Monday, December 5, 2016

New Living Room Reveal

The reveal is here!  The living room remodel is
finished, and it is all set for Christmas.

Everything went from dark and heavy
to light and airy.  

 I used a mix of modern and traditional
for a perfect light and bright eclectic look.

Everything started with a new cream and silver
area rug that replaced the Tuscan colored rug.

 I have always wanted chairs to flank
the fireplace, but with the walkway on
the right side, I was concerned about size.

These white leather quilted chairs have
substance, but are not oversized as to
enter into the walkway.

Stools with lucite legs add more airiness.

This round chest of drawers was
painted in Tuscan colors of gold, green
and burgundy.  It was actually in the garage,
heading for a thrift shop, when I decided to
try a can of silver paint on it.  One can later,
and I was in love again.  New jeweled silver
knobs replaced the wooden ones, and it
was topped with a mirrored silver tray.

This lucite highback chair with a fur pad
doesn't impede the view to the Christmas tree.

I already had this tray table, but added jewels
and fairy lights and a glass top

to make a magical display.

The fur and gold along with the lucite are on trend,
and guess what piece the grandkids love most -
you guessed it - the fur coffee table made by placing
two benches just slightly apart.

A jeweled mirrored tray tops the center of the
coffee table.

Everything sparkles and shines,
and despite being light, can handle the 
little ones.

Of course, this light and bright room
needed a new tree.
(Actually the old tree was being held together with
wire, so it was a perfect excuse.)  My granddaughter
and I had painted the table it stands on.  Having
a tree on a table gives it more height and grandeur,
but it also keeps it up and away from little ones.

The tree is decorated with metallics,
flowers, stags, stars, and a touch of white
boa feathers to echo the room.

Our special fairy curtain replaced heavy green
tapestry curtains that lead into the video room.

Now watching a video, you feel like you have a 
curtain of stars.

The best part is how much hubby loves it all.

Hope you enjoy our new living room.
Just lightening the colors made the
room seem twice as large.  

I will be sharing this with


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  1. Lovely and bright, and like waking to Fairyland every day! The Curtain of Stars is the most enchanting, I think, and the promises of what it might lead to---that will never grow old.

    Simply lovely, as always.

    Stay well and warm,


    1. Yes, I was thinking the fairy curtain would be for Christmas, but now we love it so much, it will be staying up year round.

  2. Oh, Jacqueline, your new living room is stunning! It feels so magical and ethereal. It's like a Winter Wonderland! You have such beautiful decor!

    1. Hubby normally isn't a honey do kind of guy, but he loves it so much, that he has been willing to do all kinds of projects. I asked him why, and he said it was because the new room was so visually stimulating! Wow! I can redecorate anytime!!!!!

  3. So, so pretty, J! This should be in a magazine. Really. I love the view from above. Your furniture is so elegant and decor so classic. Love!!!!


    1. Thanks Jane! The view is enhanced by the wintery white mountains outside!

  4. What a fairyland! You must feel like you are the princess in a fairytale Jacqueline, it is stunning! The Christmas decor is really wow! I can't believe you even let your grands in there, mine would destroy it in minutes [or get something dirty] ! What a smart idea to elevate your tree on a table, love that and will pass it on to my daughter as her tree is only decorated half way down this year because of her active 18 month old ;) Love the table you redid with silver and new glam, everything is gorgeous!!

    1. Fortunately, they spend most of the time in the kitchen with me, or in the TV room. I was worried that little chocolate covered hands might make their way in, so I did a double spray of Scotchguard!

  5. Hot cha cha!!!!!!!!! Have fun enjoying your beautiful new living space! Merry Christmas!

    1. It is amazing how a new space can just make you happy! Then add Christmas to it and we are both thrilled, and hubby is willing to fix anything and carry anything! Woo Hoo!

  6. It is a magical Winter Wonderland, especially with your backdrop behind. Love the makeover. So elegant and classy and full of bling. Just my style. I can see why your hubby I thrilled with the makeover. We used to elevate our tree in the Living room. I love the height. We now add a tree to the family room. but the ceilings are lower. So beautiful Jackie. Enjoy!

    1. Yes, we started elevating the tree years ago and loved the effect, so kept it up and then it worked for the grandkids too.

  7. Hello Jacqueline! I have used the word stunning before, but I just realized I never meant it until now! Haha! (But not kidding.) Such a talent you have. I adore the white of course. I'm just dazzled by all the details and textures. That gorgeous tree. The silver paint on the side table is so inspired. Quick! Call Veranda Magazine! Enchanting.

    1. Wow, what a compliment! Thanks so much! Veranda - I am dialing!!!

  8. I thought I had stepped into a magazine, it is certainly magical. You are blessed with beautiful home. Thank you for visiting me.

    1. Thanks for coming back and visiting me! We love a little magic around here.

  9. That is a very dramatic switch. I love it. The curtain to the movie room is so dreamlike, well, the whole room is very dreamlike. The tree matches the room so well. The whole room is light and area, and looks straight out a dream. Joni

    1. Thanks, you will have to come and see it when you are in town! Maybe I will have to leave the Christmas up until you come! Haha!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I also very much enjoyed your previous pink Christmas post!

  11. Absolutely stunning! Love the light colors and the fur!

  12. OMGoodness, Jacqueline, the new living room is gorgeous! I usually don't care for all white rooms but you have made this magical and warm and inviting! How tall is your tree when it is on the table? It, too, is gorgeous! I am so glad I didn't miss this! Merry, merry Christmas!

  13. You living room is beautiful! love the light in your home. We put our tree up on a pedestal table too! oh, taking to the reception after christmas he tree was about killed!! I will need a new one this next year, but that one is 18 years old so I think its okay to get a new one! one of these days I will post about the wedding reception!


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