Monday, November 27, 2017

DIY Vintage Ornament Tree

The house is all decorated and I have this
gorgeous new vintage ornament tree
that I made with my craft group.  For
the moment it is here on my coffee table,
but hubby is very worried about children
breaking it.  I love it that he cares!!

We saw this one at Joanne's house last
year and all decided we wanted to make one.

Joanne said it would take around 100
ornaments.  Needless to say, I didn't
have more than one vintage ornament.
It was my aunt's and I didn't want to be
gluing it to a tree.  

Vintage style ornaments can be found at 
a lot of stores, but even half off, this tree
was going to be way too expensive.

So this summer I got on eBay - helps to
do it before anyone else is thinking about
Christmas and I big on lots of glass vintage
ornaments.  I am sure not all of them
are actually vintage, but I got them for
an average of $1.50 to $2.00 each, so
that made it possible for me to be able
to make the tree for a somewhat 
reasonable price.

We all gathered at Karen's house with
various trees to glue our ornaments on.
Notice Karen's in the background - it is
being placed in an urn and is a smaller
tree, so that makes it more reasonable.

My cone tree came from Home Goods
last year, on sale, but it was really large.

This is later in the evening.  Brenda's tree which
is in the front is the only one that got finished
that night.  I ran out of ornaments, if you can 
believe it.  Mine is the behemoth to the left.

We each placed our trees on a plate or platter
so that we could move them.  You would want
to do this, as you wouldn't want to be picking the
tree up by the ornaments.

This project requires a hot glue gun
and lots of glue, but it is really easy.

I got to work right away the next morning
after I ran to Hobby Lobby to get some
more small ornaments for the top.

The pink convertible is one I picked up.
Karen had given me the pink camper
that night.  I picked up another one
to replace it for her.  

I got two vintage pickle ornaments
in the lots I bought off of eBay.

The indented pink one at the top of the picture
are like ones my parents had.  I wonder who
ended up with our old ornaments.  Karen
had some of these indented ones, and
she told the story how she used to poke the
inside out, so she included one of those
broken ones on her tree.  She had
quite a few of her parent's and her in-law's
ornaments, which made her tree really special.

This vintage tree topper was found on
eBay too, but it reminds me of ornaments
that my parents had when I was growing up.

I was lucky to get so many fabulous
ornaments - this tree with a heart for a
base was one of my favorites.

I love the fire engine with Santa's hat
on it too, as my SIL went to fireman/paramedic

Santa on a rocking horse and one
on a motorcycle were real finds,

as well as this darling
 pink VW Bug.  

This was one of the funnest crafts we
have done.  Thank you Joanne for inspiring
and teaching us, and thank you Karen for hosting
at your place.  It isn't a cheap craft if you have
to start from scratch like I did, but if you have
lots of vintage glass ornaments around the
house, it could be practically free.

The best part was how my husband gasped
with delight when I walked through 
the door with it late that night.

Go visit Jann's to see her 
tree and post at

I will be posting at 


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  1. This is terrific, Jackie. You gals really have a special group in all the crafting events you do. I'm off to see Jann's now....

  2. Everything looks so pretty !! Warm holiday memories and happiest time of year :)

  3. Hey, Jackie! I'm the newest member of the Traveling Totes club, so I wanted to stop by your blog and introduce myself! ;P

    I love your vintage ornament tree. It's fantastic! I'll add a link to your blog on my sidebar. I can't wait for the adventures ahead!

    Love your blog!

    1. So nice to meet you Ricki Jill! Looking forward to lots of fun!

  4. Jackqueline, your ornament tree is stunning! It is a beautiful treasure to enjoy for years to come. This is a DIY project I would definitely enjoy and after Christmas I will be looking for inexpensive ornaments! Thanks for sharing, you've really inspired me to try this..........

    1. Look on ebay for lots sold together. That's where I got a lot of mine, but more during the summer when people weren't looking.

  5. "Behemoth" is right!!!!! Good grief, woman! You just took "Go big, or go home" to a whole...other...level!!!!!!!!! What a cool look, though! I don't know that I should admit this, but I tossed goodness-only-knows how many Radko ornaments years ago. I was downsizing and just had to get them out. Actually, not "tossed" so much as gave away, but the point is...they're gone and I had no idea how much I missed them until now!!! FABULOUS job, woman!!! FABULOUS!!!

    1. I know, I know! I wondered where my parents' ornaments went to. Bet they got tossed too, even if one of us claimed them as we cleaned out the house.

  6. I love it! Now I'm inspired to give it a whirl! Maybe for next Christmas! ;) I'm excited to see what all you do with your Christmas decorating this year. Always a treat! Also.....what a fun bunch of friends you have!

    1. I mixed things up a bit this year - it was fun! I don't think I could afford to do it differently every year though.

  7. What a gorgeous ornament tree. We all think about those long lost ornaments we did give away. So many fabulous ideas and looks. Your home looks absolutely stunning! I am so glad you shared this beautiful ornament tree.

    1. I know - to have them back! Some of the blown glass ones my parents had - ahhh!

  8. Oh my! How gorgeous they all are! I think your husband's right, protect that tree! Maybe you could put a fence around it :) I would love to try this with ornaments I already have, such a cool idea, thanks Jacqueline! You were so smart to buy ornaments in the summer~

    1. It would mean so much more if they were ones that you had and they had memories with. It really was a super fun project and everyone's trees turned out amazing.


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