Saturday, July 1, 2017

Unicorn Bark

Unicorn Bark is one of the easiest and prettiest
party treats I have ever made.  Children and
adults are all fascinated with this sparkly treat.

For our Unicorn birthday party, we just had to
make some Unicorn Bark.

I started by melting about 2 C. white candy melts,
and about 1/4 C. of varying colors of candy
melts.  I had purple and yellow candy melts,
but had to color the aqua and pink ones, using
white candy melts and gel food color.  After
I had melted and stirred all of the colors, I gave them all
a quick ten seconds in the microwave again, so they
were all equally warm.  Then just dollop your colors
onto parchment or wax paper, and fill in with your
white candy melts.

Using a toothpick, swirl the colors together.  Don't mix
too much as you want to have pretty distinct swirls.

This is where the fun begins.  I literally have tons of
bottles of sprinkles.  I just can't pass a cute bottle,
and I finally organized them so I don't have to open
each box to find the ones I want.

These are some of the ones I used for the Unicorn Bark.

Sprinkle the bark with your desired decos while the
bark is still warm so that the sprinkles will adhere.

You can break it up and bag it if you want.

It really was prettiest in a large piece,
so you might want to break a few pieces off 
to demonstrate how to do it, and then let people
break off their desired amount.  

Have fun with this.  Of course this could be
Fairy Bark, or Easter Bark, or Halloween Bark,
or Christmas Bark depending on what colors
and sprinkles you use and what you decide to call it.

It is just magical!


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  1. What a beautiful treat! It looks like it would be fun to make, too.

  2. Girl, you are the Sprinkle QUEEN! Love your collection -- so organized! Great tips, too.

  3. You clever woman. The unicorn bark is fabulous. Loving the colors and of course the pretty sparkles. These make awesome party favors. And Jackie, no one could forget you. The decorating queen with so many talents. Happy 4th celebration.

  4. I love it that you have the sprinkles organized. It is really pretty! Glad to see that you are blogging again! You come up with the best stuff!

  5. This treat is so pretty! What a beautiful presentation it makes. The colors a real WOW!


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