Friday, November 11, 2016

Flowers for my Pumpkins

I am in love with Ghost Pumpkins,
and these two came in such unusual colors
that I had to snag them.

I am hosting a neighborhood Relief Society
Gratitude Breakfast tomorrow and
wanted to put these on the two tables

For the past three years we have been 
donating water for a garden in the empty
lot next door so one of the neighbor girls
and her friend can plant a garden.  I
went over today and picked the cabbages,
flowers, and herbs from the garden to decorate
my pumpkins.  I used a little Oasis floral cage
that I had soaked in water, and then secured with
toothpicks into the top of the pumpkin.

You can find these on Amazon, or at craft
stores.  They have all shapes and sizes.

Of course, the tiny cabbages were the focal 
point.  What pretty fall flowers.  

I even grabbed the dried heads of some sunflowers
to use in the arrangements.

We have a couple of space heaters out on the deck for those
who want to sit outside tomorrow and enjoy the fall
colors on the mountains, as we share things we are
grateful for!

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  1. They look fabulous Jacqueline! I am dying to try this, but just haven't had a chance-so much to do, so little time! I love the choice of cabbages, so pretty against the purple flowers to bring out their purple highlights. I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time with you as a hostess!

  2. I love florals in pumpkins. I must admit that I have about 30 different varieties in my house in all shapes and sizes. I especially love the Jarradhale ( the bluish one).

  3. Really pretty, Jacqueline! It's been so long since I've used a pumpkin as a vase so I'm happy for the reminder with the new pretty pumpkin varieties that are available now.

  4. Jacqueline, Your arrangements are beautiful! I love the idea that the pumpkin won't be cut and so will stay fresh all through the season, and the flowers can be easily changed. And your selection is fabulous with the cabbages mixed in for color and texture. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the gathering and the special centerpieces you created. Linda

  5. Jacqueline, these are fabulous! You are so talented. I will have to borrow this idea for next year! They're gorgeous!

  6. Your pumpkins look so pretty. Loving the color and the beautiful flowers you added. Quite a statement for your Relief Gratitude Breakfast. Somehow I missed this post, so I am happy to be here.


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