Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Seas The Day Mermaid Table

There are mermaids everywhere at Lake Powell,
just in case you didn't know!  They joined us for
dinner, despite the sign saying not to feed the mermaids!

My sister in law wanted to have a craft day,
and she was making wooden signs.  She has
a little wood shop in her garage.  It was so
fun watching her cut, sand, and drill the wood.
I decided to make this mermaid sign.

At Lake Powell we have a huge table that
Hubby's company made - Tyvarian.  It can seat 12.

I found these adorable plates on Overstock this summer.
I had seen some Mermaid plates in Hawaii, but
they were one of a kind and cost-prohibitive, so
I started searching online for some plates.

These are the dinner plates.  Isn't she just adorable?

The salad plates feature a different mermaid.

A similar mermaid decorates the bowl.
I was able to buy 16 of each.  Since
 we have limited storage on a houseboat,
I gave away a set of taupe plates that I had.

I found this pineapple flatware last year.  It is heavy and 

Having a great love for mermaids, I am
thrilled with these new plates.  They can
swim up to eat with us anytime.

I also got a new shell chandelier this year.
The old one was worn out.  I love how the
breeze creates such a beautiful sound as
the shells tinkle.
I found it on Pottery Barn Teen.  My son
went down early to set up the houseboat,
and he assembled the chandelier - I was
amazed at his skills!

Some new Flamingos also joined us at Lake Powell 
this year.  I found these at At Home.  I just
love their sassy, mysterious look.  My granddaughter calls
them "Mingos"!  My son 
thought they were so cute, he was afraid someone
might steal them!

Thanks for joining me and the mermaids and
flamingos today.  

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  1. Jackie, those plates are perfect for you! I'm glad you found them and have then for your beautiful house boat. I foresee many delightful meals served on these darling, whimsical plates. Have a Festive Fourth!

  2. Wow Jackie, so awesome. Those mermaid dishes are perfect and so darn cute. Love the color of aqua and your new chandy. How wonderful to entertain that many people at your table. Mermaids are delightful and so fun. it must be so much fun to party with you. Happy 4th!

  3. Really cute plates, and the setup looks so light and airy, love the chandelier. Didn't know you have a houseboat!

  4. Your son has that exactly right...I sure would steal them right out from under you!!! Those are adorable! We have an At Home store here. I’ll see if they have them. They’d be fun for years to come! The mermaid dishes are so cool!!! 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ What a fun choice for summers at the lake!

  5. Oh I LOVE your mermaid dishes...they are a good mix of lovely and whimsical! Your house boat is beautiful...one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

  6. What a cute table and I love the don’t feed the mermaids sign- how humorous! The mermaid dishes are so cute and I love the pineapple flatware. I’m in love with flamingos this year and those pillows are the best! I forgot you have that lovely boat and enjoy time on Lake Powell. That dining table is fabulous!

  7. Such cute plates, and what a fabulous table for family dining!! LOVE the chandy, my favorite color!! I know y'all had a blast!


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