Thursday, May 24, 2018

Romantic Gazebo Redecoration

Welcome to my romantic She Space!
Rather than a She Shed, I have created this
romantic gazebo - my She Space, in the garden.

The basic structure has been there for 16 years,
and has always had a table in it, and it has
been featured in many of my summer tablescapes.

Here is a picture of what it looked like from day to day

The chandelier was added a few years ago when
the clear crystal one became too rusted.
I guess that was the color inspiration.

Two summers ago it was featured in 
our Mother Daughter Garden Party,

and I brought this hutch down for the serving.

It was also the backdrop for a wedding reception 
a week before that.

You can tell the gazebo is well loved in our garden,
and now it is a romantic, girly spot for sitting
or even napping.

 The tufted pink velvet sofa even folds down into a bed.

The sofa is flanked by a pretty pink garden stool
and a gold and mirrored end table.

I have two antique columns that have been out under
the deck and I moved them in the gazebo.

I added pillows, a shag rug and some
acrylic legged ottomans.

 The hand painted backdrop was left in place, but sheer
curtains were layered over it.  I got the netting panels from IKEA.
I have used them in the gazebo before.  They are so inexpensive, and
come two in a package (around $6 for the package),
and I used 12 panels on the back.  The backdrop has
aged over the years, but it is a great wind break.

 The corners were also draped in netting and tied
off with artificial peonies.

Potted urns flank the front entrance.

 Hubby loves it just as much as I do.  Now he is asking
when we are going to have a party here.

Tonight I added two acrylic chairs in the front corners
but didn't get a picture.

Of course it has sprinkled almost every afternoon
since I got it decorated, but I bought a waterproof
outdoor sofa cover to keep it dry, and I grabbed
the rug and put it in the house.

If you can't get ahold of me, come into the garden.
You may find me here!

Thanks for stopping by to relax in my She Space with me.

I will be bringing my She Space to the
Garden Party with my dear friends
Linda, Liz, and Jann and others.


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  1. What an elegant place to relax! You must feel like a queen in there!

    1. Yes, it does give a European royal feel - in a very small space!

  2. Jackie, I am loving your she space. How beautiful and so romantic. Adding the pink couch, chandelier and rug just speaks romance. I can picture you out there relaxing and taking in the beauty. It is Wow space!

    1. We need to go back to a slower pace and time! We were out enjoying it last night! Life is too busy isn't it?

  3. Replies
    1. He is often a driver for these romantic things!

  4. Oh, my goodness, the most beautiful "she shed" I've ever seen but I could never have such here on our windy hill. I have to put large stones on the rug on our back porch just to keep it from flapping. It's so aggravating! I'd love to drop by and relax in your though. Happy weekend!

  5. That is gorgeous and yes, you must have a party!! I love how feminine the space is. :)

  6. Wowwww That pink sofa !!! amazing!!?..happy weekend love Ria x 💗

  7. What a wonderful 'she space'! I love the netting panels you added and that pink chandy and sofa are divine!

  8. Jackie, I am loving this romantic and beautiful space. Adding this lovely pink sofa, rug and chandelier is heavenly! This is certainly a gorgeous space with so much Wow factor!
    Thanks so much for joining the gardening party.

  9. Wow Jackie, what a gorgeous space! You will feel like a Queen in your she space for sure. Love the couch, chandelier, and rug. It's so you girl!! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  10. Hi Jackie, I am sharing a feature post tomorrow from the garden parties. you will be one of them. :)


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