Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Desserts Only Valentines Table

Sometimes a table is inspired by one thing
and when I saw these gorgeous placemats
I knew they would be so fun for a tablescape.

We were getting together after going
out for Valentine's dinner, and I was providing
dessert, so I set this simple table without a dinner
plate - just in honor of dessert.  

Pink and gold are perfect to decorate
the Valentine's Day table with.  I really had
a hard time covering up the fun heart in the
middle, so the dessert plate stack sat to the upper
left corner.

See, this is just too hard to cover up!

My darling pink and gold polka dot cupcake
pedestals match perfectly placed atop a white
and gold polka dot plate.

 Of course we had to use some gold flatware.

Love these sparkling pink votives.

 The pink goblets came out for this
table.  My niece gifted these to me.
They were my mother's and she had
inherited them.  I always think of both
of them when I use them.

I have had these pink script blossoms
for years and they were a fun addition
to the table, and they don't wilt.

Company is coming over for dessert and
I am going to share that with you soon!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. Your table is lovely. I love the pink scrip roses. I've never seen any like this.

  2. Pink is beautiful! Adorable little cake pedestals, I think I have them in Halloween colors. I wish I would have bought some script roses at Tai Pan when I saw them years ago as they are so lovely. Your placemats set everything off so nice.

  3. Not your usual purple! I love this soft petal pink. Gorgeous script roses and cake pedestals and placemats. Love!

  4. Beautiful Valentine's table. The link and gold is regal looking. Love those cute polka dot Mini pedestals. So pretty and fresh. I do understand the hesitation of covering that heart. I am sure your guests were wowed.

  5. So pretty Jacqueline and I look forward to the follow-up!

  6. Love the pink and gold, so you Jacqueline!!


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