Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sparkly Halloween Paper Mache Box

"Sparkles, sparkles, sparkles!" cackles Beaulah,
and I have to say I agree!  

Here is a sparkly box we whipped up to help with
the Halloween decor (not that we aren't bursting 
at the seams already!!)

While whipping up a similar item for our craft
group, only for Christmas, I had to have 
some purple and black Halloween fun.

We were looking for a ten inch bristle brush tree
that we could bleach and dye orange, but when I
couldn't find one, I decided to spray paint this one
that I found on Factory Direct Crafts.

It actually sprayed up really easily.

We purchased the paper mache box at Hobby Lobby.

Then we painted Mod Podge on it, about half of
the box at a time, so the Mod Podge didn't dry out,
and then sprinkled glitter over it.  We repeated that
to finish covering it.  If it doesn't cover completely,
just brush a little more Mod Podge over the
thin spots.  We tried spray adhesive, but it has a
chemical reaction to the glitter, and it kind of 
shrinks up, so we prefer the Mod Podge.

We pulled apart a jewel spider ring I had, and
added some black rose leaves, black feathers and
this fun ribbon like crafting item to doll it up.

The box is centered and glued onto a painted wooden
candlestick, then everything is blinged up
with glittering bats and spiders.

Assemble the box by putting a hole in the center
for the tree stem to go through (after you remove the
wooden stand of the tree), then topping the box with
a round of decorative paper, and then a lolly, which 
you have pleated and glued.
(We had to go to Youtube to see how to make those,
and I bought the Martha Stewart board to score
the lollies.  I love that board!)

The Boo was in a package of papers I had
purchased at Michaels last year.

Even Beaulah wants to get a little sparkle on!!

Abracadabra - in no time, we had a beautiful
paper mache box in our favorite Halloween colors.

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  1. That is really cool, love the purple sparkles!

  2. How special this project is. Totally you and so beautiful with the purple. Love it on the black candlestick. You make the cutest things.

  3. how incredibly gorgeous!! i love it!!

  4. A really beautiful creation, Jacqueline! I love the crystal spider web on it :)

  5. Such a cute creation!! I know we'll both be sad when the witchy fun is over!
    Happy Halloween Jacqueline!

  6. Jacqueline, I can see from all your previous Halloween posts that you were short on Halloween decor :) :) so it's lucky that you thought of this wonderful craft! I love this one with the blingy sparkle and the purple and gold for Halloween colors! Very clever! I must check out that MS board. Linda

    1. Haha! My thoughts exactly! Guess it is time to weed out the old!


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