure that I could be a "river runner" - looks a little too scary for me - what a great photo of the splash!! Looks like you enjoyed the summer!!

  2. I would love to visit Waco. How much fun! I love the whole Magnolia Home aesthetic. The food looks delicious, too! Have you tried any recipes from the cookbook yet?

    I bet you're somewhere fabulous for Labor Day Weekend. hope you have a safe, fun weekend!

    BTW that photo of your granddaughter is priceless. What a great shot!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Jackie, what an amazing summer you’ve had. I am falling in love with your new home. Wow, can’t wait to see how you decorate. We have gone down a slower and not so rapid river. This one would be exhilarating and the kiddos face says it all. So cute. Waco would be a wonderful destination for me so thank you for taking me there. Happy Labor Day Jackie and Madi K.......

  4. Well,your new home is going to be gorgeous. I can hardly wait to see it finished. And, those sheepherder cabins, how cute are they. And, now that I've been to Pawhuska and visited all things Pioneer Woman, I need to go and visit Magnolia too. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  5. Great travels, Jackie! Wow, that river ride photo of your granddaughter is epic! Did she lose her helmet with the water blast, or did you guys brave the whitewater without?!
    Your home in Cabo looks like a resort, oh my, how magnificent!
    The Findery looks and sounds like my kind of place. Can't wait to see how use the compotes.
    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with your family!

  6. Jackie, your summer was full of adventures! Glad you got to TX. Next time let me know, and I'll meet you for lunch. San Antonio is just an houra away and Waco is just an hour and a half up the road. Waco is a fun place for a little get away. I often meet a friend from Dallas there because it is half way for both of us. There are some fun shops!
    Glad your home is taking shape. Hope you'll have it to enjoy soon. I know your family will fill it with love and good times.

  7. Jackie, your travels with Miss Maddie K are always so much fun. You have packed many fun adventures this summer. What a blast you all must have had river rafting. Loved seeing your granddaughter's face while rafting. Waco sounds like so much fun as well. Visiting Magnolia is something I would enjoy. You have shared so many wonderful aspects of this visit. You look darling. Their new restaurant looks great. I am sure you were thrilled with the short wait. I so enjoyed the lovely tablescape. Wow, your new home in Cabo is going to be gorgeous when it is all finished. those shrimp tacos look mighty yummy. Happy weekend.

  8. What a beautiful post.....lovely week love Ria 💕

  9. You have had a wonderful and very diverse summer Jacqueline! I admire your sense of adventure for camping and rafting, sounds very exciting~ I know you can't wait for your fabulous new house in Cabo to be ready for christening, what a view you must have from the side of that cliff! I'm sure Magnolia was totally dreamy, and I hope you will share Joanna's biscuit recipe when you make it!

  10. Miss Madi K has had a ball this summer! She is eagerly awaiting her house in Cabo to be finished so she can pick her favorite room! The river rafting looks like a blast, and they offer that in our area when the water is flowing quickly. It's a little scary. Glad you got to Magnolia! I love shrimp and fish tacos! A special something arrived in my mailbox today :-) You look so happy in all your photos. Keep on living life!

  11. Good morning Jackie! It looks like you and Miss Madi K had a delightful 3 months. Jackson Hole looks heavenly. Love the pic of your darling daughter in the water. Your home in Cabo looks like it will be a slice of Paradise. Enjoy your week!

  12. I love the river rafting shot! Jackson Hole is such a neat place! I've only been there once but will always remember the Elk arch ♥ Cabo looks awesome!

  13. So much fun!! Is your “new” home in Cabo earthquake and violent storm proof, so it will survive the next storm? It looks like it will be! What a great summer you and Mady k had! Can’t wait to see where you have been in December!


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