Monday, May 9, 2016

Best Tea in London - On A Vintage Bus

Welcome to afternoon tea in London!  This had to be
the best food I have ever had at high tea, and the
most fun I have ever had (and I have been to some fun teas!)

Our tea takes place on a vintage double decker bus,
boarding right off Trafalgar Square.  

Imagine how enchanted we were as this 1960's bus
rolled around the corner to pick us up.  Talk about
making you excited that you had picked this excursion.
It was tea plus a bus tour of the major attractions in London.

And as we walked on the bus, our table was
all set and ready to go.

The inside of the bus has been redone with classic vinyl seats,

and funky, girly tables and decor.

Our places were set with hot pink napkins and silver flatware
with vintage plates.  The lemon meringue tarts were on each
plate as we sat down.

 Each individual had a different vintage
china plate.

A darling book was at each table of two or four
to tell you about all of the sites we were going to see.

The table was filled with the most scrumptious
sandwiches and pastries.  They are all made by
BB Bakery, so every bite was fantastic.

Of course we had traditional cucumber sandwiches, but
made with their homemade bread.

with quiche and smoked salmon and cucumber blinis, 

with a tomato bread and a chicken sandwich that was 
everyone's favorite.

This was not a skimpy tea like some!
We couldn't finish all of the food,
and they had orange juice in cup holders
on the table, they took your order for tea - I chose
peppermint, and they also offered us water.

Each of the delectable sweets were made with real
cream and were fantastic.

 A few days later, we ran across BB Bakery.
It was just as charming.

Look at their gorgeous florals in the windows,
and notice the little creamer filled with
French Macarons at the bottom.

This is another floral, made of pastries with
a couple of tea cups tucked in!

Simply darling.

I would highly recommend this tea experience,
or just stopping at BB Bakery!  We all felt like
it was one of the highlights of our London experience.

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  1. What a darling bus!

    I am not sure it would be Jacques' cuppa;)

    Looks like you had a ball!

  2. What a fun discovery! I'm sharing this with friends who are headed to London and Paris with their four girls this summer. Oh, to get back to London sometime soon. I fear my travel list is closing in on m,e and I need to get moving. '-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like you are having too much fun, Jackie! The pastries look delicious.
    Have a great week.

  4. that is the BEST TEA ever I loved the tables but the arrangements with pastries How they do that?and I'm a pastry chef.Have a great Susie

  5. I love your new adventure. Scrumptious tea goodies and cute cute surroundings. Such a nice experience. Enjoy the sights.

  6. Jackie, this is the sweetest tea ever. Looks like so much fun! So glad you shared this. The bakery must have been heavenly to visit. Beautiful presentation and fun!
    Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  7. Love your precious tea tour! The china plates are so lovely. Your sandwiches and desserts look delicious. The bus was so darling with the vintage decor. Hope you visit and enjoy my unusual Mother' s Day trip post!

    Take care,

  8. This looks like a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing with us! Wish I could go there and do this!


  9. I enjoyed seeing this so much I shared it with my Afternoon Tea Across America (ATAA) group on Facebook, they loved seeing it all too! Thanks again!



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