Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Blushing Christmas Eve Table

I just get giddy as I set the tables for
Christmas Eve.  Everything is prepped and
the Christmas music is turned on, and it
is my happy place.  

This year I was inspired by these new
chair covers from CV Linens - they
just looked ethereal.  I ordered them
in blush pink and my table began to
come together.  The tablecloths were
blush pink rectangular cloths from Amazon
by Your Chair Covers Inc.

On the adult table I used my mother's Pink
Fostoria glasses.  

Blush pink and white angel wings graces the plate stacks.
The blush pink wings were from Hobby Lobby this
year and the white ones were from At Home.

Gold sparkling chargers anchored the
white and gold rimmed plates, and gold
flatware was the choice.

I wanted sparkle down the tables with
a glittering blush runner, along with
blush pink metallic beads from Hobby Lobby
this year.

But I wanted to bring in Christmas greenery
with florals this year.  I started with a
purchased outdoor hanging pot made all
of greenery and pulled it apart, recreating
two arrangements in mercury glass
and adding pink and white roses.

Pink mercury glass candlesticks graced the adult table.

With the pink touches I added to the mantel
and tree this year, the table looked perfect
in the great room.

The little people table is a Lifetime table that
has adjustable legs.  I used matching Chiavari
chairs in child size. They just love having their
own table.

Goblets for their table are from Dollar Tree,
so there is no worry about breaking.  Of course,
because we aren't worried about them breaking,
we haven't broken one in over two years!

My daughter in law was so cute, as she walked
into the entry and looked into the great room,
she stopped and pulled out her camera and 
video taped the room.  What a compliment.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

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  2. it is so elegant! I am sure everyone was in awe of your setting!

  3. Oh, my goodness, that's a table fit for royalty! One of the most beautiful settings I've ever seen. I can't imagine putting that much time and effort into it but I know your guests must have felt very, very special. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It really only took an hour to put it together. But I had purchased everything in advance.

  4. Love Love love and can I say one more love :) it is sooo my taste and those chairs cover are gorgeous ...wowww
    if you have time check my christmas table I think you will like it because has the same color palette and glittery and luxurious touch

  5. Wow, Jackie, that's just gorgeous! It could be used for a number of occasions too, including Valentine's, bridal shower, princess party.....
    I need to look into the Lifetime table....luckily, I made do with my snack tables and vintage children's chairs I had this year, but my family is growing every year with grand nieces and nephews.

  6. So incredibly beautiful Jackie, I would feel like a fairy princess in such a setting! Your attention to every little detail is amazing, you have truly thought of everything ahd more! The chair covers are gorgeous, they look like little ballerinas!

  7. Jackie, these tables takes your breath away. They are so gorgeous with the blushing pink and gold. Nothing was left out. The bling just sparkles. The new chair covers look fabulous! So special to use your Mother’s glasses. The angel wings are the perfect touch. So many lovely details, I could go on. Your daughter in law acted naturally to be in so much awe and want to take a photo of your beautifully decorated room. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous. Christmas Eve.

  8. I love blush pink, so I think your Christmas Eve tables and chairs are stunning! Merry Christmas!

    Ricki Jill

  9. This is absolutely stunning beyond belief!! Love the pink!! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words!! You would love TSO and i do hope you get to see them next year!! Happy and Healthy New Year!! I am good with turning 60 because it means I am only that much closer to retirement!! LOL!!

  10. This is beautiful like a fairy tale.. I don't know why the Cinderella story came in my mind when I see it.. :)

  11. Simply STUNNING!!!! I love the color blush and I adore the chair covers. Yes, your daughter in law gave the best compliment when she pulled out her camera. I love you can see the tree and mantle from the table. I'm sure it was a wonderful Christmas Eve........I am going back for another look, inspiration for me..........


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